Thursday, December 29, 2005

Its surf central at Mission Control. Saw Narnia yesterday with the Canberra crew. Not sure what to make of it all, except it did bring back some memories. I liked the faun but the rest of it was kind of different from my old memories of Narnia, oh well kids probably dig it, these days you don't read the book you see the movie.
Managed to explain my choc top theory to the guys who seemed hell bent to disprove it, yet once again, everyone ate their choc top before the movie started. Thank you.
Back in the surf, its huge beautiful waves, and some drama, some one had a heart attack and some one needed saving in the big surf, later a cute brazilian chick gave me a beautiful smile as she swam off to cross the pacific. Now i have started readng, The Summons. Not sure what to make of it so far. Very hard going, in a Germanic kind of way. Some books seem a chore to read some don't, this definatly has chore like qualities.
Went down to Japanese resturant to eat me some Unagi.
Hi rotation play at Mission Control is the new double cd from Kate Bush.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Weird shit happens all the time. So does that mean it’s not so weird?
The truth is stranger than fiction. Does that mean fiction writers are liars?
Major surf in the choppy rip of Newport after a hard day at work. Had to work hard to escape the clutches of an evil jelly fish that almost sucked me into its bone crushing jaws.
I did buy a new diary today, not the usual Argo one as they got wiped out in the big wave, this one is a bit more official, and looks like a diary. I have to say i never really use them, all my appointments are kept in my head, all my shifts are kind of logged in my mind somewhere, and phone numbers are all in my phone, so i figure the diary is just something to take to staff meetings to doodle in.
Well Kerry Packer died today and the old scoundrel owes me money to. Typical. It's why I am not rich.
Now some one earlier asked me about matter transportation. While I cannot refute my genius, matter transmission is a different kettle of fish from time travel, yet in many ways it is the same thing, only possibly a fish of kettles. Now time travel is something that machines cannot do for us, its totally quantum based, it requires a certain yoga and discipline and undoing of oneself. MT is similar only requires that the sequence of linear time in not disrupted. Therefore a greater amount of dexterity and skill is necessary.
Often I have found myself in two places at once; often I have found myself transported to a place with no idea why. For example i often find myself in the kitchen at night staring at the fridge door, basking in it's soft light for no apparent reason. I can often find my self in relationships wondering 'How the fuck did I get here?'
However in these cases a certain amount of time has passed thus, excluding this experience from MT to time travel.
So how can we MT?
The answer is by a combination of Remote viewing, and astral travelling. We can call this remote travelling or astral viewing or we can be really smart and give it a new term completely. Or we can just call it Matter Transmission. The procedures are well documented. I suggest this is not the answer Aline was looking for, it’s not satisfactory because our preconceptions have limited us to only one form of matter transportation, whereas in reality there are several. I mean Aircraft transport matter all the time. I guess the laws of physics require that no two elements can exist in the same space, however once you transcend the limits of Newtonian Physics, i.e. surfing the quantum, everything becomes possible. The wave and the particle can occupy the same space at the same time, and with practice travel to where ever your consciousness requires it to be. Actually if your subconscious is programmed optimally then it will influence your conscious mind and events will transpire to transport your physical body to where you desire it to be. However there are certain Magickal principles required to enable success. eg. belief disipline and a meme free mind.

