Saturday, December 24, 2005

Ho Freaking Ho.
What a weird day, Zero surf, billion % humidity, aircon kool aid nightmare, alkaline test, consumer shopping mall frenzy, no car spaces left on the planet and sk twice a day. It's the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine. (except about the no surf bit)
I made a dash into glebe markets today due to a neurotic meltdown, assisted by lack of sleep and pre xmas emotional upheaval syndrome. Well what seems to have occurred is I did loose my earring somewhere and my auric field seems slightly displaced without it. So after considerable inner dialoguing with my HGA I drove into town to get a new one.
While perusing the new age bookshop (not a habit) I met a lady whom was asking the shopkeeper something. The lady said with a lot of passion, 'I am looking for something, but i don't know what it is.'
To which i replied, 'Aren’t we all.'
Interestingly later our paths crossed again but apart from a 'hello' and a smile we did but pass like ships. That’s the thing, I feel really bad because there was a moment filled with possibility, the romantic visionary in me sees that we could have at least slept together, well maybe had a coffee then, i dunno.
Later Proffessor Leary and I went down to swim in the lake which has taken over the sea, it was very post apocolyptic atmosphere, except for people smiling and wearing red and white. Couldn't get a coco for love or money as all the shops started to close.
I have been thinking a lot today about the idea of being so alone and isolated, maybe i should step into the social world a bit more and make some friends. I mean i seem to recall having some social skills, a witty reportor of stories and tales. I do recall a number of travel adventures that people enyoyed hearing about, especially the time travelling ones, they are always a biy hit with the girls.
Todays reading material comes via my Martin Crez Smiths wonderful charachter Dectective Renko Arkady as he wades through the bleakness of post Russia into Chernobal territory.
'Wolves Eat Dogs.'

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