Sunday, October 30, 2011

the rain brings serenity, the cold turn offers a moments peace, the sunlight kisses the skin, the wind caresses the mind and for a moment all is zen then the birds appear over protective, their song sends out an alarm, even the bugs are uncertain, dogs pace and cats dart for cover, something shifts in the air, a new danger. i attempt a journey but end up staying home, i attempt a letter and end up sending a monologue, i attempt to move forwards but take a step back. i attempt connection but disconnect, i attempt detachment but end up sticking, i attempt concentration but end wandering. nothing penetrates the throb of the day that has turned 180 degrees upon you. it's like the friend that you lost, it's like a bad investment, a road trip going bad.
but it don't, the sun comes out.

i stand by the beach yesterday at dusk, i'm with a friend and she's sitting down contemplating the life she has, a man walks towards us, he's a sikh and he wears a beautiful purple turban, it's so regal and lush it stands right out like a jewel. as he walks towards me i find myself standing and i find myself walking towards him and i find myself smiling and saying, 'good evening sir, it's a pleasure to see you again.'
he looks at me, smiling as well, it's all really quite strange and he smiles and says, 'it's a perfect day.'

lust anger greed materialism and ego dissolve to gods grace in truth equality freedom justice and karma.

"there is one supreme eternal reality; the truth, immanent in all things; creator of all things; immanent in creation. without fear and without hatred; not subject to time; beyond birth and death; self-revealing. known by the guru’s grace."

i know i have lived as a sikh before, perhaps i wore a purple turban like my new friend, maybe i killed the english with a jewelled dagger and rode upon a majestic black horse named, ajab.

later in the evening i speak on skye to my very good friend tez who also plays some mean guitar on 'snuff' he thinks i may a have phoenician heritage, something i will investigate.
we have a lovely discussion about my fathers obsession that he came from 'atlantis' and tez sends me some information that the greek philosophers wrote on atlantis. it is good for me to know there are people out there who understand this type of knowledge, i often feel isolated and i am aware how different i am seen by those around me, i guess i am weird, but i am in good company and that's very reassuring.

the night falls hard, i feet like the detective halfway through the novel, halfway through his case, head filled with all the information he needs, head empty with data and no idea as to how to find the pattern that solves the crime. maybe that's the crime. sleep brings a reoccurring dream, i tweak it, lucid yoga, i push it a little farther but the ending is always the same. i always wake up in my life.


how beautiful is this?
it is beauty in the platonic form. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

some sort of toxic energy is inside me, it started when i was driving a few months ago and felt strangely possessed to drive fast, cumulating in loosing my license, this energy has been feeding upon me and growing, it's possibly fall out of the psychic attack i have been under, a serious of elimination and deduction leaves no other option, i need wendy the witch to extract this residual energy and bring some equilibrium. i feel toxic, my ego is out of whack, i say things i don't mean, i behave in a random and ungracious way and i have lost control of my own moral compass. i'm confused by myself, confounded in others. i will have to see wendy soon although i have entered a period of imposed dieta and cut the tobacco from my spliffs, perhaps tobacco has cross contaminated my energies as well. it certainly can't be of use unless i'm using it in mescal preparation.
so here i am vulnerable and in need of help. wendy is the only person who can really do this effectively. 
val offers some insight into the snuff music situation, i like his thinking, it's far removed from the normal way of doing things. it's good to hear his voice. 
i meet a friend down the street, i haven't seen him for years, he's russian girls dot com guy, always looking for love in the ukraine, he's been over a few times and is returning. he's convinced australian girls are mad and would make terrible partners, i don't know.
i've met amazing australian girls but they do seem to suffer from the same type of persona, they are repressing their feminine nature, i'm not certain why this is, possibly as a reaction to australian males, but the reaction is counter productive, there's no point in out fucking, out drinking, out smarting the male, it's far to competitive and pointless, because it's not a game. this is why i am attracted to the feminine principle and women who embrace it or are not threatened by it. it's strong enough and dignified enough and does not need disguising as masculine when it's respected.
russian bride dot com and i sit around talking about this for an hour, it's interesting as most of the males i know all feel the same way, australian women have some weird dysfunction when it comes to embracing their femininity, i guess it's trendy to these days, i don't know, what i do know is it serves no purpose at all. society is weaker for it. men are confused by it, their roles are questioned and undermined and the result is a mess of sexual identities that are in discord. 
russian bride dot come tells me that ukraine women all want a solid male foundation who will not drink, cheat or disrespect them, they want to feel loved as women. i guess this is the major difference between, australian girls don't know what they want.
russian girl dot com sips his coffee and asks if i want to go to the ukraine with him. 
no i say, i don't feel like i need to go anywhere at the moment, girls will come to me, it's on the horizon and getting closer, i don't want to actively seek it out, the universe will present her to me, it's already in motion. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