Monday, December 26, 2005

It’s low key. Loki xmas. Yes low key with the autistic people, a few nice dips and a bbq, some gifts exchanged and then we crash out on the lounge in air conditioned suburban luxury, while outside in the world, good kings look out, fat men in red suits seduce children with toys made by other children in 3rd world sweat shops, family rifts swallow whole communities up, children throw toys away in disgust as its not the right colour, size or model than the one they wanted, parents search franticly for batteries, masses of alcohol is consumed by people about to drive home, tv sinks to an all time low and millions of divorced dads wonder when they will see their children again. The other stolen generation.
Ho freakin Ho.
I'm up for boxing day surf and it’s all happening out there, waves are nice gentle ones, breaking evenly, with a latent power, blue skies, the kind of perfect day after hangovers and over indulgence. Slowly the beach fills up and Professor Leary and myself escape to the only coffee shop open in Newport, the milk bar, for our post surf Hot Chocolate endorphin rush.
Oh yes, I am feeling ready for a shamanic assault into another landscape, areas of consciousness need to be explored, i have resources i need to bring back, we discuss Nexus. A derivative of dmt. Must investigate more.
Meanwhile I hightail it to meet Mike who very kindly has given me the Concert for George dvd as a gift, so i am feeling very excited about watching that. Later its another surf and this time waves are crap, choppy messy and the beach is filled with people. I head back to Mission Control to finish my book, Arkady the burnt out Russian dectective is up to his neck in Ukraniane fallout, murder mayhem, corruption and wolves eat dogs.
My dear old friend Nicole the glamourous Swizz girl I met at a Church Acoustic show in Narrabeen rang to say hi, it's really fantastic to hear from her after I have just seen the Church Acoustic (Marty and Steve) shows at Fairfield. See time is kind of cyclic. Everything is connected. Except for Jet and Powderfinger. They don't connect to anything.
And dig this!
I go to put my Concert For George dvd on and because i never watch tv I have to fiddle around with the wires and then just as i switch it to channel 2 Concert for George starts on the tv. I mean is that connections or what!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Ho Freaking Ho.
What a weird day, Zero surf, billion % humidity, aircon kool aid nightmare, alkaline test, consumer shopping mall frenzy, no car spaces left on the planet and sk twice a day. It's the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine. (except about the no surf bit)
I made a dash into glebe markets today due to a neurotic meltdown, assisted by lack of sleep and pre xmas emotional upheaval syndrome. Well what seems to have occurred is I did loose my earring somewhere and my auric field seems slightly displaced without it. So after considerable inner dialoguing with my HGA I drove into town to get a new one.
While perusing the new age bookshop (not a habit) I met a lady whom was asking the shopkeeper something. The lady said with a lot of passion, 'I am looking for something, but i don't know what it is.'
To which i replied, 'Aren’t we all.'
Interestingly later our paths crossed again but apart from a 'hello' and a smile we did but pass like ships. That’s the thing, I feel really bad because there was a moment filled with possibility, the romantic visionary in me sees that we could have at least slept together, well maybe had a coffee then, i dunno.
Later Proffessor Leary and I went down to swim in the lake which has taken over the sea, it was very post apocolyptic atmosphere, except for people smiling and wearing red and white. Couldn't get a coco for love or money as all the shops started to close.
I have been thinking a lot today about the idea of being so alone and isolated, maybe i should step into the social world a bit more and make some friends. I mean i seem to recall having some social skills, a witty reportor of stories and tales. I do recall a number of travel adventures that people enyoyed hearing about, especially the time travelling ones, they are always a biy hit with the girls.
Todays reading material comes via my Martin Crez Smiths wonderful charachter Dectective Renko Arkady as he wades through the bleakness of post Russia into Chernobal territory.
'Wolves Eat Dogs.'

