Thursday, April 10, 2008

sporadic data, random fictions, i've discovered proust, not going to read him but i've certainly been persuaded by some interesting people to explore his universe and yes, this was a man who could indeed travel through time and possibly had high levels of dmt in his pineal.
another endless source of enjoyment and knowledge is cliff pickover and his book 'einstein, elves and drugs' fascinating hyper reality style of writing and some great information.

last friday i traveled to kograh in south sydney where 'adventures' was polished off, i was there to rehearse with val and listen to the mastered copy for the first time.
I also saw a ghost. the studio backs on to a morgue. val has often spoken about seeing spirits wandering around, looking somewhat lost and confused, he said that at first he was scared but has learnt that these entities are often just as freaked out as he was, now he understands they just need guidance and orientation.
The shape i saw was tall and dark and it glided along into the room we were in, i mistook it for val who appeared from a different room, suddenly i had to do a quick reality check. val took me outside to show me that the lights from the mortuary were switched on indication some one had recently died.

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