Friday, May 24, 2019

dolphin boy and i chat for a few hours working out our parallelogram  and how it has been resolved. interesting stuff as dolphin boy like myself watches the waves, he's up at some nice spot north while i am based at terrigal beach headlands looking for whales. this is the time they swim past and usually have something to say. 
dolphin boy knew me just before my story 'rites' starts, he knew me at a time in my life when i was mostly a surf loving beach guy, laid back and open, social and very happy in my innocence. we surfed everyday, always together. our fave times were drinking iced coffee after a long surf or beer in what we called the ufo landing spot, a place we made very fashionable years after. we never ran in normal time, always just operated on chance and it worked. gradually our network expanded and a tribe was born. my tribe. it was pretty groovy, a collection of cool cats all looking to play but then i had a very bad accident that took me veering into another path, a tangent where i was forced into exploring a dark area of life and my stupid fear which manifested in a much bigger way than i ever understood possible. that's what 'rites of passage' is about. i was so foolish thinking i could face my fear but that year i did and it was an awful experience.
anyway i pulled away from all the beauty and light and met the dark shadow, faced up to it and it did change me in a profound way. i lost a part of myself but gained experience. 
that's the thing, life draws you into different area and as you loose part of yourself you gain something as well. i am lucky, i led the writers life, each experience had meaning, it was never just a hedonistic one, there was purpose and growth to them, an evolution.
dolphin boys reminds me we once started a company called 'aid to evolution' and our plan was to evolve the human race but in the many years that have passed i understand evolution is a personal experience and we just were egotistical fools thinking we had a world to save. 
dolphin boy agrees with me and we reminisce a bit about those days when we were innocent and how the last few years and lessons have made us somewhat more isolated and detached from the world of man. 
later i speak to my cousin about aircraft, lots of stuff happening on that front, jesus that guy moves fast. movement seems to be on the cards, where do i go? 
he's looking at islands now, tells me to check out st. kitts, i can ship all my stuff out there in a container, although he has never seen my book collection and i think it's a seasonal kind of place, good surf though. not sure if i need such a radical change but i do like the whole idea of dramatic internal change although the last few days i have found a sort of peace, a relative happy spot i can return to. that's gotta be groovy. 

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