wander around the streets of nude port i meet an old friend, ying who used to be an accountant last time i saw her, now she says she is a white light healer channeling the arch angel raphiel, she has been directed by this angel to offer me a free pass to the mind body spirit festival. 
we sit in her office, it's quite lush, she makes me a chinese tea and i hand her some snuff music in exchange for the ticket. then she starts telling me her information via the archangel raphiel.
firstly she says i have many angels protecting me, she says that i work with angels but only she works with the archangel raphiel and i need to learn more about them. she says her power is stronger than shamanic power, and starts to use the old territorial spiritual game. i immediately challenge this nonsense, although i am respectful i explain the ego nature in the healing arts and how as soon as some one begins to claim their energy is truer or deeper than anothers that they have lost power. she's a bit surprised i've responded this way, i have no wish to take her beliefs away but she begins to instil her beliefs upon me, quite forcibly in a jehovahs witness kinda way.
we sip this lovely tea and she offers me a biscuit, its all very nice but then she starts her power game again. i have to interrupt her and suggest that her language may not be the same as mine but we are speaking about energies that are basically the same. she refuses to think i can know anything about these things and that then starts to say shaman, witches, pranic healers, reiki and energetic healers are all inferior to her white light energy healing. i explain to her that such statements indicate a basic insecurity in her source, for whatever source we use it cares little for anything else but the healing of people, the names are all just words. the conversation ends and i wander out to talk to the health food shop people who has very kindly offered to sell my cd snuff music.
they confess a dilemma, his customers are disturbed by the cd title and complained, he is not sure if he can stock it. he says he has not heard it although his brother has and loves it. 
i say that if people are offended by the word then they probably should actually go home and have a cup of tea and never venture out into the world again. if people react that strongly to the title then they obviously should not buy it. 
a customers picks it up and looks at it, she says she didn't think anything negative about it. i suggest that snuff music could be about snorting tobacco. the owner of the shop looks nervous, he's faced with a moral dilemma, i say, it's no problem, it's actually a good sign because 99% of people live in abject fear and this is exactly what snuff music is about. so new age folk who buy food from the health food shop have judged snuff music by the cover, very enlightening. 
i ring val up and share the news, he's really happy about this. me to, i think it's great news. it proves to me that snuff music is not for zombies.
steve kilbey down at le casa last night. anything i write will subtract from the experience, you really did have to be there. i was slightly apprehensive due to my personal issues, i have not felt in a good space lately, even somewhat toxic myself, but sitting, listening to that music i was momentarily taken from my circumstance. sk's narratives were incredible, he weaved a complex line in tangents and tributaries but always returned to the source, often with hilarity and his unique intelligence. he spoke with such honesty, held everyone inthralled, the songs were brilliant, it was special, something really really special and i am grateful to have experienced it. 
sk also challenged me on a few things, and i've noticed this about him, he's got a razor blade mind and calls things with incredible clarity and he's always right, that's the trouble with these genius types. i gotta take some notice here, there are very few people i would listen to. 
so steve, thanks very much, i do appreciate you perception especially about tobacco. 
it's interesting to hear that steve was called 'weird' in his jello biafra appearance in the melbourne festival for talking about reincarnation when the question apparently was about i tunes. i think being called weird these days by the zombie masses is actually a great compliment and should be a badge worn with pride.
in another review someone called him 'a crazy favourite uncle' another great compliment. the divide between those who can think outside the box and those trapped inside is getting wider and more aggressive, but the great thing about those outside is they can take a cosmic approach. 

i was sitting next to a lovely lady from adelaide who was drawing all through the performance, she had certain scandinavian way around her, and i was watching her draw in her automatic way, fingers just flowing, pencil fluid across the paper leaving a wonderful array of line and form. i watched her and got a similar energy that i get when i write, it's compulsive, one can't stop, it's like breathing, i enjoyed talking to this strange lady, she was really nice and her art was wonderful.