Friday, December 23, 2005

Up early, no surf, flat as a pancake in a steam press. Have quick dicussion with Prof. Leary about quantic information.
Talk to dad about recent punch ups at Cronulla. We discuss the usual subjects, death, life, diets, drug companies, politics, religion, bible codes, prophets. The problem with dad though is he dosn't listen, we have the same conversation every week, he seems to think i am some sort of dissident, a counter culture radical revelutionary when in actual fact I am just a jaded spiritual warrior who has found the amswers to life and the great mysteries and they are boring. All I really want to do is play.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I am being stalked by a strange chinese girl. She has called over a few times and dragged me through supermarkets and to a BBQ down the road to meet other locals, despite my protests. In turn I managed to deflect her by saying that Proffessor Leary was really intrested in her and was looking forwards to talking to her, having spent a lot of time wandering China. Seemed to do the trick.
The BBQ was not to bad, very beer conciousness, but the guys were all well travelled which kind of made it intresting.
Following morning I am discussing the inevitable end of civilization with Evan. He's heading inland to grow veggies.
My whole take on the end is there is no escape, its really a matter of following the Books of the Dead. Make your preperations and embrace the moment. States of mind.
Later we went for dinner and further discussed the apocoylpse. I am kind of looking forwards to it in a perverse kind of way. I guess i feel like i have already lived through a few so one more will not make a difference.
Read RAWs 'Thing that Ate the Constitution.'
Nice explaination of where the US went wrong and a great Italian Interview with him at the back of the book.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Back at Mission Control. Mmm, theres a hell of a lot of junk floating around, all the paper where does it come from, it's crap. I hate it, what happened to saving paper, another myth conception. The Phone won't stop ringing, it's people from canada, chinese girls, my friend from Perth, work folks, why do they all want me at the same time, there's just not enough to go around right now, I'm tired, my aura leaking purple. Call Prof. Leary, catch waves, it's good to see some one who uses their brain, hail the big surf, find myself out in the middle of vortex central where they come thick and fast and my body proppelled along like a meat rocket. Speed.
So after a day Training for my Cert 4 the crazy lecturers finally acknowledge my previous experince and it looks like I have 2 modules to go instead of the 12 everyone else has. Very happy about that, the less time i spend doing the paperwork the better. As usual the course is a dumbed down version of the information becuase the conceptual framework is possibly to threatening for people to understand. I really find it amazing that it has to be dumbed down further but there ya go, its a dumbed down age, everything is dumbed down for dummies. Soon they will dumb down the dumbed down version.
The nice thing about today was meeting Kevin, a fellow creative soul. We spoke briefly about some sort of collaberation, a jam, stuff, i did mention i was crap at playing the old guitar, reasonable at singing and a very good song writer so he knows what he's in for.
Saw 'Good Night Good Luck' very good, they nailed the whole concept of film, really excellent political history lesson reapeating itself endlessly. We are trapped in a loop of misuse of power, madness and extreme paranoia its time for a huge evolutionary leap or the intervention of aliens, angels or god.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Another girl Another Planet. Am I the only one.
Strange dreams, Bob Dylan dead in Sydney under mysterious circumstances, investigation underway, yeilds no results. Weeks pass, mystery deepens until David Bowie flies in to Sydney and holds a press conference. In it he announces he knows what happened to Bob.
I seem to be hovering around near the front, as Bowie says, 'Dylan was killed by a Bear.'
The strange thing is in my dream i actually see the bear, in Paddington, close to were Dylans stayed. Bowie says that when he stayed in the same hotel, a bear tried to attack him, he was so shocked that he didn't report it and also he was slightly embarressed.
Later I am walking through the back streets of Paddington and see the bear.

Well i kind of made the Paddington Bear link, the Bowie Dylan one is kind of connected by, 'Song for Robert Zimmerman' on Hunky Dory.

Weird huh.

My dreams usually have prohetic moments, magickal meanings or sexual significance, they are usually quite vivid and filled with massive events, tidal waves, plane crashes etc. But this one seems a bit left field, not sure what to make of it.

Well the day was kind of null and void except for a very nice interval with Julie the action woman who came over for coffee and poppy seed cake at the German Bakery. It was nice to see her, she was looking a bit sexy and for once i was not just thinking about poppy cake. Anyways she's off mountain climbing for xmas. Blah xmas. Bah. Ho Fuckin Ho.

Picked up and read Coma, Alex Garlands new book, mmm, pretty good idea, It's a fantastic subject for a writer to explore and I really liked where it was going but it could have gone further, and darker.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Beautiful morning, four hours in perfect waves, riding the quantum foam, playing with the possibilities, way past Zen, into potentials.
Okay well I finished Pink Floyd book, slightly disappointed, expected much more, should have bought a cd instead, i feel like getting hold of 'more' or 'obscured by clouds', (i have these on vinyl but have no player) anyways now i have to read something else, mmm, maybe my Techno gnosis book.
Well I finally got some stuff in the post to Trina for round three of the printing process, it's always so hard when you gotta choose the final piece, but i go for the most striking, dramatic ones, The original image of Jake is kind of bleached out, so the version i 'm going with has that eye catching quality.
Lots of stuff to do, post offices, bills, $$$$'s to fork out, plans to make and there’s always the surf to ride. I can't for the life of me work out why my pictures can't be loaded, i have followed instructions and said various blessings, sacrificed a virgin and fasted for two days. Must have muddled my spells.
Well its evening now and theres a nice storm on the horizon, lots of loud noises and lightning, I always think of old Thor, flying through the sky with his hammer. The universe is Marvelous.
Talking about which, my fave superhero is the Silver Surfer. Sometimes i feel very similar to him. Its about time they mnade a movie about him, i hope they keep it adult and not dumb it down, its a fantastic story, and brings up the great philosophical questions that surround humanity and existance.
Well I have been waiting on some recording equipment for the last three weeks and it still has not arrived. Australia Post is a cover for the MIB, i know it is, they are all freaking aliens. Unless I am the alien, oh dear thats a bit PKD.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Raving and Drooling. Actually not much raving tonight, I've drooled all over the keyboard and I'll probably get an electric shock any minite. My day started with a check arriving in the post, yeah a big one, so I have to pay off Petrina for my Art work and maybe get another two printed up, and with the change buy some food. The cuboards are bare and Pansy is giving me the Look, cos I 've basically got him eating leftovers. Considering I only eat salads, he's looking worried at the moment.
Yeah well the plan is good in theory, lets see if I can stick to it without the universe fucking me over like it normally does when the cheques come in.
Did not get a chance to get wet today at all, maybe thats why I feel so drained. Alternativly maybe Andy calling me at 1am drunk and in full confessional mode has something to do with it. I am not sure what occurred between him and Agent Stone but it was inevitable, the man has no honour, self disipline and control. These are the foundations of any spiritual practice. Without them we are doomed.

