Sunday, June 24, 2018

it was impossible to estimate the size of the creature, it was elastic in size and could stretch out and fill any shape, like an octopus. people had recorded it in a human form, walking bipedal. there were u tube video's that showed the enzyme in a shopping mall, it was shot on a galaxy 11 smart phone. a silhouette figure walking into a westfield, initially a small crowd just stare but moments later panic spread. hysteria kicks in. you can hear the screams, see the look of panic in peoples eyes. whomever holds the camera phone must have nerves of steel, they hold their ground and film the enzymes movements, from slightly higher, maybe a platform of stepladder. 
the thing is constantly shifting, made of liquid yet solid, parts of it stretch outwards, it glides along the floor and the two legs seems to sometimes merge into one pillar, which acts as a base.
it moves a few meters into the complex and then suddenly an limb stretches out, smashing through a glass window and the creature then follows it like a giant slinky toy. it's no longer in the camera frame but we can see and hear a bizarre slurping noise as though pumping liquid fast. in some frames we can actually see the surface of it's skin throbbing as it ingests.
we know these things were originally designed to absorb non biodegradable plastic, an australian / french biotech company developed it in 2018 and the first enzyme was released into the ocean in 2019. a few months later a fishing vessel returned into a newfoundland harbour with three dead crewmen and a damaged stern. the survivors claimed a black sea creature had been trawled up in the nets and attacked them but no one seemed to believe them. 
after that a few sightings became urban legends, seafaring mythology. 
occasionally one of the late night news channels would run a sensationalist story but then the sightings became irrefutable and then a common occurrence. much like shark sightings, the enzyme creatures inhabited secluded spaces, avoiding human populations until they cleaned up the oceans, cleaned up the forests and wilderness and then on the hunt for plastics started migrating towards the cities. 
governments created an industry designed to terminate them, but nothing seemed to kill them, extreme heat, cold, bombs, poisons, gases and radiation all were ineffective. 
the p e squad or pee squad as they were known amongst the more cynical were able to relocate the enzymes but that was all they could do. there was talk of entrapment, in a sealed chamber and then the chamber launched into the sun but so far this was just white noise on the net.
in the video the enzyme now appears as a pool flooding out from the shop and then assembling itself as a human shaped figure about 7ft tall. it marched towards the next shop it could find that stocked plastics and repeated its absorption. the camera man then starts descending. 
we see the creature in a children's toyshop filmed from behind it is now a blob standing upon one large column leaning into a stack of plastic infants toys. the body pulses with it's rippling effect, the sound of slurping gets louder. a strange tentacle buds from it's back and shoots across at the shop front opposite, a distance of several meters. it smashes through the glass and starts sucking on some plastic boxes, absorbing the material. another bud begins to form, the camera then backs away fast. we hear heavy breathing and see the various viewpoints as the camera seems to trace the walkways, then the face of someone still running, obviously holding the camera. 'fuck, it's chasing me, i'm going to...'
the camera phone is now thrown forwards and it bounces on the ground before coming to a standstill.
we can't see much, just the ceiling but we can hear screaming. a black shape slides by.
there are many other videos but that seems to capture the enzyme best, it shows how it has grown and how it moves. plus it's the only one that offers proof that it is able to take the shape of a human. 
underneath the video we read the cameraman was a man called oliver z ramoz, and his body was found torn to shreds in the mall in various places. they say a pee squad arrived on the scene about an hour later and by then the creature was gone. it was never found and remains at large.
plastics have long been banned, but so have the enzyme that eats plastics. it's just a matter of hunting them down. 
there are several eyewitness accounts of them recreating themselves by splitting apart like an amoeba although no footage exists. 
authorities speculate the only way to get them under control is to starve them of plastics. 
there's another video of some children in norway whom create a trail of plastic bags and them film with another phone camera. the enzyme (a smaller one) following the trail, absorbing each bag as it approaches. they lead it into a glass trap and then alert the authorities. this idea catches on amongst the young and across europe and north america children begin to devise traps for the enzyme, but the enzymes seem to develop some sort of morphic resonance and learn how these traps work, eventually children are killed and the practice banned. 
in my communion with the whales over the last few months i have accessed information which i believe will help combat the enzyme, the whales are very grateful for human intervention into cleaning the ocean, they have told me there are no traces of plastics left, which is why the enzyme is on land. 
the whales are ancient strange creatures, they sing songs and collectively dream. although they have no technology they have mindware. the problem is mindware in whales only works in harmony with peace and tranquility, it is not possible for a whale to use it to create harm. but a human, a human is destructive in nature and can use mindware in combat. they download the thinking technology into the in-qubit, it feels like a rush of wind inside my neo cortex. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