a okay that's it! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


when i first heard this it sat with me, it's a great film, very shakespearian in it's tragedy and yet indicated at the end how even those who had crossed the divide could make a sacrifice and redeem themselves. it's a film of twists and turns and apart from batmans stupid voice almost perfect. this line did stay with me, as it was a great meditation on the nature of evil and if you want to be scientific, psychopathology.
one could say this occurs over a certain powerful trauma, event or some sort of defective program, one could say it's all chemistry in which case alcohol won't do you any favours, neither will recreational drugs assist adjust the balance, although shamanic medicines and lsd may help. the pathology of the psychopath is demonic, science will never cure them. it has to be a battle of the very soul of the individual for no one wants to be a psychopath, only some one who is totally lost to their humanity can act in this way. often these types are masters of deception, they have built elaborate masks and webs around themselves and many people fall into their deceit, manipulation and subterfuge is their arena, and they can be very convincing. 
however the controlling persona underneath the multitude of masks will have 'evil' intent, it will distort it's own perception to shape it's own investment in itself. we all do this to a certain extent but the psychopathic individual does this by calculation. 
the controlling force that directs them is not entirely human. 
i walk into darlinghurst road, it's been a while since i have been down this neck of the woods and memories surface, seeing spearhead play their first gig hear in a small club, memories of nights in barons, memories of marnee, these memories spill out from my head and fall apart in the rain. i pull out a scrap of paper from my wallet and look at the address i was given, here it is, a strange doorway with steps leading down. the door is locked and i ring the buzzer as instructed. the door opens and i walk down into the passage way.
under the ground of kings cross there is a small but industrious team of elves. they make me wait in a reception area, offer me tea. i watch them shuffle some papers and then they ask me to fill in some paperwork. these elves have procedures and rituals that must be respected, they speak an arcane language, a mixture of olde english and elvish, mixed in with some latin. a few female elven folk swan around me flirting while i scribble my details on their forms. they want to know all sorts of strange snippets of my personal habits and various idiosyncrasies i may have. one leans over and asks me if i would like to come to a farie ball. i decline, saying i have very little time these days for such pursuits, she shoots me a disappointed look. i return to the form, some of he questions seem bizarre and random.
;what do you think of cheese?
have you ever had a homo sexual relationship?
do you have any artificial bones?
what day do you like least?
so i scrawl my answers, equally as random and then sit patiently.
about seven minutes later i am told by the elf at the desk that titania will see me.
'titania!' i exclaim, 'isn't she a fairy queen.'
'no mr mission, she's an elf.'
i nod my head and return to my thoughts. 

when titania wakes me from my contemplation i stand and extend my hand, we exchange greetings and i follow her along a dark corridor and another flight of steps and another corridor.
her office is a mess, a real shrine to chaos. she offers me a seat and i open up all my paperwork as she leaves through it, 'oh yes mr. mission. nasty business i see, mmm, don't like the sound of this.'
i sit quietly, she mutters, 'my my, what a terrible circumstance, nasty business, nasty.'
she asks me a few questions, she lights up a cigarette.
'hey, you can't smoke inside.'
'i can and i will mr. mission, now what the hell are you doing in a situation like this?' she slams the paperwork down and shakes her head seriously.
'look all i want to know is are you people prepared to assist me?'
she leans back and draws deeply on her cigarette, she flutters her long lashes and reveals her legs via the split in her dress.
i remain restrained, my dealings with elves have granted me an indifferent response to their sexual energy, flirtations like this are designed around feeding on sexual energy, or what the elves call eros. titania quickly worked out my resistance, 'well mr. mission, how do you intend to pay for services rendered?'
'so you will assist me?'
'payment options are limited.'
'what do you want?'
'oh well lets say a few pounds of flesh.'
i'm in a corner, i have had relations with elves but usually i've been glamoured or bewitched, once i had to fuck my way out of a sticky corner i found myself in. i really didn't have much choice now, so i nodded in agreement.
'you better sign here,' she passes me a contract on which i make my mark.
later she walks me back the way i came in, she looks flushed and i am exhausted. all i can think about is getting home and having a long hot bath. 
we say goodbye and i thank her for her help. i grab a cup of water from the water bottle and wander up onto the streets of kings cross, it's dark now, neon hits me, people speed past the doorway, a man spruking a sex club asks if i want to go inside.
i'm stuck for words as i cross the street and walk down away from  it all.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

in the sunlight, washed up and out, i walk down with my people, we swim in the ocean, splashing around like big blue tuna fish, yeah the water is cold, but it feels good as it hits you in the face. i swim, not quite as elegant as the tuna fish, more like a floundering seal but i'm enjoying it. later i eat some good food with a friend, she's telling me about something important but i'm not really listening, the words are carried away across the bay to the dog park where a wolfhound catches them and chews em up.
we eat, drink and attempt to be merry, i fill her in on the gossip, drama and mayhem. she's shocked and stunned and somewhat saddened. 'yeah sister' i say as i whisper my mantra to myself and speak 'you have to feel pity really, after the anger.'
'pity,' she says, 'what a pathetic thing.'
'yeah that's why the pity.'
someone calls me, i have a duty to my sisters so i make my excuses and go to meet her, she's procrastinating about meeting spots, i'm on foot so i don't care as long as it's in walking distance. 
eventually she texts me, she's unable to meet me, so i wander back to where we all started and splash around on my own. 