In my strange imagination i see MWP come over for a cup of tea and I play him a song on my guitar
Its a love song about a girl who is unobtainable.

You are like a jewel amongst theives
no regard for your beauty
they steal your moments covert your truth
and they have no sense of duty
to them you are merchants tools
for capital is their gain
if money and gold are worth anything
for you i would give it away

you are like stars in the night
filling my heart with wonder
casting your magick and enchantment
love is the spell that i am under
to me you are the golden dawn
filled with the promise of becoming
if science and reason determine reality
then my reality is treason unravelling

You are like proof of intelligent design
no accidental evolution
every molcule and atom, strange and charm
put together with such perfection
to me you are Blakes eternal tyger
standing in this elegant universe
and time cannot effect your presence
a poen unwritten in reverse

Then continuing the tradition of fantasy and daydreams MWP says, ' Yeah thats great, lets record it.'
Next thing I know girls wanna marry me, my pics all over the place and I'm helping the Church write a new album. Ahhh a few moments more, yeah Steves asking if he should sing harmonies, and suggests a new base line, which works. Okay reality, thanks I really needed that momentery lapse of reason.
Speaking about, old Mr. Masons book, gets a bit freaky when he sees Syd Barret in the Abbey Rd Studios after a 7 year absence and they have a conversation about Pork Chops.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Church @ Newt town, fucking words just don't cut it, awesome event in many ways. Down in the foyer I met the sri lankan dude Rohan and his wife who had flown out just to see the show, he gave the band sarongs and i took his picture with Marty. Nice guy, a Church freak, brought all his cds with him. Anyways Marty's lady, the beautiful Tiare saved me a seat at the very front row, right in the middle. Incredible, sat next to Dish and had Various Church people come say hi. And then they came onstage, and the rest is indescribable. Steves playing on Chromium was incredible.
Anyways I could go on about it all Blog so I better not.
Mmm, here we are, Monday night and I 'm exhuasted again, for a total recluse, the last month has been a non stop social events, with regular bouts of the wet stuff. Masses of Church activity, its been paradise, my energy levels are going through the roof, sleep, who needs it, i am an hyper galactic quantum surfer now and my feet don't touch the ground, started reading Nick Masons take on the Floyd, lots of nice recording information, its maling me wanna go out and get some early floyd.
Set the controls for the Art of the son.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Set the Controls for the Art of the Sun
Wish I could upload some pictures but its just not working for me, have to make do with some words and stuff like this.......
Okay Jakob and i went to the mall, a truely awful place, a creation only the most evil minds on the planet could concieve, society gone mad witness the mall. Anyway he wanted a digital camera and who am i to stop him, encourage the arts for Christs sake. When I was his age I was making pin hole cameras, couldn't afford a digital camera, christ they were not even invented, no for me the future was microfilm. Those crazy indian lectures used to work so hard to have to convince me about Microfilm, they never knew the sci fi reading geek had seen the future, knew the truth, the rise of ibm, intell, apple, if only i had some cash to buy shares.
Anyways we had a few intresting conversations, specifically about Drug Companies, the evil empire Roche, where mum works and practices her evil experiments on innocent African babies. See the difference between us Jake, I work for peanuts with autistic folk, while she makes her millions selling her soul for the evil empire of pharmacuticals. It was a marrage doomed to fail.
Anyway the Mall is such a draining experince, my charkras were all out of whack, leaky aura, i was dying to throw myself into the ocean, which i did almost immediatly on return. No freaking surf, my quantum magick failed to manifest anything like a wave so i went out to dinner with Mike, read the final stage of Judas Unchained, ahhh gripping stuff, these are the space soap operas updated for the Plutonium Age of Sci Fi. Hard science, plenty of sex, aliens and weird shit combined with a great litery style that keeps the reader guessing, alert and demands concentration. This is no easy escape fiction, for holidays and the beach, this is the stuff that keeps us awake, focused and our imaginations healthy. We live in strange times where the dumbing down takes place on such a large scale, we can't even really concieve it.
The only thing to do in such circumstances it take a shit load of drugs, mushrooms, lsd, dmt or practise some form of undoing yourself via RAW or Hyatts methods. Most people can't cope with these becuase at the end of the day, they don't want the responsibility.
I think Rock and Roll is dead now. Record companies, drug companies and oil industries, evil stuff. Be warned.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