the rain ceases monday morning, and i'm met with bright sunlight streaming in through the portals. birds sing outside and the garden looks well nourished  inside my head i can feel something pounding, not quite a hangover, after all i just drunk a few mojitos but more a side effect of the implant. it takes a meditative practice to bring things under some manageable control. the throbbing falls from low threshold intense to a low comfortable humming, almost sub level. then i hear the call of them, it's an alien sound ancient and timeless like geology. 
i go through my morning ritual and then drive to the beach. it usually takes 5 minites, but today it takes 8 as it's a public holiday and there is a lot of slow moving traffic. 
the car is sounding sluggish, the interior needs a clean and it smells slightly damp. i'm stuck behind a merc 4 by 4 as it weaves along at a snails pace. when i overtake on the two lane stretch i see dr. riva in the driving seat. 
we meet outside the surf building, i'm already in my swimmers by the time she has parked and walked to the building.
'good morning,' she says.
'i need to get in the water, they are calling me.'
'well that's okay but i do need to run a few tests firsts.'
'what here?'
there's not many people on the waterfront but down on the street where all the cafes and shops are the crowds are buzzing. 
'it's all very discrete, look,' she holds up a small box with a strap, 'just put this on for a few seconds.'
i hold out my arm, and she wraps it around me upper arm as if taking blood pressure.
'did you know about the whale connection dr?' i ask.
'no, we had no idea what the in-qubit would do, i knew it was some sort of super computing unit, it's technology we can only guess at but the whales know it, it's obvious they recognise it.'
'recognise it, they worship it dr.'
'be careful captain mission, these are powerful forces.'
'it's a bit late now.'
i held my arm out for her to unstrap the device. she looked at the cube in her hand, nodded, 'okay, looks like every things working fine. i'll wait here and when you return i will need a repeat test.'
'okay, i can meet you at a coffee shop if you like?'
'no, here is good.'
i ran towards the water.

whales can communicate across oceans, in fact they can communicate across space and time, so there was no real need for me to be in the ocean but i felt it would be more authentic to be in the same environment. besides, the waves were particularly good, although the water had dropped a few degrees since my last surf. 
that familiar shock to the system, blood flows, head shakes residual thoughts as i swim out passed the buoy.
i tread water, sets of waves come in, they are crisp clean beautiful things and i dive under them and down there i hear them. 

i'm not an environmentalist in the modern way everyone else is, your hollywood types, pop stars and intellectuals. me i'm more ecologically wired. but i dig straight forward communication, straight talkers and the whales are very direct. they have been swimming around here for eons, the creator made man last as caretaker but we have been neglectful. these whales speak of the poison in their waters, the alien toxic poison infesting their world. it's not us, humans, it's our plastics. it's changing the element of water, killing life. the whales transmit in sound that carries an emotional information, it's a wave in itself as it washes over me. it's tragic, a deep sickness caused by stupidity hubris and    dumb thinking. i find myself totally moved by the suffering, not in an intellectual way but as if the sound of that grief is travelling right through my cells. 
when i surface i suck in the oxygen. it fills my lungs and i see the next wave. i reposition myself and return surfing in while my tears meet the ocean.

i'm sitting with dr. riva, she's taking her readings as i dry my hair with a towel. everything checks out, she's happy i am unharmed.
'what happened out there?'
i look at her intently, 'i'm an interventionist deity. i must act. the plastic is killing the whales and all ocean life. i must stop it.'
no more plastic. no plastic whatsoever. 

Thursday, June 07, 2018

i have an artificial implant in my neo cortex, it was installed a few days ago by the sydney technological university and the sydney university quantum computer dept.
it's a microscopic component called an in-qubit and involved some heavy invasive experimental  surgery preformed by a sexy indian lady who had an amazing aura. 
she's a neurosurgeon and interviewed me last week to see if i would be suitable. as i walked into her rooms i was blinded by the yellow light that seemed to radiate from her skin. those eyes were eyes that you drown in for eternity. 
i kinda froze momentary as soon as i saw her.

