Friday, August 31, 2012

what a strange day, i get stopped in the street by a greens candidate, she's spruking votes outside a supermarket, she must have thought i'd be a sympathetic supporter of the alternative party, instead i blasted her with a tirade of anger, it just exploded from me, as i informed her about their twisted manipulative use of the environment to swindle us all into debt, their relentless anti semitism, their lack of love for any democratic principles, their global agenda, the wasted money on harebrained schemes thought up by visionless do gooders, androids and zombies, how their stupid stubborn policies have resulted in deaths at sea all because they could not accept john howard was actually correct, yeah it's not easy to say or write it, but it's the truth. i gave it to her good. and then i pop in for a quick tea with agent stone and she asks me some simple question about some stupid thing and i blast her in a rage against the greens, yeah call me unfashionable and right wing if you like but i'm not stupid and don't like being treated as if i am, poor agent stone, i have to apologise as i leave and then finally in the bookshop where i meet a very lovely canadian lady whom i am strangely attracted to despite the fact she's probably just far to young for me, i blast her about the olympics and how wasteful it is, what a distraction from real issues and how australia is beguiled by sporty things as opposed to the arts. we start talking about my travels through canada and my adventures with various canadian girls, 'they are like elves, popping up in my life, here and there, naughty little elves causing mayhem,' to which she replies, 'i was a store elf once, during one christmas,' to which i reply, 'well there you go, they can say about me, he never wrote his book, directed his film, made his mark on culture but he was undeniably king of the elves.'
at which point the beautiful elf girl and i started laughing, how utterly ridiculous my day has been.
reading the harrowing and amazing account of steve martin's confession as he descends into opium addiction, extremely well written, filled pathos, quite harrowing and in parts very funny. he started of as an antique dealer specialising in opium paraphernalia but crosses the line and begins using. so far i'm hooked to the words as he describes withdrawals from his dreaming states where the dreams were real to him, as he returns to his putrid room where he attempts to cold turkey and reconciles it may kill him.

anyway don't waste time, go read it, the writing style is excellent and i know you will be pulled into the nightmare of this modern narrative on the powers of a plant and how it can ensnare the user and keep them in it's clutches with its offers of narcotic temptation and sublimation. not a plant to play with. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

