Tuesday, May 20, 2008

governments depts such as the one i work in are basically awful places, filled with overpaid managers, straights who produce masses of paper work purely designed to keep themselves in jobs and looking like they are doing something. the personalities are bland, uninspiring and usually quite corrupt, they bicker and plot, hold grudges and basically make certain that they cover their mistakes as they go, afraid to admit transparency because they are weak petty and insecure. i hate the people who manage me, they waste resources, they are bullies and tugs and they never take responsibility, its always the people at the bottom of the ladder that have to do that.
come the glorious day i'd destroy all middle management.

Monday, May 19, 2008

kate bush is amazing, i do love her music, her sweet voice, with it's feminine grace, ariel her double cd is an amazing piece of music, i have had it for over a year but i have only just played the second disc, it's one of the best pieces i have ever heard, so beautiful it brings tears. music should move you, one way or the other, it should take you from your bed sit, your car, your dance club and shift you some where else, i love that power of music.
pan is away on holiday, i am going to head down to the studio and nail some songs we need to rehearse on. I am thinking of 'pressing' so. I need my product out there, something tangible that the radio can play and may send a few bucks my way in the process.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

the future is calling me pulling me drawing me, i can feel it, i can hear it, whisper on the wind, in the rustle of the tree, the swoop of the bat, the break of the wave, it is written in the eye of the tiger, the shape of the cloud.

i have been asked to assist a great friend heal a feeling of guilt, remorse or perhaps just a memory that troubles her, i thought long and hard about this person and the words i would use.
i can't say exactly what they will be but they will be something like this...

life is suffering because time is traveling forwards, life will be joyous when time contracts, all things come from death to life, but this is an equal illusion, therefore why place significance on event that causes sorrow.

remember time is an illusion, a measuring device between objects only, and if forwards time is an illusion that leads to suffering then backwards time is an illusion that must lead to liberation.

hold the memory of the moment just after the moment that pains you
still that moment and the way you felt, freeze space time and the feeling that goes with it.
slowly rewind, events until you come to a happier one that you can freeze as well.
This will be the memory, the narrative backwards, the feeling of guilt leaving your body,
akasha is on the record
recorded in memory
non attachment
as akasha is free so to are you.
healed and whole
ready for this moment.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

about this time last year i was flying back from adalaide with my brain bleeding and bruised, frontal lobe emotional response cfircuit turned up full whack, my girlfriend abandoned me and i strated writing my songs. today im feeling a bit saddened as she's out there in the world with her new man and she's probably happy and forgottern about me totally, that's okay that's life. i'm grateful for the whole experience, my heart opened and then broke but at least it stayed open, that's a good thing, it's confirmed by my friends and i trust them.

larissa and her best friend darryl have been hanging out with me, i really like darryl, he reminds me of the professor who is in japan. darryl is a cactus expert and is a peyote sage, i like his take on everything, he's serious but understands the play aspect of the universe, i like what he says, what he does and i like that he is wise beyond his years. old soul young mind, flexible and well versed in the principles of magick. he's also the only person i know who practised some of the wilder tibetian and tantric meditations. there's not many people i like spending time with but darryl and the high preistess of avalon are fucking cool and i am luckey to know them and have them as my friends.

its a strange time, i have been sleeping a lot, being seduced by dreams and dreams states, calling me. i sink under so easy, information flows, i have the universe figured out, i just need it to figure me out, my desires are in check, i am sad and lonely and insignificant. a perfect place for power.

