Friday, December 02, 2005

Yeah thats the place that Jesus walked across. Believe it or not I tried but gravity got the better of me. Besides its quicker to drive and less chance of getting shot at.
Well my art work turned up, looking good and I 'm excited about getting it exhibited at sometime in the new year. Managed to get a surf in this morning, oh man the waves are huge and choppy, it was messy, could have ended in tears but my flippers and fin saved the day.

Things I like about the surf, is it always makes me focus on important things like breathing, which way is up, are my shorts still with me. Catching waves is the only time I ever get to be a particle and a wave at the same time, thus in quantum terms I am in essense at one with the nature of the universe, which is sexy man, it turns me on.

I have been thinking about Icarus today, he flew close to the sun, but you know what, at least he tried. So set the controls for the art of the sun, lets go. But first tonight is a very special event.
The Church play @Newtown and if you are reading this and like me enjoy messing with the cosmos, trancending space time and dipping into alternative realities then stop reading this and get down there asap.

I'm a crazy fool most of the time, as i head towards twilight, i am loosing my hearing as well as my mind, theres strange hairs in my ear, i feel a general grumpyness when ever some one says anything about Christmas and have to battle with my soul.
Yeah Arjuna had an easy time, he never had to deal with my strange life or my ex- girlfriend.

And.....since we are talking about walking on water, if there is one person on the planet i think could do it it's Mr. Steve Kilby who tonight just freaking touched the face of Bliss, there is nothing better than the show I just witnessed, it was so good I can't even talk about it.

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