outside in her lush office i had sat reading a magazine she had on her coffee table. it was called, 'contact' and ran the byline 'extra terrestrial science.'
as i flicked through, looking at the photo's, i saw an article on people who had objects of extra terrestrial origins removed from their bodies. there was a photograph that featured a smiling dr. shiva. she was smiling at the camera with her perfect teeth and enigmatic eyes looking intelligent and glamorous at the same time. i started reading the  copy and jumped ahead to the section where they interviewed her. the piece was about the removal of alien tech from peoples bodies and what she does with it afterwards. 
"most of the objects are immediately sent to the govt research offices, some are sent to the usa, others are given to asio but occasionally i get an opportunity to play around with whatever i remove for a few weeks before i send them on, so as you can imagine i conduct my own research. in the last year we noticed an increased amount of activity, more people being referred than ever before.
usually it's hypnotherapists, doctors, or people referring themselves through their personal research but only a certain number of professionals subscribe to this reality, many think it absurd and part of conspiracy theory. therefore i fly low under the radar of quite a number of my peers. i don't usually speak about it at all as even publishers are filled with doubt, there are legal implications as well. so normally i am left alone, occasionally a publication like yours will ask me a few questions."
my name was called so i never finished the complete article, i threw the magazine down and walked towards the door.

i'm not quite sure what sequence things happened in, she asked me a few questions, i signed something and she walked me through to an operating room, where i changed into a hospital gown and lay upon a massive chair that stretched rights out almost flat. it immediately adjusted its size and wrapped itself around me, as a transparent lid seemed to descend.

then the reverse occurred, i saw the capule ascend and i got dressed again and was back in the waiting room.
i picked up the magazine and opened the pages looking for the article, when dr. shiva called me to her office. 
again i walked through the door and again struck by her auric field i froze, those eyes....

'there's a glitch,' the voice said, 'i'm trying to fix it. it will be okay, just relax.'
i was relaxed, in a warm loving void. all there was was a lovely voice, telling me to relax, and reminding me everything is fine.'
i was so light, and happy. just blissfully free to float with that voice, but it did feel as through someone was tugging me gently, pulling me against the flow. it didn't hurt or even really offer any other sensation, but a gentle discomforting microscopic act of resistance.
'we are fixing the glitch,' just relax, it's all natural responses and safe, all you need to do is let go.'
that bit was easy, i was sinking, further into this state but as i sunk, the resistance grew, until my eyes opened.

my body had not changed. it was still a basic skin suit but there were somethings about me that felt new, a throbbing in my head. 

she looked concerned,  'okay, your back with us, you should just relax, breath a bit and then we can debrief.'
i let out a very long breath. at the end i just said, i'm ready to debrief now.'

dr. shiva acknoledged my request, she sat down next to me. 
'you probably don't recall anything yet but we have installed a inqubit inside your neo-cortex. it was taken from a piece of technology we found in a wrecked ship that landed about 5 million years ago. we estimate the dating with the ice pack at a very deep level but its probably much older but the dating process gets a bit wobbly that far back as you can imagine. however that's just after the earth was created so we are talking ancient history. a team of archaeologists found it in the mountains of pakistan about 40 years ago but it took 39 years to work out what it was and how to use it. in theory at least.'
'why put it inside me?'
'you asked.'
'i did?'
'yeah, one of the side effects of the operation is a complete distortion of time, i'm afraid you will be like this for a few years until you gain control of the temporal abilities this device offers.'
'years, that's a bit frightening.'
'yeah, it is at first. however your data from the psychometrics suggest you can do it. that's why you were offered this opportunity.'
'so i am a human guinea pig?'
'yep, we are here to help.'
dr. shiva held up a few splash cards, random patterns that were designed to activate the inqubit. my head began to throb even harder, 'i don't think its working,' i mumbled, 'i feel weird...'
flashes of light, streaking at high velocity, was i moving or the world around me, where was dr. shiva, she no longer existed. 
the sound was a continuous drone, a wail, i could control the soundwave but not the light or strange sensation of movement.
i felt i was in a huge hallway, darkly lit, silence was a kind relief. then i felt the hallway fill with a presence, an intelligence overwhelmed my own. i met it head on. 
processing happened at no time, i was beyond space and time, my body dissolved away. when you leave one dimension behind and enter a new one, there is always a way back via the body, but now my body had gone i was just a mind. qubit generating portals and information gates, i could travel through an infinite choice. the one i was inside belonged to whale consciousness. the whales have their own gods, vastly different to our human ones. the whale gods slip into human mythology amongst polynesian, chinese and intuit cultures but generally they are altered to fit human symbolism, whereas whale consciousness does not recognise space and therefore time. whale consciousness is the oldest most authentic link to alien civilisation on earth. the space craft where my implant was found was here for the whales that existed at that time, they communed with them, they were the whale gods.
as i peered into the darkness i saw the thousands of whales staring back at me, dark shapes in many sizes, some huge some small, all with bright eyes. all sharing the same thought.
we have waited for your return.

