Saturday, October 24, 2015

dawn finds me heading north, my module cuts through areas of dense fog, the highway empty my mind fluctuating on sleeping or surfing. it's been a long night, the long night of nights and i'm feeling the weight of everything. at the last moment i decide to head to the ocean where i throw myself in and catch a few beauties. all stress washes away, all tiredness and wear and tear heals, oh great oceanic energy, i submit to you.
i read the papers, i can clearly see where we head, the road determined by the club of rome and the technocrats, the great unveiling as populations are mesmerised by kgb mind control techniques. in the cold war russia poured it's billions on mind control of large populations, now the united nations have that knowledge and use it considerably. i eat some food, drink some coffee and read between the lines. information requires pattern recognition, i know the pattern because i know the end game. i know how to see therefore i know what to look for. beware the united nations, beware the left wings moral superiority, beware the geo political game of thrones, for ultimately there will only be one left.
i relax and watch the waves, thinking about sleeping for the rest of the day when my phone rings. i'm requested to write an urgent report, i have no choice in the matter and they want it now. there goes my sleep. 
on the way home i get pulled over by the police, random breath test, i joke with the policeman when he ask's how i am, 'drunk officer those tequilas i had for breakfast are far to strong.'
he's got a sense of humour and laughs.
i get home, shower, climb into bed and ten minuets later there's a knock at my door. it's the local jehovah witnesses, turns out i know one of their sisters so in the spirit of charity we have a chat about faith and love. my phone rings so i say goodbye and close the door, it's my brother. he has arrived in sydney. we chat and then there's another bang on my door. it's my neighbour telling me he thinks someone has run over my dog.
i take it in my stride, always good in emergencies i deal with the shaken driver, i find pan hiding around the back, blood everywhere, he's limping and looking really worried. i pick him up and put him in the car and drive to the vet. the journey is strange, i'm in tears and thinking how awful it would be to loose pan, he's been with me 14 years, longer than any girl friend and fuck it, he's saved my life once, he's indirectly even got me laid as girls find him irresistible and after showering affection on him inevitably turn to me. that hound and i are best mates, everyone knows it. i stroke his head and reassure him, 'you're going to be fine old friend, everything will be fine.' 
but i don't know that for sure and i'm already thinking the worst. the vet looks at him, asks me a few questions and we do the x rays, nothing broken, pan seems chirpy, he's pacing around, sniffing the room, and the damaged leg seems to be taking his weight and holding up just fine. 
the vet shoots him up with painkillers and tells me to return in a week, he's prescribed a series of antibiotics and says pan is remarkable for his age which in human years is about somewhere in the early 80's.
i return home noticing a chip and crack in my windscreen as i'm driving. the cost of the day sky rocketing through the cieling. i stop at the shop and buy a six pack of beer for my neighbour and a box of chocolates for the lady who run pan over. i drop them off, grind up pans pill and feed him. i fall asleep on my sofa, the day marches onwards without me, thank god.

Friday, October 23, 2015

we travel, sometimes i just stay still and things travel around me. everything is doing something today, i'm still. my brother arrives in sydney for three weeks work, it's good to hear him and i hope we can spend some time talking but he is a busy body, and he has loads of demands on his time. i'm really hoping we can synch our time. it's tricky as my hours are weird, anti social and vastly difficult for people close to me to work around. 
i may take a sick day here or there. i feel sick of work anyway, i hate the dept and all the fools in it, the managers and their complete lack of management skills and ability to be constructive. i really want to break away and do something different.
what though?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

awaken to the sound of some sort of power tool crashing it's way into my dreams, the pounding throb of mental torment as my private realms are shattered and my new neighbours invade by stealth. it's not like i'm north korea, the noise is unbearable. 
a plumber turns up to fix the toilet leak, he's there 10 mins and charges me $200, it's early morning robbery, not even daylight, i haven't even had a coffee yet.
i organise the morning, sort through the day. i need to find a justice of the peace and fill out some statutory declarations. this type of stuff is tricky for me, i hate forms, paperwork, and running around jumping through hoops. i hate having to confirm my identity, to justify my existence and good intent, as if a jp's signature really means anything.
i miss out on a surf this morning, it makes me feel very sad. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