What does it all meme?
Two days of non stop surfing and i've almost grown gills, my communication has evolved to a few high pitch clicks and squeeks, which sounds remarkably similar to my communication after a bottle of absenthe, however i like the surfing clarity, it comes with a healthy althletic look, lungs and hearts optimised and an all round darkening of my already dark skin which is great when I go to places like 'Fairfield' becuase no one hassles me at all. Not that I go to Fairfield unless the Church are playing.
Well in the water i have been experimenting with my quantum theories, firstly its amazing how much time is spent, looking and reading the waves trying to find the best place to surf. My theory is the shortest route is always the best. Once in the water, catch a few little waves and enter the quantum state, partical and wave, in this head space, one should be able to manifest other waves. Using the principles of gnosis, one then accumulates pyschic energy to charge the 'thought' in this case a perfect wave, catch the waves as they come and build upon the energy whislt in the quantum state, then discharge it into the ocean, and wait for a return. The energy can be stored in the aura, discharged visualizationally.I will have to work on refining this but generally the idea is to manifest the wave you want. So far results are really excellent but its a difficult thing to quantify under scientific research conditions. However I am not a scientist so its not really my problem, i just want a good wave.
Usually the principle of manifestation things works becuase I have no attachment to outcomes. Plus following the principles of Magick, one can't really go wrong, unless one goes wrong. Anyways I zipped in to the city to meet Georgie one of the hetro girls from Jaq's party, we had a look at Glebe books, grabbed a coffee next door and then i suddenly became overwhelmed by the desire to eat a green papya salad. We wandered up and down looking in cafes resturants and asking bemused waiters and waitresses but to no avail. One nice place called, The something Monkey' actually said they would love to make me one but have no papya's. So using my quantum magick i manifested one up the rd at the greengrocers/ fruit shop and took it back for them to make me a beautiful Green Papya Salad. (the papya matched my shirt colours almost perfectly)
Well Georgie happens to be lovely, really nice lady and enjoyable company, she even saw the Church play at the Annandale once. Anyways, one day she may call and we can do some thing intresting again, else I totally freaked her out with my strange obsessions.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Slight technical difficulties with uploading todays pic, so its just some words strewn together this morning. These days I seem to require only 4-5 hours sleep, quality over quantity, deep lanquid dreams of obsucre landscapes and ambient melodies, girls with flowers in their hair, unicorns and dolphins, pan skipping through the flora and fauna, the smell of opium, all softcore eroticism and sensual, with a touch of David Hamilton soft focus. Very Femme. Mmmm shame i only need those few hours really.
Okay long chat with mum, shes so hardcore, i recall my youth writing letters to political prisoners, going on marches and demonstrations, greenham common, amnesty, greenpeace when i should have been pursuing nilistic adolecent angst like all the rest of my East London peers. Yeah that crazy lady made me read the newspapers and watch the news, filling my head with some sort of idealistic cynisism. Hope, only at the expense of your youth. Thank God for 1977, for Patti Smith, XTC, Iggy and Bowie. Anyways its always intresting chatting with me mum, hearing the family news, i sometimes forget i have a family, usually its just me and the dog with occassional visits from Jake, my sun. (Who would be pictured above were Uploads working 100%)
Unvailed my new project '5 Mins.'
It's looking good, but you know the problem is always selling my stuff, it's not every ones cup of coco leaves. Anyway, we will see next March. I wanna ask special K if he will preform at the opening, also if i can use his music as well as a backdrop. Maybe then I will give him a draft of the script and beg him to write the music with his team. I often fantasize about that.
Well the world's still spinning, the tides are in flow, the moons made of cheese and i just don't know....