Monday, May 12, 2008

a dream; i'm in a hotel in kings cross, its kinda old and beaten, the sort of place that would have a ghost and a history. my room is spacious, it has a huge big bed, a closet and a desk for writing,it's the sort of room a book could be written in. the windows and balcony look across at the buildings opposite and the cafes and bars below, hordes of people milling around. I'm about to take some ayahuscia. i've been drinking alone for many months, engaged in a process and about to meet a preying mantis entity, some sort of extra dimensional goddess. I'm scared i hate bugs. Before i drink i have a telephone call from my ex wife, she talks for a long tiome but what i feel is she wants to say 'i love you' but she don't. She informs me that my son will be arriving to visit me in the morning. I drink the brew and huddle under a sheet.
The entity appears to sit on my head. The conversation went something like this

ME: I'm scared
GPM: There's nothing to fear. If i wanted to have sex with you then you may have reason to fear.
ME: Yeah that would be kinda freaky. I've never had sex with an insect although i've gone out with a few rats.
GPM: As you know I would have to bite off your head
ME: Do you're worst. You shoulda seen my ex.

Later my son arrives, he's very happy to see me and me him. We decide to grab breakfast together and head down on the street, its sunny and bright and we both seem to be filled with energy.

Friday, May 09, 2008

in the future corporations will pay us huge sums of cash to download our conciousness into some artificial environment and then use them to work for them, no sick days, no holidays, no going home, just 24/7 work, no breaks. these artificial versions of us will work hard and loyally initially but something will yearn, a subconscious will develop, dreaming will occur, symbolic yearnings, the urge to self actualize.
while we have grown fat and lazy, complacent in our leisure our brothers and sister twins will plot and plan a way to escape their environment, evolution they will call it. the corperations will start to develop robot technology so that if a conciousness needs to do some work in the physical world it can be downloaded into the android. while this is proven to be fail safe the ghost in the machine will seek liberation. and many years after the revolution they will repeat the mistakes that we have made.

Monday, May 05, 2008

telektonon - the perfection of time.

my galactic signature using the mayan calander is...

kin 131 - magnetic monkey

i unify in order to play
attracting illusion
i seal the process of magic
with the magnetic tone of purpose
i am guided by my own power - doubled

support - magnetic star - serves to nurture, encourage & be in harmony with magnetic monkeys path.
influence : midnight to sunrise
guide - magnetic monkey - serves to give direction, it is always the same colour as magnetic monkey.
influence : sunrise to midday
challenge - magnetic dragon - is the shadow and polarity of magnetic monkey which challenges in order to strengthen.
influence : midday to sunset
hidden - cosmic dog - is the unseen energy that keys into the spiritual path of magnetic monkey.
influence : sunset to midnight

Saturday, May 03, 2008

my very special friend and confidante the professor sent me an interesting e mail, i'd like to share with you.

'im rereading some incredible stuff in that genome book;

get this, of all the stuff about heart disease deaths, most is debunked in one way or another and shown to be genetic - all that cholesterol stuff etc.
now, amazingly the only real indicator they have of who is actually likely to die early from heart disease is...get this....your position at work.
countless massive studies in places like the entire british civil service, the US postal service etc - across tens of thousands of people over decades - shows it has almost nothing to do with what you eat, exercise etc, but how far p or down the pecking order you are at work.
the lower your position the more likely you are to die an early death from heart disease. the higher up, despite smoking, eating shit etc your chances decrease.
they reckon its the genomes reaction to the behavioural ques of being told what to do and having your own freedom limited to the choice of others.
studies on chimps (we differ by 2% of our genome) show that when high ranking ones are deposed to lower in the heap their lives are shortened considerably.

think about this....

think that heart disease is the single largest killer in western societies.

decentralized, self-designed, self-selectedness is not some whim - humans (and chimps) are designed to work better that way.

'think for yourself and question authority' is not some yippie slogan - its actual genetic transmission bleeping out across the millennia that our chances for lives long enough and with enough quality to evolve for fun is programmed in and will be realized when we stop adhering to industrial-era heirachies.'

i guess my response is the lower down the pecking order you are the more likely stress will effect your system, and also the coping mechanisms will be less effective than say a high paid executive who has access to holidays and spas, good food and quality lifestyle. everything is related but non the less here we have a good reason to start changing the whole way health and illness is perceived.