in the city tomorrow for some sort of big meeting with some sort of important people, gotta prepare. i am forwards bound, onwards to the inevitable conclusion, the one i have already reached, constructed reality is a sham. none of it has any interest yet it must be navigated else it chews you up and spits you out. 
they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions but i think that's a myth put out by the other side, intention is everything. the road to hell is just destructive intent and investment in artificial constructs, including the layers of self.
all these things must be stripped away before one finds the truth. 
and even then it brings it's own trickery, for self destructiveness has a formula, unless that is followed you run the risk of annihilation and madness. 
what is the formula? 
all has been revealed.
if you took notice you know it already, it's obvious to those who understand metaphor for our universe is a poet and the poet understands the metaphor better than anyone else.

i'd like to become a poet now, but i am and always have been a writer, with a poetic soul maybe?

i notice the 'occupy' movement is getting publicity and many of the people i know are supporters however i am not. it's very misguided and those that support it have no argument except a sort of idealistic notion that is based in some alternative reality. 
they attack the wrong institutions, they don't offer any discernment, they have little respect for others view and are represented by the usual suspects, plus they are supported by the un and some very powerful backers from the very corporation type institutions they oppose. the motive is of course one world government, the enemy of democracy and diversity. these people are zombies, already dead. the best chance they have is to occupy themselves, fight the war inside, the one that enslaves their minds. the rest will take care of itself, no one is oppressing them to do that in modern australian culture yet. once that happens then they have a right to protest on behalf of the 99%.
anyway what do i know, i'm just a man but these are my views, thoughts and imaginings and all i do is write them down in here.

i notice france and germany are ganging up on england now, history repeating perhaps in a strange way, the move to keep the eu together at any cost is about to reap some fall out, england wants to pull away from the whole idea but the major players are not listening. portugal, italy, greece and spain otherwise known in economic circles as 'pigs' are about to pull the eurozone down into the depths of the abyss and medieval feudalism, perfect conditions for an apocalypse or war even, but who would they wage against. knowing europe, probably one another. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

she was a dealer, space time revealer said her name was arianne and she came from somewhere, else. i liked her smell, it was an instant hit, she was looking for a husband, she was looking for a singularity, 'there's no point in waiting,' she said, 'no point in clinging on, it's either a zero or a one.' 
her binary talk turned me on and i felt a comfortable heat rush to the surface of my skin like a friendly radiation. 
'i love you. will you marry me?' the words slipped out betwixt the thought, she played coy, i feigned nonchalance and put on some japanese piano music, the type that sucks up residual vortexes that hang around unwanted and causing trouble. 
she wore a slinky little dress and stood tall in her heels, she seemed to have a certain way about her, chameleon skin, astral eyes, that blurred history, uncertain futures all spread out before her like the winning spread and then there was me in the glow of low burning candle lights.  
i smoked a joint, she enjoyed sharing it, i smoked another and reclined into something comfortable and soft, our bubble never burst, it just hovered in the current, going where it will.
later i entertain her with stories from the future, i can't recall them, they just poured out from my head like a rainbow water fountain, she watched me become animated as my arms gestured and i paced up and down, expressing my self with my body, gesticulating with my hands. these moments don't come often to me with people, it usually takes a little time and that feeling of feeling safe. i need to feel safe before i can really get going, everyone knows this. 
arianne is always in flux, always between two points, she's running and wants to stop, she don't know how to stop running because she's got the residual post trauma haunting her, i see it on her face like a faint cloak, it's in the process of leaving her so it's just a faint trace but you can see it, a very vague imprint. she's aware, shares some history, we trade my future for her past, meeting in the present. she shares some thing more, gives it completely, honestly, openly, there's not much fear in this woman. last night she was in queensland with bats, dogs and night people, tomorrow she will be in thialand for a wedding. 
she's checking the details of her flights, while i am thinking about horses. there's complication in the numbers, i tell her to stick to the letters.
later we say goodbye under the yellow eye of the moon, it's out filling the night with moon power, i drink it in to my yellow centre, solar plexus, not to much just enough, she puts her arm around me and i her, it's a perfect fit.  

