Tuesday, May 07, 2019

some days i are better than others, that's what the actress said.
she was waiting for the hero to come save her skin
while the villain was contemplating.
there should be a train along in a moment, have i got enough rope?
should i reveal my plan to the audience or tell another pantomime joke.
the actress she look so bored, going through the motions
the acting life was not going well, like she had planned.
maybe i should have married that freak, had his babies and lived the good life, comfortable and mediocre. maybe it would not have been half as bad as i thought, for thinking always gets me in trouble. 
the audience offer a round of half hearted applause. 
she takes a bow and then a courtesy to the handclaps, but mostly people are already making their way up the isles and towards the exit.
the house lights come on but she's already left the stage.
in her dressing room lay's a bouquet and a card, they sit there next to the mirror reflection. she has already stopped in her tracks, and her mood shifts from dejection to joy. it's the first time she has ever received flowers and despite her cynical mask the sight fills her with joy and expectation. she takes off her wig and sits in front of the mirror, carefully she picks up the roses and brings them to her nose. 
the floral hit sweeps over her, as if her nerves are soothed in an opium bliss but fleeting, it passes fast leaving her dazed.
her fingers reach for the small envelope and opens it carefully.
'you were magnificent, a star in my night sky.'
it was not signed but written in black ink, the handwriting was embellished with swirls and dexterous shapes, intricate and complex, very feminine a strange emblem in bright red marked the lower corner, it was a partial kiss in rose red matching lipstick. no signature.
she sat in the darkness lit only by the halo of lightbulbs that made an arc around the mirror. the roses were amazing and she wanted to put them in water but the mystery of where they had come from overwhelmed her. surely someone who went to so much trouble would wish me to know who they are, she thinks. 
suddenly the door swings open and the stage manager, arnold pops his head into the room, 'jesus, it's dark in here, turn the lights on.'
'arnie, no i prefer the dark, besides i'm to depressed for lights. so, how the hell did we do?'
'abysmal, i think tonight was the last show, creditors are going to be here in the morning, we owe them so i have to stick around but you should get out.' 
his face suddenly lights up, 'hey, did you get flowers?'
'yeah but i'm not sure who sent them, it's a woman. why would a woman send me flowers?'
'who cares, roses as well.'
'mmm, it's a bit strange arnie.'
arnie left her to it.
she grabbed the face flannel and started cleaning off the make up that plastered her face.
dressed in an evening gown she walked out, carrying the bunch and a small bag of her materials. it wasn't until she reached the stage door she noticed someone following her.
tall elegant and clothed in fine materials, the woman drifted towards her with outstretched arms embracing and inviting. 
the actress did not recognize the woman but she looked quite beautiful and high class.
'they are very beautiful, i thank you from the bottom of my heart.'
'you are a magnificent actress my dear and i appreciate your skills.'
'i will place them in a vase as soon as i get home.'
the mysterious woman smiles and then makes a request, 'i am sorry to intrude but i was wondering if i can have a few moments, perhaps over some tea.'
'of course you may.'
they find a quiet tea house on a side street and the woman launches into her request.
'i seek a double, and i see you and i have the same type of appearance, we share similar bone structure and height, a touch of hair dye and you would look like my twin.'
the actress stares at her doppelganger. there was a certain resemblance but it is fleeting, on closer inspection they are quite different.
'you would be paid a large amount to act out a role on my behalf.'
'large you say?'
'yes a small fortune for a nights work.'
'tell me the details.'
tea arrives and the ladies discuss the proposal.
the deal is the actress will marry the fiance of the mysterious woman. the only time the veil will be lifted is when they kiss and he will have his eyes closed as is his habit. the deal being at any time in the relationship there is a catastrophic failure she can release herself because they are not technically married. the actress will be paid a thousand pounds in gold coins.
it sounds like a good plan on the surface and she agrees, the gig will finish after the ceremony and then the mysterious woman will replace the actress unbeknown to her groom.
only at the same time the groom was seeing his double and proposing the same deal.
the moral of this story is trickery and deceit gets you nowhere.  

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