my body emits a strong odour these days, some sort of pheromone released with spring, it permutes everything. i notice it influencing the universe as animal attraction. it's not pleasant or sweet like a perfume, it's more narcotic, repulsive to some, yet alluring to others. i do my best to avoid to much attention, i keep everything under my hat. i swim with the fishes, i soar with the birds, i buzz with the bees and sleep with the dogs, i purr like a cat, i pace like a tiger, i flow like the rivers, rise and fall with the tides, i glide through air and either like a multi dimensional dragon, i burn like flame and i disintegrate into dust only to be reborn in someones eyes.

it was a peek, a time glimpse into the un-forbidden zone. i couldn't help but follow my curious nature, i couldn't help but look. call it weakness if you may, it's to late to matter, i looked, it's to late. the images and words are in my neural networks, i distorted them obviously because i have an artistic romantic vision, so they are mine now, a vision builds of red aura angels demoness, terrible beauty and beautifully terrible, the vortex of a man's destruction and salvation, passion that burns furnace like, mind sharper than razor blades, true scientific enquiry always leads to the occult world. true occult enquiry always leads to science. the two are strands entwined. they only work together, like a key in its lock, the doors of perception are open.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

blazing sunrise, dawn destroyed by sharp light in the shape of blades, slicing through sky. penetration, iggy sings like a sexy cat blasting through my speakers as i drive into the brightest part of the sky. terrible beach has perfect surf this morning, no one about save for the other dawn travellers. 
iggy yelps and makes animal sounds, a guitar screeches like a sexed up panther and the backing vocals go all tribal.
i'm running down pristine sand, into pristine surf, white wash laps at my feet as i acknowledge the guardians of my element.
breath in breath out, heart beat like a big old drum, i'm alive iggy echoes, and i'm diving in, hand fin strapped to my wrist.
the waves propel me, lift and twirl me like an atom in a spin dryer, particle accelerating my way through the void, fuck you world, fuck isis, fuck politics, fuck the sport bastards, fuck the banks, fuck the religious nutters, fuck the politics, fuck the whole damn lot of it, i'm almost free, i'm a wild animal, a fucking, eating, loving, beast running on instinct and intuition, i'm a man like iggy pop penetrating, penetration, i come alive!

Sunday, October 04, 2015

the surf down at terrible beach, it's flat as pancakes but i splash around at the crack of dawn. water bracing, yet after a few seconds it becomes real soothing and easy on my soul, neptune's embrace, feel those vibes. 
down in the town of terrible, the streets start filling up, early morning, bright and beautiful. the caffeine addicted, the power walkers, the bold and beautiful all swarming behaviour becomes predictable if you follow the patterns. i get my coffee, read the  papers, the australian is my paper of choice and in the last few months it has taken a turn for the worse, it's editorials are shifting, although the letters are still excellent. the media is conglomerating, soon it will become a high pitched squeal. i wander home for chores. pan lays in the sun, head rises up for acknowledgement. man and his dog sit down, i break open a packet of dog biscuits and we discuss a plan of action chewing on some horrid meaty bite. pan wants to laze around but i have responsibilities. mission control needs a clean up, laundry needs laundering and i throw myself into these mundane tasks before procrastination kicks in. 

