Thursday, July 30, 2009

under the illusion that today was payday i booted up the olde laptop and logged into my account only to find it empty, ahhh i shrieked as i grabbed my phone to confirm it was actually pay week. once again completely out of time, pay week is next week, which means for the next few days i am going to have to survive on what i have, this will be interesting as i scout around the kitchen looking for stuff, mmm, lots of rice, lots of oats, lots of herbal teas and condiments. mmm nothing i can actually eat though unless you count eating a jar of mint sauce as a meal. okay well i can do it, i have my secret weapon, a big bag of dope.
this will get me through the weeks famine.

i have been reading a few books, the devils paintbrush a fantastic story set in paris as a disgraced general meets the infamous alister crowley. i loved reading this, well written evocative of a time long gone, and a great story.

i read the strain, a kinda hio tech vampire book, set in nyc and although it gets off to a great start i kinda got disinterested in it as it progressed although i will read the sequels.

the other book i read was a little history of the world which although explains history for children is so well researched and written adults could enjoy it as well. i did.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

in bondi on my brothers dodgy small computer so forgive me if i make mistak3es.
i should be in kograh erehearsing with the fix but val is busy so we have a weekend off. instead i'm goona chill out with my brother and wander down the markets looking at the junk they have for sale, get some breakfast and have a lok at some old bookshops.

Monday, July 20, 2009

kings cross gone midnight, crashed in a friendly sofa with a couple of girls, luscious cocktails, some deep throbbing base drifting through the evening and it feels like heaven is close at hand. she's weaving through the dense crowd like a lone angel fish swimming through a school of sharks. we exchange pheromones, she pouts her lips while i scan her curves and read her aura looking for fractures but finding only her gaze. she reads clean, no emotional damage, no fractures, no glitches or hidden agendas. she zooms in on me, like a comet burning through the atmosphere, a trail of flames behind her.
'i am the hunter, you are the prey.' she whispers softly with her lips almost touching my ear.
'i like being hunted, i'm far to lazy to be a predator.'
she slides onto my lap, her arms wrapped around my neck she starts whispering promises with lips that could keep them.
'do you want to do a bliss with me?' she asks, all coy and hopeful, those big doe eyes reflecting mine.
she pops a cube into my mouth and i can feel the boundaries dissolve as her mind starts to melt into mine almost instantly the music flows through our skin, merges into our blood and brains as everything becomes packets of quanta information, this is the world without boundaries, without filters.
now that base pulses with the organic universe val stands tall, wields it low, his big hands throttling it, manipulating super strings, wrangling up sound-waves and warping everything in it's path, that ain't no base guitar it's a sonic attack, the machine throbs along like a wild waveform, or particle?
and that guitar seems more like an old orgone accumulator, energy waves resonate down our spine, he stands in the shadows, everyone tying to catch a glimpse but not sure if he's actually there, the mysterious nevin, with his strange machines, we catch a glimpse black on red etched onto his guitar the word.
and now just when you get the groove, a saxophone penetrates the night, wailing, blasting, blowing like the angel gabriel announcing the end of something and the beginning of something else. louis all the way from andromeda.
and there's captain mission.
the bliss takes hold, it comes on like a plasma sunset echoing neon sex and occult sigil, here we are at the end of civilization on the cusp of 2012 baby, who do we listen to, soundtrack to the multi-verse, strange transmission from other dimensions.
the deep fix.

Monday, July 13, 2009

sleepy avalon, cold breeze and warm soup, my body feels replenished with nurishment. ideas for visuals are floating through my head, like a projection itself. i wanna have some sort of visual display people can look at while we play but it is difficult to put together. i was planning on making a short film but i am stuck for resources, so i think i will have to put together a bunch of weird images and kinda project them while we play, each tune having it's own theme.

no way back - is a sort of journey to hell. a driving pulsing drive to hades, getting darker and darker. i want the road trip starting out at day, driving into the night, getting darker and more disturbing as intercut with the night drive we see images of demons and strange bosh like creatures.

epilipsium - various lips of women flash one after the other until the strange cinematic break where we see clips from 'bride of frankenstien' blending in with orgasmic bliss.

heartbroken - the alex grey like pumping of spiral images and transmigration, the spiritual display towards liberation, and release. cut to a strange scene of shamanic ritual. then back into the spiral.

so these are my ideas, they are like fleeting possibilities i have yet to construct, they exist in the world of abstracts and ideas, the world of perfection. i now have to bring them to form.

Friday, July 03, 2009

the deep fix
rehearsing away at the sound basement
val pumping out deep space base
nevin squeezes tones, textures and shapes from his orgone accumulator guitar
loius hits all those notes like some be bop deluxe warrior.
yes the band is cooking with gas, it's all coming together.
cd launch soon.
strange weirdness from the dark side as we play our strange set and soundtracks, images will float across your mind screen, the doctor makes his monster a bride, the pleasure principle, we all want that perfect partner. bits of amalia renwick, bits of melissa, a part of helen, maybe merediths legs, genie's sexy moves, toni's smile, angelicas lips, it's yeah we all want a composite creation, but we settle for what we get. frankenstiens curse.
i'm awaiting for hell fire to confirm if we can launch there. it's the perfect place for us to play our music.