Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i was watching a documentary on tv about the chinese control of the internet, they were explaining how a lot of internet sites, google and yahoo are in league with the chinese authorities and censoring content, but worse also dobbing in anyone that posts any thing controversial on their sites. a young journalist was sent to jail for 10 years after being tracked down because yahoo gave the govt his details.
The not so great Fire Wall of China.

I'm reading some magazines my friend Larrisa gave me, they are called, WHAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT and despite the cheesy title are fantastic, plenty of grunge to actually make them very interesting. I really enjoyed some of the topics and the mature and realistic way they were discussed.

I'm also halfway through 2012 which is heading into an interesting direction, it's much more complex than 'Head' but not as intersesting as i think Pinchbeck is grabbing all the 'weird fringe stuff' he can find and throwing it into the mix. But there's also a very personal element to the book, and i'm enjoying some of the more scientific elements. Particularly the crop circle bit. On closer inspection these blades of grass have been fused from the inside out. There is no technology that exists that can do this.
ANAMNESIS - remembering what the soul already knows

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2012 daniel pinchbeck looks at the maya approach to conscious evolution by extrapolating from various sources, as well as the authors own ideas and history, its very interesting, especially the parts about mackenna and his experiences with stropharia cubensis a hallucengenic mushroom tat is facsilitating the rise in consciousness as an interface between dimensions. lots of stuff about crop circles, did you know there is absolutely no way that any human could have made some of the more complex ones, plus there's crop circles that contain elucidian maths that has not even been discovered yet. each circle becomes more and more complex, and hidden in their symmetary is the date 2020. Exactly the same as the mayan calander.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

ancient tibet was a warlike and aggressive nation, well practiced cruelty and almost spartan warfare against the, wait for it...chinese led to the taking f the chinese capital and the demands of the esoteric chinese classics, such as The Book Of History and The Book Of Rites.
By the time China invaded Tibet it had held the doctrine of non violence for many centuries.
The change was brought about from a man called Chenresig. An enlightened one whose sole purpose is the salvation of all living creatures. Chenresig incarnated to become the current Dali Lama.
So fast forwards 2500 years and currently we see China as the oppressor.
It's strange how the ebb and flow of time changes everything, history is forgotten, in the old days there were no protesters against the Tibetans, now it is fashionable to knock the chinese. I am guilty of this.
I guess conciousness is changing, we are aware via, media, via our own personal evolution, we make judgments about who is right and who is wrong, we use morality to justify everything, yet we are always ignorant about the anticedents and we always chose sides.
The Yoga Vissatta says, 'it is maya' and recommends we pay it no attension. But how are we to be compassionate when we see such things occur. The answer is in seeing through the things, see through the events, the politics and the beliefs.
I have been reading a discussion between ken wilbur and some dude where they both agree that within spirituality there has to be
war, it is only through challenging evil and it's political manifestations that we can stop it growing. God they say is not a pacifist.
I have no idea if god is a pacifist, as far as i know he's not really that amused at anything we do but i do know there are some things worth fighting for.
My take on warfare is the only battle worth fighting is the one within.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

just finished reading 'absurdistan' very very funny. possibly contains one of the funniest lines i ever read, 'It's a capital insult in this country not to make love to a naked woman, even if she is related to you.'
quite brilliant evocation of the current political landscape, it's almost catch 22. there were moments of great sadness but generally its very funny and quite close to the paradox of the truth.
as the anniversary of my brain injury approach's i am filled with sadness and thoughts of the times i had with meredith, i loved her very much but common sense dictates that i will never see her again, she is lost in her madness and i am lost for her.
she inhabits my dreams, the back of my mind, she is there floating around, her face, her teeth her body and soul.
i really need some form of help, i need to move through her, painlessly, effortlessly, instead her ghost is clinging and scratching away at my flesh, until i bleed.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

from 'rebels and devils' dr. hyatt
Way back in 1952 Robert Lindner a clinical psychologist with strong psychoanalytical background boldly suggested that rebellion was instinctive and was the quintessence of the creative personality. However for Linder creativity comes from separating oneself from the collective and the will of the masses. The prime purpose of society is to bend the will of the individual to the will of the majority, to become as others are to accept the illusions of the mass. He saw rebellion as important as the sex instinct for the survival of the species for without rebellion nothing new arises.
In clinical terms this means rebellion is healthy and normal requiring neither treatment or imprisonment.

At the time this did not fit well with the conservative and social mentalities of that decade, nor does it today.

Adjustment is practiced by a number of professions and most of the middle class. Linder at the time predicted that in time the psychology would become handmaidens of the state and big business, losing its meaning for those that need it. Both institutions would begin to believe that psychology had more to offer than it did.
Linder also went on to write that in order for humanity to reach potential it had to overcome, the triad of gravity, ignorance and mortality, something that tim leary also asserted throughout his work.
(unfortunately leary is only remembered for his lsd experiments therefore most of his work goes unnoticed)
linder went onwards to say that anything- thought or deed- which enables man to break these limits is intrinsically good: while anything that prevents him is bad. he also saw normal existence as a cage and normal human behavior as bordering on the pathological. worse he suggests that restriction and moral inhibition as practiced ten, and now, as inherently evil.
Of course this does not mean that people can do what they want in the same way 'do what thou wilt' does not.
Society's cure means surrendering mind and body thus happiness is a modern pact with the devil meaning the individual surrender individuality for a promised peace.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

sporadic data, random fictions, i've discovered proust, not going to read him but i've certainly been persuaded by some interesting people to explore his universe and yes, this was a man who could indeed travel through time and possibly had high levels of dmt in his pineal.
another endless source of enjoyment and knowledge is cliff pickover and his book 'einstein, elves and drugs' fascinating hyper reality style of writing and some great information.

last friday i traveled to kograh in south sydney where 'adventures' was polished off, i was there to rehearse with val and listen to the mastered copy for the first time.
I also saw a ghost. the studio backs on to a morgue. val has often spoken about seeing spirits wandering around, looking somewhat lost and confused, he said that at first he was scared but has learnt that these entities are often just as freaked out as he was, now he understands they just need guidance and orientation.
The shape i saw was tall and dark and it glided along into the room we were in, i mistook it for val who appeared from a different room, suddenly i had to do a quick reality check. val took me outside to show me that the lights from the mortuary were switched on indication some one had recently died.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

sometimes i find myself in seven places at once pulled by invisible forces and sometimes with human faces, jealousy, need, greed, control, love, gravity, loneliness, isolation, these strange things directing me like an electrical current, sometimes i follow my head, sometimes my heart, sometimes i follow my insticts and intuition and sometimes i just follow the flow.
what is the flow if not chaos, where does it take us if not where we have to go. let it flow through you, let empty your mind, let it push you in and out, till your not even there, its madness but truth, like the blazing poets eyes, like the musician heart on fire, passion burns but it also yearns. i would die for love, becuase love has no fear, love disolves boundries, it is a great force, the fifth element, the extra elephant, the only element in alchemical essence. love is way cool baby, love is a drug, love is the way, love is the message, love is the answer, all you need is love.