Sunday, May 18, 2008

the future is calling me pulling me drawing me, i can feel it, i can hear it, whisper on the wind, in the rustle of the tree, the swoop of the bat, the break of the wave, it is written in the eye of the tiger, the shape of the cloud.

i have been asked to assist a great friend heal a feeling of guilt, remorse or perhaps just a memory that troubles her, i thought long and hard about this person and the words i would use.
i can't say exactly what they will be but they will be something like this...

life is suffering because time is traveling forwards, life will be joyous when time contracts, all things come from death to life, but this is an equal illusion, therefore why place significance on event that causes sorrow.

remember time is an illusion, a measuring device between objects only, and if forwards time is an illusion that leads to suffering then backwards time is an illusion that must lead to liberation.

hold the memory of the moment just after the moment that pains you
still that moment and the way you felt, freeze space time and the feeling that goes with it.
slowly rewind, events until you come to a happier one that you can freeze as well.
This will be the memory, the narrative backwards, the feeling of guilt leaving your body,
akasha is on the record
recorded in memory
non attachment
as akasha is free so to are you.
healed and whole
ready for this moment.

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