the cosmetic surgeon tore into flesh, he hacked away while smoking a cigar and listening to the libretto 'merlin,' making a large hole within the chest of the subject, plus there were a few strange lone incisions along the arms, legs and face. his dwarf assistants were sewing the wounds, attempting to keep up with the doctor standing on crates of tinctures and concoctions ready for shipping. he was in full flow now, dancing around the room, always returning to his canvass, he wielded his scalpel in time with the odd piano section and then he took a gulp of laudanum wiping away the excess with the back of his hand. 
'catch up you two, no dilly dallying now, keep up keep up.'
the dwarfs looked harassed but they dared not suggest anything, they had already seen a number of their colleges sent to the tower where the goblins lived. they heard the screams for days and nights, terrible echoes of some unimaginable torture, it sent a cold fever into their blood, and they knew that the doctor was so far over the edge, there was no second guessing his compulsive nature so wisely they kept their heads down and stitched.
the body was an amalgamation of various beasts and a human, the head was some sort of lion type jungle cat with bright green eyes, he was pronounced dead recently but his brain had been transplanted with that of a freshly deceased dolphin, there was a huge scar across the top of the head, and the stitching was an uneven sew, a line that followed the curvature of the head in a strange wobbly ovel. the doctor had attached gills to the upper torso, four pairs of slits above the lungs moved rhythmically in and out, the legs of the beast were mans, but his heart had been transplanted with that of a grizzly bear and the arms were gorilla's, of course shaved they looked almost human but slightly disproportionate to the rest of the body, he had made several modifications to the whole internal genetic structures, and bones, the tiny assistants could not really understand what had happened because it was all beyond them, plus they dared not ask any provocative questions. 
the doctor rubbed his hands together, he stood back and admired the body, 'my work, ha ha, my body of work,' he chuckled, 'it's ready for the electric room.'
he nodded his head and the dwarfs all grabbed the sides of the table and lifted the brakes off, then they rolled it over to a large room annexed to the operating theatre. in stark contrast the electric room had no modern equipment, there were no computers or holographic displays, just a big clock like mechanism, some pulleys and chains. 
'okay ha ha, hoist the body up and open the roof up.'
it took moments for the dwarfs to work out who would be doing what, but they did allocate their tasks well, being a healthy though petrified team.
the pulling on the hoist was tricky, as the six of them pulled the seventh opened the shutter exposing the dark night and the huge clouds that rolled by, rain fell down and not to far off thunder roared.
the doctor pulled now, and slowly the platform on which the body lay started to rise. 
'come on, come on, up you go my beauty, up you go to the heavens, ha ha, yes the spark of god must reanimate you.' 
lightning struck the conductor and the whole platform lit up a bright blue momentarily, the metal shook and the chains rattled. the dwarfs hid in the corners of the room, and then after another strike they lowered the platform, gently down it came. the doctor closed up the hatch, they were all standing in a small pool of water when the platform returned, the body still lay there lifeless. 
the doctor threw the half filled bottle at the wall, 'curses!' he declared and walked away muttering instructions to clean up.
the dwarfs begun to get out mops and buckets, they needed to sterilise the whole room, wash away the blood, the discarded bits of flesh.
they had been working for three days and nights with no rest, all exhausted and delirious, filled with terror so when the beast opened it's eyes it did take a little while for them to register fear, but by then it was to late, the beast had risen and dispatched all the dwarfs to the next life, tearing them apart like bits of bread, blood everywhere and tiny organs and limbs hanging from the chains and pulleys.
the beast made a clicking sound, it staggered over to the operating room, sniffing the air, picking up traces of its maker, it followed the trail.
the doctor was off course in a deep sleep, dreaming of creating strange new beasts, combinations of different animals mixed up with humans, he wanted to experiment with insects and gene splice insect dna with human, he had already done preliminary experiments but could not get the spark of life correct, the electricity that runs through all living things. he figured it came from the same source as lightening, perhaps the lightening was not enough, he would have to think about amplification. in his mind he had constructed a human wasp creature, it was capable of flying at great speeds and had beautiful yellow and black markings, and perhaps he could attach some sort of sting to it, maybe upon its head like a unicorns horn.
it was at this point he began to hear the clicking. opening his eyes he could make out the huge head, the whiskers and ears were not human, the clicking, was dolphin. he leapt out but found himself thrown against the wall. the beast came up to him fast, it moved quicker than he imagined, showing no signs of trauma, no signs of sluggishness, the eyes burned with intelligence but something else, anger.
it clicked at him, on hand wrapped around his throat, it clicked.
the doctor flayed his arms around, he started frothing at the mouth and gasping, the room started to loose detail, his eyes slid shut and then he found himself being lifted and carried.
back inside the operating room the creature laid the surgeon down, it begun to strap the doctor onto the table with it's big hands, it took a while to adjust the straps and make the doctor secure and the doctor would not stop babbling, the beast grabbed a scalpel and grabbed the doctors tongue, slicing as much of it off as possible, blood spurted across the room. when the beast was done the doctor was a mess. a mass of wriggling flesh, without form, bones broken and exposed, organs all working but exposed, in trauma, the beast looked upon his work. it was time to work upon the brain of the doctor.
it drilled a hole exposing the brain matter, and attached electrodes, the creature was not sure what would happen, it was just following a sequence it had observed while laying upon the bench, it felt no pain but knew the doctor would, it was motivated by revenge, a simple impulse that filled his body. there were no others, no desire for food or water, no requirements to continue life, just to exact revenge. then its purpose would be complete and it would die.
it flipped the machine on and the doctors eyes opened wide.
he had left his body, he could see the events being played out as he hovered above, gazing down at the scene. it was like theatre, actors, he smiled but it was no smile, he didn't have a face, he was just like a ghost. he looked at his body, it was a bloody horrible sight, repulsive. the whole room was blood soaked, he laughed again, not laughing but it felt like he was. the thing he had created was standing over his body, as he floated above the thing he had made, it was surreal but he could not inhabit his body, it was dead, dying, distorted beyond form, he would fade soon, pass from existence unless...he started descending down, he was filled with the horror of the inevitable, as he looked down upon the pile of flesh, his own body, his old body.
the new one was pain, it was a batch of nerves and neurones firing strangely passionate impulses of revenge and satisfaction, it was primitive and awkward, it moved fast though through the doors and along corridors, his mind thought articulate thoughts but they translated through the expressions of  clicking sounds, and his legs where aching from supporting his weight. he reached for the laudanum and took a big swig, 'there's work to be done,' he muttered as he manipulated a pair of electronic tweezers towards a incapacitated wasp. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

i really enjoy these moment's where you just sit and generate ideas, they just pour out of you like the sun casts light, wow, that sounds very daoist, i guess, that's the singularity, find out what you love doing and do that, eight division sky place that's what i chose to believe. 
it was always writing for me, maybe i should write a book, i feel ready to tell a story or two. 


