Friday, May 09, 2008

in the future corporations will pay us huge sums of cash to download our conciousness into some artificial environment and then use them to work for them, no sick days, no holidays, no going home, just 24/7 work, no breaks. these artificial versions of us will work hard and loyally initially but something will yearn, a subconscious will develop, dreaming will occur, symbolic yearnings, the urge to self actualize.
while we have grown fat and lazy, complacent in our leisure our brothers and sister twins will plot and plan a way to escape their environment, evolution they will call it. the corperations will start to develop robot technology so that if a conciousness needs to do some work in the physical world it can be downloaded into the android. while this is proven to be fail safe the ghost in the machine will seek liberation. and many years after the revolution they will repeat the mistakes that we have made.

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Lian said...

an intelligent person. Have read your today's comment on ttb.