least of all, me
the deep fix

departure lounge old airport
someone left outside
cashed up on blood money

drunk on foolish pride
your baggage is so heavy
your eyes are bleeding lies
you contradict your own paradox
and it come's as no surprise

no body loves you for to long
never is eternity
no one loves you for to long
and least of all, me

venus is in transit
saturn doth returns
karma and your lessons
the one you never learn

inelegant history dissolves
half way around the world
in hotels that haunt memories
the way need would haunt a girl
drinking inhabits company
the names within your phone
sucking up your grace
just like the twilight zone.

no body loves you for to long

never is eternity
no one loves you for to long
and least of all, me

venus is in transit

saturn doth returns

karma and your lessons

the one you never learn

enemies are your lovers
your friends are terrorists
you have no inner substance
so you rely on this
ruthless cruelty is your nature
just like the scorpion
your ride across on my backbone
and leave me with your sting

no body loves you for to long
never is eternity
no one loves you for to long
and least of all, me

venus is in transit
saturn doth returns
karma and your lesson
the one you never learn

Sunday, October 23, 2011

down the streets of hypertown the kinetic energy starts to pick up, a street nymph accosts me for some time, ‘you look like you're a man who’s carrying some,’ she says all seductive with a hint of need.
'no, i'm all out sister, i got some space dust but no time.'
'shit, i run out of time to. can't buy it anywhere.'
'when you're out your out.' 
'yeah but there's always more somewhere.'
'where you going anyway?'
she starts to scan me, looking me up and down, 'your kinda dressed up nice for a man with no time.'
'well when you're outta time you gotta meet your fate right.'
'i guess, can i accompany you seeing as i'm out to?'
'sure fate don't mind, she's not exclusive.'
we walk through main street, people give us a wide birth, she's wearing her street cloths, hiding behind big black shade's looking like a minx from the seventies, we make a strange pair as i have my black suit and red sunglasses on, people don't wanna stop us in case there's some kinda shake down, even the police cross the road let us pass, some bliss dealers hide in the alley ways and a pair of bikers turn their faces away from us.
hypertown is busy tonight, every ones out, looking for some glistening action, but you can't seem to attract attention when you have no time. only others with no time seem to approach. 
the psychedelic priestess offers me a jazz cigarette, she lights it with her finger, i stick the end into the blue flame and suck down some synaptic pathway.
my companion says, she feels confident by my side, so i grab her hand and give her a gentle but firm squeeze, it's gonna be fine baby, fate and i have a history. 
'i'm counting on it.'
at the edge of town we wander into the esoteric cafe, i order up a coffee and some celery, they have good cake to, so we decide to share some. the owner dave looks nervously at his watch, 'fates running late' he whispers, 'she will be here soon.'
'it's okay, we can finish the cake.' my new friend says with slightly more confidence. 
'yeah enjoy,'dave says.
we finish up just in time, there's a chiming of some kind of tibetan bell and a blast of cool air, and fate walks through the door, she looks around and sees us, joining us at the seat we have vacant.
'you look lovely.' i kiss her on the cheeks, french style.
'thank you mission, sorry i am late.'
'please don't apologise. it's no problem, we were finishing some cake, would you like a slice?'
'yeah and a coffee.'
dave stands up and goes towards the kitchen.
'well lets get down to business, mission and you must be?'
'i must be outta time by now.'
everyone smiles.
'you can call me epoch.'
'well miss epoch, yes you are outta time.'
miss epoch smiles, 'everything comes to an end.'
there's a moments silence, i enjoy the final moments with my joint, a smile breaks out across my face, fate is smiling to, and miss epoch is laughing. 
we are all out of time, rejoice, it's fucking beautiful.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

at the moonstone cafe on the other side, i meet the philly artist david, who say's 'this is an esoteric cafe' then he reads my life a book. i hand him a copy of 'snuff music' he immediately gets it, no small talk, no explaining, he just gets it. he's lived with the rainbow tribes out in new mexico, painted with some very cool people, knows alex grey and tool. i must admit i never got into tool, but i like what alex grey does, he gets the dmt download.
david is the kind of american i like, he's detached from everything except art, he's in tune with cosmic vibrations and some intelligent forces behind the vale, david is arrogantly free. the esoteric cafe serves us a nice lunch, but the service is weird, the girls are young and look confused, it's early days though, maybe it needs time to find it's feet. the menu is unusual, i order some celery and coffee, the coffee is good.
later i watch a french film that has a devastating effect upon me, it's called 'incideries' and it's brutally real, brilliantly executed and left me feeling shell shocked.
i would recommend it to some people but some i would say stay away, unless you want to be confronted. i smoke a joint, ponder the implications of such a thing but my brain shuts down, it can't deal with anything like this now.
the deep fix are interviewed, it's a strange thing, i probably come across as pompous and somewhat self important, i didn't mean to but at the same time i wanted to transmit the importance of the message in 'snuff music.'
there were some good questions but i don't know if i will ever get used to explaining things, the 'snuff music' project is multi layered.
i'm looking forwards to the rest of the interviews, a guest interviewer each one taking us to a different place.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

