Monday, May 12, 2008

a dream; i'm in a hotel in kings cross, its kinda old and beaten, the sort of place that would have a ghost and a history. my room is spacious, it has a huge big bed, a closet and a desk for writing,it's the sort of room a book could be written in. the windows and balcony look across at the buildings opposite and the cafes and bars below, hordes of people milling around. I'm about to take some ayahuscia. i've been drinking alone for many months, engaged in a process and about to meet a preying mantis entity, some sort of extra dimensional goddess. I'm scared i hate bugs. Before i drink i have a telephone call from my ex wife, she talks for a long tiome but what i feel is she wants to say 'i love you' but she don't. She informs me that my son will be arriving to visit me in the morning. I drink the brew and huddle under a sheet.
The entity appears to sit on my head. The conversation went something like this

ME: I'm scared
GPM: There's nothing to fear. If i wanted to have sex with you then you may have reason to fear.
ME: Yeah that would be kinda freaky. I've never had sex with an insect although i've gone out with a few rats.
GPM: As you know I would have to bite off your head
ME: Do you're worst. You shoulda seen my ex.

Later my son arrives, he's very happy to see me and me him. We decide to grab breakfast together and head down on the street, its sunny and bright and we both seem to be filled with energy.

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Anonymous said...

As a little girl I was terrified of praying mantises; they reminded me of aliens.