face 2 face

I heard through a mutual aquaintance
well a stranger to me perhaps
he seemed to be respectable
when he offered me a drink for a chat
he spoke as if he knew you
well quite intimatly i suspect
everytime he whispered your name
he puased for breath to catch

and we spoke of your beauty
and all the things you had done
i laughed at some memories
that had surfaced from my oblivion
and then he grabbed me, penetrating my being
i saw the tears in his eye
there was something familiar
something i could not recognise

and his words were words, i vaugly recall
perhaps from a dream
and the situation seemed like deja vu
things were not what they seemed
and when i looked right into his face
the truth hit me like a boxewrs blow
it was a mirror of time between us
but it was a face i would come to know

face 2 face
facing the past and the future
face 2 face
facing the flow
all that time that passed
i can't escape times arrow

Friday, December 02, 2005

Yeah thats the place that Jesus walked across. Believe it or not I tried but gravity got the better of me. Besides its quicker to drive and less chance of getting shot at.
Well my art work turned up, looking good and I 'm excited about getting it exhibited at sometime in the new year. Managed to get a surf in this morning, oh man the waves are huge and choppy, it was messy, could have ended in tears but my flippers and fin saved the day.

Things I like about the surf, is it always makes me focus on important things like breathing, which way is up, are my shorts still with me. Catching waves is the only time I ever get to be a particle and a wave at the same time, thus in quantum terms I am in essense at one with the nature of the universe, which is sexy man, it turns me on.

I have been thinking about Icarus today, he flew close to the sun, but you know what, at least he tried. So set the controls for the art of the sun, lets go. But first tonight is a very special event.
The Church play @Newtown and if you are reading this and like me enjoy messing with the cosmos, trancending space time and dipping into alternative realities then stop reading this and get down there asap.

I'm a crazy fool most of the time, as i head towards twilight, i am loosing my hearing as well as my mind, theres strange hairs in my ear, i feel a general grumpyness when ever some one says anything about Christmas and have to battle with my soul.
Yeah Arjuna had an easy time, he never had to deal with my strange life or my ex- girlfriend.

And.....since we are talking about walking on water, if there is one person on the planet i think could do it it's Mr. Steve Kilby who tonight just freaking touched the face of Bliss, there is nothing better than the show I just witnessed, it was so good I can't even talk about it.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Still a bit dazed, hazed, phazed and slipping and sliding out of different realities, where's that fucking wormhole anyways, i left it with my keys.
Well, yesterday i returned to fbi to get to see my fave people on the planet and was even invited to sit in and listen to the interveiw with Steve and Tim, does it get much better, yes it does becuase the special K, then outta the blue, asked if i could drop him home.
Man i would have driven to stokholm and back for you.
Anyways Mission accomplished straight to work for a night with my favorite autistic people though by morning i was feeling jaded, but nothing the surf could't fix. Oh how i love my new handboard and my flippers, and how fucking healing and wonderous is that wet stuff.
Well all charkras alighned and ready for action I did a little more work on the script, messed around with some images, by the way hope you like the pics, all my own work, mmm, constantly forgetting to eat, even Timothy Leary mentioned i was looking trim, or did I hallucinate that. Took the great dog Pan for a long walk, he's getting pretty good with the frisbee these days.
Tommorrow is the 1st Church gig and I'm pretty fucking excited.
Halfway through Judas Unchained, it's getting even better. Still listening to '2 Beasts' Iona Blues seems to have me in it's trance, it's been in my car for two weeks now and although the simple minds boxed set arrived today, its got a longevity that may last a while.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ah man, I am still pretty wiped out, my strange herbs and spices are keeping me ticking though. I have been reading the second part of Peter Hamiltons Commonwealth Saga, Judas Unchained. It was so long a wait beteen 1st and 2nd volumes that i had to re read the 1st one just to familiarise myself with the charachters.
I was supposed to recieve some artwork back from my amazing stylist today but she said shes going to mail it now, i noticed some thing i wanna change in it, its a small thing but its really annoying me. I drove past the asian supermarket and stocked up on Basil seed and honey drink, my fave liquid addiction.
As far as addictions go I perscribe to the RAW and Dr. Hyatt veiw that you really have to keep the body guessing, every thing that becomes a habit, break. Having said that there are things I am addicted to so heres the Top 10 in no particular order.

