Wednesday, May 15, 2019

wandering around aimlessly in mission control like an old water tiger i went into the room some obscure compact discs that often take me down memory freeways are kept and finally found the one i was looking for, yes, wait for it/// bellydance's 'one blood' an amazing piece of groove that puts old captain fruitcake in a groovy mood. you know how it is, i'm music and light man and love apparently. so i stuck on me old bellydance cd and yeah, it felt so good i had a can of sardines for lunch, sat in the garden and blew some bubbles over at the next door neighbour. i had a lovely chat with my editor michelle who is in melbourne, she's a beautiful soul, i love chatting with her about books, writing, weed, heartbreak and social workers blues. cool cat and one day i'm going to drive down to melbourne with mutual friend nic and smoke some weed with her.
anyway, bellydance are fucking magnificent and i love them.

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