spend the morning down the beach watching three whales swimming by, they are breaching and jumping right out of the ocean, creating huge splashes and waves of joy as children, women and men all stop to look out at the ocean, we are all in awe. i'm being sued by a friend over some airline tickets, already given her money i don't have for a trip i will never take, it's deeply disappointed me but i should have expected it, i'm stupid but not guilty. the clusterfuck always gets you, there is no escape.
i'm kinda fucked money wise anyway and i have lost my license for six months so i am not in a great position but watching these whales lifts my spirits, watching the way they play and frolic freely fills me with something i have not felt in a while, lightness.
these animals can teach us a lot, they kill what they need, eat what they need, don't wage phycological warfare, don't suffer greed or envy or any of those stupid sins, they don't complicate their lives, in fact when you think about it they are construct free and live in harmony with the flow. then there's us, far away removed from anything including the animals. 

anyways court, this will play out in some strange dramatic outcome, i will loose thousands and feel humiliated for a moment but generally i guess i'll be okay. i guess at the end of the day i am a slow learner. it takes a lot for me to actually let go of my friends, i stick by them even when they beat me with a big stick, i forgive and if i don't forgive i guess i just forget. 
the strange thing is i did forget this person once, i cant recall much of her from that period, only that it was bad, and even now i can feel myself forgetting her faster than i really care to. i'm not sure if it's just my brain being dysfunctional or if she's just not worth remembering. 

i been reading an amazing novel, dan simmons new book 'flashback' is a genuine intelligent science fiction page turner, it's set in 2035 and civilisation is now the product of these very times we are living in, economies have collapsed, the new caliphate restored, anarchy and war across the globe, widespread use of a drug called flashback that takes you back into memory and let you re experience the past. throw a detective story into this and you have the ingredients of this novel. however the recipe is simmons brilliant writing and characters. i've read all dan simmons work, he takes on all genres and does so with incredible skill, hyperion quartet, song of kali, the terror and black hills, all perfect but 'flashback' is the best, gritty, provocative and in a very believable future that we may all find ourselves in soon. i don't want the book to end but i'm reading it very fast while savouring each word.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the ruling gods must meet their fate to, the sun turns black, loki grins in an ocean of blood, the brother turns to brother and plunges his word into his heart, the family no more, axe sword and shield, each will have their day, a wind age will fall and wolf age will rise. mercy will be the wages of sin as odin weeps the sacred tree is felled and the light goes out once again. 
the new age will have no gods.

