Saturday, May 17, 2008

about this time last year i was flying back from adalaide with my brain bleeding and bruised, frontal lobe emotional response cfircuit turned up full whack, my girlfriend abandoned me and i strated writing my songs. today im feeling a bit saddened as she's out there in the world with her new man and she's probably happy and forgottern about me totally, that's okay that's life. i'm grateful for the whole experience, my heart opened and then broke but at least it stayed open, that's a good thing, it's confirmed by my friends and i trust them.

larissa and her best friend darryl have been hanging out with me, i really like darryl, he reminds me of the professor who is in japan. darryl is a cactus expert and is a peyote sage, i like his take on everything, he's serious but understands the play aspect of the universe, i like what he says, what he does and i like that he is wise beyond his years. old soul young mind, flexible and well versed in the principles of magick. he's also the only person i know who practised some of the wilder tibetian and tantric meditations. there's not many people i like spending time with but darryl and the high preistess of avalon are fucking cool and i am luckey to know them and have them as my friends.

its a strange time, i have been sleeping a lot, being seduced by dreams and dreams states, calling me. i sink under so easy, information flows, i have the universe figured out, i just need it to figure me out, my desires are in check, i am sad and lonely and insignificant. a perfect place for power.

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