in shock perhaps i am back in front of the strange symbol dr. shiva holds in front of me.
'fuck,' i say surprising the doctor and myself, 'i need a drink.'
'what happened?'
'i need a drink now, cold water and then i'm going back.'   
for some reason i seem to be attracting all the wrong people, i think i need a complete overhaul. 
recently a guy i work with confesses his belief that jews are aliens, an ancient race of lizard people whom want world domination  he suggests hitler was correct in his mass murder and efficient slaughter of them and that the rest need finishing off.
then i am confronted by a man i have known for at least 6 years whom says zionists are responsible for everything wrong with planet earth. he said he said the recent events in gaza prove they are only interested in shooting innocent children and what they really are after is blood to drink and worship their god with.
the next comment from another work colleague is jews go on about being chosen etc. she confesses a hatred towards them, and says they are to clever and therefore not to be trusted. later i find out she is a white supremacist and also hates black people. 
anyway, normally i avoid these boring subjects, i have been the recipient of this kind of attack all my life, being dark skinned is only slightly advantageous over being a jew. although i have very little interest in the religion itself, i like the mystical aspects and think it's a clever coherent system for transcendence but no more than others.
the chosen thing is an absurd hang up non jews seem to have, it does not mean chosen as a special person or race or religion, it means chosen to transmit a type of consciousness that suggests only one god exists in the universe and we are all part of it. all off us. if that is threatening to non jews then i'm at a loss to understand why.
admittedly jews have been their own worst enemy, often motivated by fear and conformity but generally zionists are a different kettle of fish, and they believe in a jewish homeland. yeah, it's very problematic because it gives haters the idea that they are colonising a piece of land they do not belong in, but historically this argument is racist if only used against jews and zionists. 
i'm so tired of dumb people arguing this conspiracy, it really is fucking boring and if you feel like i'm making it up ask yourself why ever since hamas confessed most of the people demonstrating were hamas did the media stop reporting. 
ask yourself why there has been no other reports about the attacks within isreal from hamas, currently bombarding the cities indiscriminately. it's obvious to me, the deck is stacked, it always has been and it always will until people start thinking for themselves. everyone hates jews, they always have and probably always will because they are conditioned to do so. zombies. 
the other great argument is jews are to powerful, they own this and that, although this is an absurd argument there is truth in the fact jews are very smart as their education in the home is based upon a culture of argument, discussion and critical thinking. it's a talmudic approach and it creates neural networks that out preform ambivalent home cultures. jews are diverse, they encompass a lot of thought and philosophy, there is nowhere the rich diversity of ideas exists than within israel. all the anti zionists who wank on endlessly about jews are either jealous or pathologically sick, for their hatred is based on a weakness of self. it must be unless you can prove to me it is not.

Saturday, June 02, 2018

apparently new laws fresh from europe about cookies have been passed and i am expected to do something with it. i am not sure what they are going on about but if you want to send me cookies you are welcome to.
i miss my friends olga and val, managed to catch up with them last week. it was a kooky evening, lot of laughs. the rest of life involves working, it's been very demanding. pressure is on to complete a course and my motivation is so very low, i just cannot find the motivation to engage although i wrote a very honest letter to them. no response yet and i am certain they will ignore me or sack me. 
i feel strange, outta whack with everything, outta synch with the world. i feel as if everything is held together with a piece of string, a toilet roll and a strip of sellotape. 
it's very strange.
yet something calls me, is drawing closer to me. i have family heading this way, nepalese and canadian, and  am glad off this. i feel like i need family for a while. 
also, my book is still pulsing along, although i am beset by an unease at my writing style  it's very inconstant a i'm attempting to find the voice within this novel. there are two, i almost have one but the other requires some consideration. so i am considering.
also there are a couple of 'bits' that require adjustments. it's coming along but i need more time away from work which is getting in the way.
home life is okay, gardens look good, rain tonight yay! 
the first day of winter was freezing, i just went to bed as soon as the sun sunk. early to rise.
i watched a show on video called 'tin star' with tim roth in the lead, it was a really engaging but brutal story, and i was in awe of  everything about it. i've always liked tim roth, he's a risky guy with his roles. here he plays a great character you love and then gradually hate. the cinematography is spectacular, and it has an excellent soundtrack. the story itself is similar to the techniques of the coen brothers and therefore worth watching just to see if i am right.