Sunday, August 12, 2018

in answer to your question, i use blogger. now.
the game is afoot, as holmes would say. i have done it, created stage one on my project, and it looks okay, i have had good feedback from the people i trust so that's excellent. it's a work in progress but i will keep at it until it is perfect. 
there is stage two now, which i will begin sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

escape plans are taking time, the idea is sprouting and the roots are taking but i'm dependant upon certain skill set i don't possess and in australia the mafia control everything, corruption flows through all strata of society so i have to pay the right people in order to move forwards. 
either way, it's going to cost me. that's the nature of business in australia.  

i don't think my partners ever really appreciate my work and how it can interfere with a relationship due to intensity of the types of people i work with and the residual impact shift work has upon the idea of a social life. time is not broken into days, weekends, hours like the rest of the gen pop. it's a rhythmic routine only i can adapt to, but when you want to go to a dinner party unfortunately  i will not attend. 

it's like me turning up at their place of work and saying, 'hey let's go see a band.'
'okay babe, when are we going. i think andy and cath are free saturday night, we can grab dinner after.'
'no let's go now.'
'but i'm at work.'

yes, that's the fucking deal. i work antisocial long hours and am often dealing in extreme situations. i can't just leave clients and come out to a party. it's nuts and unhealthy. one day i will find someone who understands this aspect and is not so selfish they cannot tolerate it.