they said, you won't need weapons in this war, but i never go anywhere without my moon powered ray gun by my side, it was fully charged and felt good in my hands, like an old friend. i came out the pod and was greeted by the ambassador, she was in full regalia, complete with a fanfare of public servants. i'd never been one for official ceremony pomp and circumstance. 
the ambassador began the formal greetings and i held up my hand, 'please ambassador let's cut through this ritual and get straight down to business  i will need some of your finest marijuana, some pure water and access to the mainframe system.'
she began to protest, the futility bled from her face when i showed my authority. she nodded, the gravity of the situation was clear so i added,'i will also need the woman you called lara, i believe she is your planets chief scientist.'
i sat in the transport pod, looking through the information they had provided. the atmosphere had changed overnight as vast amounts of sulphur had leaked into the air from underground, a third of the land mass had shifted and most sea, bird and insect life was dead, there were very few animal species left, only the fire dragon seemed to find the new environment adaptable. millions of people dead, this planet was in bad shape. i'd launched several probes, and their information feeds were beginning to trickle in, data lines filled my screen. i plugged in to the energy grid around the planet and created a bio feedback loop, into the mainframe. vast amounts of information processed itself through me, my auric field filtered out the excess and essential information went into my brain and downloaded itself into the mainframe where various mystical algorithms assessed relevance. 
it took 23 seconds, suspicions confirmed, i would need lara to save this planet from extinction. i powered down and prepared for the process ahead, slipping into deep meditation i attuned my energetic body.
it took several hours to reach the labs, they were embedded deep into the cliff face overlooking the apricot sea. the facility was staffed by an earth scientist, lara and her assistant, a robot a variation of the geisha 4000. i had encountered these models many times across the galaxy, a very well designed piece of technology, hard to tell from an organic life form, save for the em-blazed logo across her forehead. the geisha offered me some comforts while lara analysed my research. 
she scratched her head and paced while i finished my tea, 'that's fine tea, thank you.'
the geisha nodded and asked if i required a bath.
lara shuffled the papers in her hands, 'this is crazy, there must be a way to stop it happening.'
'there's a margin of 0.01% error, it will depend upon you totally trusting my skills but i can't really see any other choice.'
'but i'm a scientist.'
'and i am a bio mystic, you called me remember.'
'i didn't, the ruling council did. bio mysticism is not really the domain of scientists.'
'science works for me, call it what you will, remember clarks law, any advanced science will appear like magick to a lesser developed civilisation.'
'yes, i know, i know, but it's so abstract and unproven.'
'it's proven itself many times, that's why i do what i do, it's a different language but the same thing, science and mysticism or magick. trust me.'
'but this seems a little obscene.'
'no more than letting a whole planet rot.'
'but it's sex magick, you can't be serious.' 
'well we can spend all night being pedantic or we can get down to business.'
'but this is...ridiculous.'
'no more than thinking we can alter the events with a test tube, believe me this is a form of science, it's just different from what you practise.'
'it's bloody obscene, i don't even know you.'
'lara, we don't have time, unless we preform this rite the planet will implode within 42 hours.'
'there must be something we can do.'
'there is, now take your dress off.'
'what exactly is a bio mystic anyway?'
'good question,' i started to roll a joint,'a bio mystic possesses the technology to influence the environment and alter it through mental processes and techniques akin to meditation and tantric practice.'
lara started stepping out of her dress, i passed her the joint, 'smoke this, you need to be in an altered state.'
'the data says you are a vegan right?'
'yeah i am, so.'
'that's good. it also says you detox regularly?'
'yeah i'm a health nut, what of it?'
'this is excellent, the data says you have excellent auric energy and suffer no blockage or restricted flow?'
'i don't know what that means.'
'it means we can save the planet lara.'
'how will us having tantric sex save us?'
'because the biofeedback loop will carry the information to the energy of the planet itself, it has gone into meltdown because the inhabitants are toxic, the humans who live here are like essential cells, a nervous system if you like. now imagine if all the units that make up your nervous system suddenly poisoned themselves with meat and various pharmaceuticals, toxins and things which inhibit neuro-transmission or consciousness.'
'i guess it would start to malfunction, eventually, the host could not function, hey wait a minite is this what you think happened here?'
'yeah, the population is in some sort of meltdown, hedonistic pursuits can only end badly, the shutting down of consciousness at such a pivotal point in the awakening of a planet is akin to suicide. you and i can create the connection and send an energetic impulse into the planets grid and register consciousness, it will self correct itself and sustain life again, however it may adapt somewhat so the mistake never repeats itself.'
'how will it adapt?'
'well the next generation of human children may have much higher consciousness than this one, therefore it stands a much better survival rate.'
'you mean evolution.'
'semantics baby.'
'all this talk is turning me on.'


Monday, October 17, 2011

new day, new data, new moment in flux, nothings really new is it?
in the micro second you realise it's new it's not, so being in the moment is a kind of race you can't win unless you are ahead of time. time travel requires no machinery, it's accomplished by mental technology from astral planes and various sympathetic correspondences, astrological alignments, dream yoga and some kind of tachyion flux. 
soon people will be living in the future, don't doubt me on this, i have seen it and if you think about it, i cannot be wrong. we will inhabit a period of time in advance of the period of time we are currently trapped within. we will see what is past but yet has not happened by looking back from the future. in the future we will all meet, it will get crowded with people all wanting a glimpse at their fortune, all wanting to checkmate fate. this will pose a paradox as eventually we will all be looking backwards in the future. time travel as we all know is fraught with paradox, the temporal laws are a loop, you can never really escape them but you can hack your way out, or in, but eventually they will find you and dismantle the future you are in. consequently the moment everyone inhabits the future there will be no past and the future, the one we are all in becomes the new past, from which we think we have escaped.
that has not occurred just yet. this is because there are only 8 time travellers on planet earth who are able to genuinely claim they live in a future. it may take a few decades before the general public have access to the strategies and then the training will take about twenty years. the current 8 time travellers are dispersed through the cultures of the world, they are undercover, living as someone else, you may know one. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

