Thursday, June 07, 2018

for some reason i seem to be attracting all the wrong people, i think i need a complete overhaul. 
recently a guy i work with confesses his belief that jews are aliens, an ancient race of lizard people whom want world domination  he suggests hitler was correct in his mass murder and efficient slaughter of them and that the rest need finishing off.
then i am confronted by a man i have known for at least 6 years whom says zionists are responsible for everything wrong with planet earth. he said he said the recent events in gaza prove they are only interested in shooting innocent children and what they really are after is blood to drink and worship their god with.
the next comment from another work colleague is jews go on about being chosen etc. she confesses a hatred towards them, and says they are to clever and therefore not to be trusted. later i find out she is a white supremacist and also hates black people. 
anyway, normally i avoid these boring subjects, i have been the recipient of this kind of attack all my life, being dark skinned is only slightly advantageous over being a jew. although i have very little interest in the religion itself, i like the mystical aspects and think it's a clever coherent system for transcendence but no more than others.
the chosen thing is an absurd hang up non jews seem to have, it does not mean chosen as a special person or race or religion, it means chosen to transmit a type of consciousness that suggests only one god exists in the universe and we are all part of it. all off us. if that is threatening to non jews then i'm at a loss to understand why.
admittedly jews have been their own worst enemy, often motivated by fear and conformity but generally zionists are a different kettle of fish, and they believe in a jewish homeland. yeah, it's very problematic because it gives haters the idea that they are colonising a piece of land they do not belong in, but historically this argument is racist if only used against jews and zionists. 
i'm so tired of dumb people arguing this conspiracy, it really is fucking boring and if you feel like i'm making it up ask yourself why ever since hamas confessed most of the people demonstrating were hamas did the media stop reporting. 
ask yourself why there has been no other reports about the attacks within isreal from hamas, currently bombarding the cities indiscriminately. it's obvious to me, the deck is stacked, it always has been and it always will until people start thinking for themselves. everyone hates jews, they always have and probably always will because they are conditioned to do so. zombies. 
the other great argument is jews are to powerful, they own this and that, although this is an absurd argument there is truth in the fact jews are very smart as their education in the home is based upon a culture of argument, discussion and critical thinking. it's a talmudic approach and it creates neural networks that out preform ambivalent home cultures. jews are diverse, they encompass a lot of thought and philosophy, there is nowhere the rich diversity of ideas exists than within israel. all the anti zionists who wank on endlessly about jews are either jealous or pathologically sick, for their hatred is based on a weakness of self. it must be unless you can prove to me it is not.

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