books (good ones)
the church (including solo stuff and side projects)
spirillina and seaweed (the perfect diet)
catching waves (the only time when i am both partical and wave, god bless the hand fin)
basil honey drink
french girls
creating (stories poems songs photo's paintings etc)
dmt (although this is not addictive at all, i love the place it takes me)
french girls and
did i mention the church

I was listening to 'Back with two Beasts' again, its pretty brilliant, gotta say, The Church don't ever disappoint me. What a brilliant band. They are the band that will write the soundtrack to my film.
There is no other band that can do it.
I recall meeting Peter Knoppes one day a few years back in Glebe and I said 'Man how come you guys don't write film soundtracks?'
He asked me what film would be suitable for their music and i really couldn't think of one on the spot. For about a couple of years i always had that mulling over in my head and then one day i decided i would just write one myself. Anyway its currently a work in progress but its looking pretty good.
Well I have neglected Pan, and he's giving me the look. Time to walk the dog. Here's something, maybe something Kabbalic, who knows these things?

city in the soul

we're on a road to the west
been driving for a while
past this great expansion
my how time flies by
some music on the airwaves
some drugs to ease this pain
the city is a creul mistress
that i will never see again

we are on a road to the east
uncharted territory
i never seen such things before
my how time has ceased
some connections run deep
under the surface they lie
i never felt so free
under these stars tonight

stopped in this place called nowhere
found some shelter in a storm
embraced the city in my soul
think i found my home
no structures to confine me
no shadow except my own
the simple uncomplicated breathing
the blood the breathe the bone

i found a city in my soul

Sunday, November 27, 2005

In the beginning i created a heaven, here it is, my world. I'd put an another earth in here, a few stars, some friendly animals and take the rest of the week off but thats all been done before and look at the mess we're in so i'll opt for simplicity. Anyways heres a song i wrote today, for a girl i know who says she suffers violent mood swings and has mpd, yeah sounds like most girls i know but this one takes epilum to balence her moods and says its the best thing that ever happened to her, Anyways she says she loves me but i think its the drugs talking, besides i never met her, shes my first internet girlfriend.
Instincts/ Intuition seems to scream. I think i'll invest in relationships based around pheremones like the good old days.

they say the stars are
made of jewels
they say the earth is
eclipsed by the moon
they say that love
is the game for fools
they say the mind
is enslaved by its moods

and i bring you liberty
i bring you a moment of peace
when all the lights go down
and my work is done

they say her whisper is sweeter
than the sirens song
they say her kiss is like the
taste of opium
they say she comes in both
a wave and a partical
they say her essence is non local

and i bring you liberty
i bring you a moment of peace
when all the lights go down
and my work is done

I'm slightly jaded from last nights party at Jaqs 40th. Agent Stone, aka Lulu and I enjoyed the attension, being a recluse these days it was the first time i had even socialized with anyone, bar the inner circle, for at least a year, i'd forgotten how much fun i can have in a room filled with lesbians. Just as I was leaving Jaq's funky girlfriend grabs me and says, 'Come on I'll introduce you to the straight girls' and led me to the garden where I watched an elecrical storm over sydney with three glamorous photography students. Coincidence, me , being a photograher of sorts. Anyways it was nice talking with the girls, watching the skies, wondering where the stars went.
While everyone was getting pissed on dumb drugs Lulu ended up taking me home. She looked pretty in her wig. I need to sleep now, big day surfing ahead, gotta finish some art work, work on my script and find a wormhole for my time machine