process must be followed, elisabeth kübler-ross developed the best map, shock, pain and guilt, anger and bargaining, depression, reflection and loneliness, acceptance. i guess these can occur in a non linear way, and i am uncertain where i am at. women have totally different ways of processing information, men take a little more time, i guess i'm somewhere in anger and acceptance with some reflection.
i can channel anger, it's redirected into something else, transmuted. i can feel the acceptance, it's a peaceful type of space, i'm not quite swimming in it because i'm disappointed although i'm not even sure if disappointment is an emotion. 
the idea of going into a courtroom does not intimidate me, the law system can be summed up in one word, OBEY. we must obey. i never really ever invested in that system so for me, i have an inner law that i subscribe to so it's not such a big deal, the idea of money is academic especially over airline tickets, if it assists a baby feel safe from alcohol and stupidity then it's cash well burnt. 
but my friend, a beautiful person at heart is lost to me and that's sadder than anything else i can think about. lost to the most misused substance on planet earth, the most dangerous toxin that can be imagined, the cause of so much suffering and grief, the fallout from intoxication is vast, almost incomprehensible. i often imagine a world where it is unavailable and attitudes to marijuana are put into perspective, or dmt. imagine people congregating to share this experience instead of alcohol in pubs, no violence, no aggression, less lies and deception, more insight, contemplation and knowing. a person on alcohol will inflict their poison upon others, that's the nature of the substance. i know this is true.
i don't know how to feel really. i don't even care about what happens to me, all i want is for that baby to feel safe and have a chance. no one's perfect, everyone fails and makes mistakes, everyone has their demons. i know this, i'm not a judge or jury, but i can't help feel a duty to care about this especially now i have seen the 'thing' that lurks behind the masks, it has no love for anything, not even itself, it only desires gratification, it is the cause of much suffering and can be fixed, healed and banished very simply but it evades under subterfuge and it's resources. spiritual warfare. i have taken a hit.
my heart is diminished slightly, my solar plexus is vital and my throat charkra seems very clear in intent, my base is aligned with the planet and there are very comprehensive communications in the higher realms. 
the only person who can repair the wound is wendy the witch, she has great power over my astral body and energy fields, i'm very receptive to her healing ways. if i had the cash i would study her technique but i have to use my own, an archaic steam punk type of methodology, powerful yet discordant, seeped in magickal and scientific theory, yet when practiced produces side effects that are concentric bubbles, each one a universe of possible outcomes and probabilities, each one needing consideration and care, like a herb garden, one cannot abandon ones creations. one can relinquish them when they are perfect or completed. one can only honour the process and be devoted to a universe that listens.   

Saturday, October 15, 2011

last night we split open the contents of my skull, it made an interesting pattern across my new table. trawling through the stuff my two companions found many different types of fragmented information, one was this.
most people are in fact battery hens, it seems like something that a man lacking compassion man would say after reading nietzsche but i read nietzsche and think he was actually a compassionate man, 
very misunderstood by many. he just saw with his eye open and had the balls to name it.
some are born to lead others, some are followers. this is not necessarily a social formula. 
so here's some advice for battery hens, it's free, unconditional even.
know thy self.
you are a battery hen
you are force fed to keep your brain function sluggish and keep away insight that reveals you to others or your higher self.
you require only physiological gratifications
you will consume until the great paradox comes full circle and you are consumed.
you are multitude, clone like zombie, with brain activity that has been enslaved by simple dopamine conditioning courtesy of pavlov.
there is no escape from your body in which you give to those that feed you.
the battery person is destined for the table of devouring, it will be consumed by other battery people and their hunger. it's a simple feedback loop. 
battery people cross all social divides and demographics, race and religion. they generally worship money thinking that it is a liberator, yet it can be an enslaver unless mental attitude is adjusted.
battery people will always blame others for their situation, therefore it is important for them to start the process of liberation by taking responsibility and acknowledging ther part in their enslavement. 
battery people require other battery people to re-enforce the fact they are not battery people, this is normal. battery people generally can't chose life because they fear loosing what they have always known therefore they are stuck in survival.
battery people keep on going until the battery runs out.

if this is you and you would like to escape you need to recognise the above first. this is most difficult as the ego will resist and trick, in fact in magickal processes the path of crossing the abyss is fraught with the ego resisting obliteration, if will throw up every defence it can think of including tricking the host that it has been defeated after all freeing criteria has been accomplished. this is very common, it's why deepak chopera and the like can never really be powerful despite their influence. so how is this achieved, a massive trauma usually works which is why people who have nervous breakdowns are prone to emergence but one requires the correct navigation through this else they are traumatised endlessly in another feedback loop. the right medicines, shamanic ones can help greatly but you will need the right shaman / woman, magickal process (my one of choice) mystical process (very popular amongst the middle classes),often people chose religious ones as this offers conformity.
most battery people never get an opportunity to be free, most don't care for that type of responsibility. 
it is only those that manage to get their heads averted from the feed tubes and the grain and manage to stretch their necks upwards at the stars, only those that wonder, who really can be freed from their condition.