Saturday, October 03, 2015

the new world religion seems to be science, this has been going on since the club of rome days where rocking fellows and his pals decided to begin their plans for global government and the rise of technocracy was born. its a fucking clever idea, i take my hats of to the inventors as much as i oppose them. almost seventy years later, manifestations shift and change, social conditioning subtle brainwashing and clever linguistics convince a global population to embrace it. of course it's not called technocracy anymore, it has some warm fuzzy name and those that oppose it are burnt at the stake. prime ministers are removed if they do not tow the line, replaced by technocrats dressed up as excellent orators, pawns of the banks and power brokers to the elite. it dosn't matter how you approach it, from the left, the right, the perceptions are warped through lies and misinformation, up becomes down, left becomes right, in becomes out and only the brainwashed dealers push their product with out debate upon the rest of us. behold the energy grid is coming, behold the agenda 21 becomes 31. behold the rise of the technocrats and their power play and lament the end of individuality. 
for those that follow science, global warming and all the facts, remember, it's all a theory, fudged numbers (climate gate) crunched into a computer, even the australian weather bureau was under investigation until the change in leadership. these numbers are put into computer models and predictions are made based on them, yet the numbers are incorrect the information sexed up and the scientists who speak out are burnt at the stake, david bellamy, ian plimer burnt out by the group thinking robots or the apocalypse.
the middle classes high on hockey stick economics and al gores business mesmerism advocate the use of wind farms unaware who profits from wind farms, a ridiculous way to create energy and far from green.
of course no one wants to argue the environment, it's uncool and everyone wants a healthy eco system, but it's not about eco systems, it's about power. power that we have given to unelected bureaucrats who are milking us dry, taxing us, controlling us and implementing the biggest conspiracy ever through science and we are bending over unquestionably because we all all dumb sheep.
if this is the road we have to travel i rather people be upfront about it and know exactly what they are advocating, rather than people who take that moral high ground. the moral high ground is lost because there was never room to discuss it. technocracy has arrived, it's coming for you, it's going to ram itself into your face and make you swallow while you pay for the privilege and don't say i didn't warn ya. the smoke and mirrors keep your eye far away from what's really going down. the club of rome must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

tearing up scraps of paper, it looked pointless and wasteful from where i watched. sven was showing me how tiny he could get each piece, as he reduced them down to tiny scraps, almost like confetti. 
'yeah okay, i get it sven, i don't see the point in making a mess.'
'it's part of my performance, just watch.'
every piece was placed into a top hat which stood upside down upon his work bench, sven dressed in a black tuxedo and white shirt looked the perfect part, despicably cool, every gesture he made exaggerated for performance.
the room was an empty school hall where rows of chairs stood vacant except for one at the front, mine. a single spot light illuminated the area sven worked and in it's small circumference sven tore up my list of words.
'now, i know it's tedious but i need you to watch and be certain i am authentic in my actions, that this list is being torn up into tiny bits and placed into my hat. you need to verify this mission.'
'yeah i verified it okay, it's the real deal, sven can tear up a list of words.'
'not just tear but randomly place the pieces into a hat.'
'yes, random, right.'
i sat back yawning continuing being the lonely observer in the auditorium for another thirty minuets until sven finally finished and dropped the last piece into the hat. he put his wand upon the brim and began chanting. i perked up, it sounded russian or something eastern. he tapped the brim of the hat three times and then dramatically rolled up his sleeve making a show of it for my benefit. with one arm exposed he reached into the hat.
he reached further until his whole arm was swallowed by the hat.
'you must have a hole in your hat sven,' i shouted out. 
'there is no hole, come have a look,' he said as he took his hand out slowly.
from the stage i looked out into the void, just a room of darkness and a handful of chairs lit in penumbra. 
we were two lonely figures on a stage. 
i suddenly felt very pathetic, it was not as though i had places to be and other people to meet.
'what is this shit sven?'
'it's a trick i've been working on,' he took a step back and gestured to me, 'stick your hand inside and pull out one single piece of paper.'
i moved towards the hat and reached in, my fingers felt the confetti and wiggled around.
'come on, we don't have all night, pull it out and hand it to me.'
my fingers found a scrap and i placed it upon svens gloved hand. 
'what does it say?'
'it says, 'tearing'.'
'okay another piece.'
i pull out another and it's 'up.'
a smile crosses svens face like a trump card and i resign myself to the impossible.
'wanna continue?'
'i get it sven. amazing.'
'the amazing sven.'
the light goes out and all is dark.