Friday, May 03, 2019

although i write this blog every day and it represents an aspect of myself, it is not me. i have met a few readers of my blog and they all say i am not what they expected, that's because i am a writer and use this platform for a multitude of reasons.

to discipline my skill - i write stream of consciousness  whatever is in my head when i sit i write, no edits no reviews  and i just post it and generally never revisit it. ms mission did point out that this was dangerous as my writing was coming true. taking this on board out of respect i did not publish over 20 pieces and ended up deleting them. a big mistake, some of them were very good. but i was nervous about influence and thought i should respect her wish. there is a point to it. words do have power and can influence events but they have to have a vibration behind them. they have to have an intentional power that charges them. mine were generally not powered by anything, i entered my writing state and just wrote. same way i always have. my writing is not prophetic. it is visionary.

a magickal diary - this is just a record of events and magickal work, magick is not witchcraft, witchcraft is completely different. witchcraft follows a completely different framework than magick. different conditions. 

experimental - it's all just random ideas, thoughts, stories, memories, fleeting moments, waves that surf through my mind. but not the ocean that is me. so if people feel puzzled by my post they should ask me for clarification or bare in mind, i am not what i write, just like stephen king is not a serial killer or ghost.

creative - i like creative writing, so here is a place i can explore it. i used to post my stories up here before publishing them. i will continue to do so but i'm working on some novels so that takes up a lot of time. 

process- or therapy, i find sometimes i can write out my situations and gain understanding, clarity from them. i'm the first to admit the recent love one has fucked me. i have no idea what to make of it. i know i'm not in good shape as i was before the experience but loves a battlefield, or a game show right? 
gonna get wounded if your in it mission. that's just what happens.
however this wound will not stop my heart nor will it stop my quest for love. i'm open to the whole thing but this time on my own terms. i'm not after anything else but loyalty and a partner who wants to do everything with me by their side and i hers. that's pretty much what will happen from now on. 

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