the other source of frustration is the lack of simpleness and reasonableness in the political construction, it's a really simple idea, everyone gets a say, but it appears the planet at the moment is dominated by fear and sometimes when i plug in to a newspaper that's what i get from the experience, it's the mind killer and that's the truth. its everywhere, fear of women fear of men, fear of a purple planet, fear of a television, fear of an invasion, fear othe the other, fear of the ex- lover, fear of you fear of me, fear of love.
that's the thing, not enough love, you gotta just fight that inner demon or tiny glitch in your make up and transcend it, let it go and just love that beauty, the trees, the sunset, pans garden. it's enchanting, isn't it, i love what i get from it, how replenishing it all is, sex and love amongst the flowers. why make everything so complex?
the arms of love, i get that now, moments like these are like coming back to a simple pure feeling of love.

note to self: unplug from the matrix

in the wars between ideologies a development occurs, it's subtle enough to slip through the radar of most commentators, but for me it's quite a large death bell tome, it rings through the fragile cracks in the structures of this invisible kingdom, the veiled shroud of false reality, it's the one where the population of the whole planet has been hoodwinked because they have been caught up in the duality illusion of the political spectrum. the signs are there, in fact the enemies put it in plain sight, amongst all the other conspiracy theories, even now israel is the enemy, even now it's the four dancing israelis, not the slightest attention to the thousands of dancing islamo- fascists, no attention to the fact iran is a fucking religious dictatorship that has rejected all communication with the west in regards to it's nuclear capacity while at the same time repeating it's will, it's fundamental commitment to destroy israel and bring around the islamic apocalypse. these crazy nut jobs are just as mad as the extreme christian element who want armageddon and the so called american jewish settlers who inhabit land they should not, all share the same fantasy, as does the new age lunatics who talk about ascension after some cataclysmic event, although this is highly likely to be man made than natural. don't confuse me with the new age buddy, i'm old age, all down the line.
anyway's while this drama is played out amongst facebook and you tube the real enemy, the industrialists, the war machine and the banking industry have pulled the wool right over your eyes, they have used the number one weapon, the eternal one that embodies evil, it's the one weapon that works because of a glitch in our own ability to critically analysis evidence. they take the one thing that evolutionary biology has given all creatures and turned it against ourselves in a very clever but sinister way. fear is the weapon. the seeds were sown after the fall of communism, the club of rome, the united nations, they all play a part in the deconstruction of human freedom but they have taken an interesting approach, distracting us with clusterfucks at a local and non local level, then bringing a uniting fear, the environment.
the battle ground is earth, as nations are destroyed, identity diminished, they start from a global point, the ice is melting and at a local one as well, as councils become more controlling, more rules more regulations, laws passed that actually squash freedom for a greater good, the environment, it's the environment dummy!
meanwhile the environment is still plundered, super tankers that cannot discriminate between fish and dolphin kill indiscriminately in australian waters for europian appetites, what happened to all the europian fish man, oh they are all depleted, oh, well lets use australian waters, fuck, fuck fuck! 
this applies to all rain forests and wilderness areas, they are still being decimated, predominately for green products, especially corn and soy beans. genetic engineering creeps in, the mix is now convoluted you think, being a rational, global, well intentioned individual, it's all good, i do my bit, but your bit through the complex web of inter relationships within globalisation is actually equating to rape and pillaging although of course it was never your intention. 
so while all this shit is going down the one thing that these evil fools want to fundamentally change is the financial system of the planet.
why, let me tell you. because the idiots who run our governments have spent more money than they have, everywhere. they are so far in debt they will never get out and so as a solution they decided, being all wise and wonderfully benevolent to print more money without the means to support it. in the old days they actually had the gold bullion deposited in vaults and a pound equaled a pound of gold, cash was symbolic. now the world is flooded with money and products but they are worthless as the bank vaults are empty. so the solution is to change the banking system, get rid of money while tightening the control of people everywhere. how, through the worlds energy grid.
australia just joined europe in carbon trading commerce, this is the next phase of the green movement and their moronic followers, who think they are acting out of benevolence to nature and the environment. all they are doing is enslaving us all, because energy credits will become the new currency for everything and who controls it, the same people that control money. the greens have dug australias grave, maybe out of some weird misplaced ideology but it's very sad day really, and twenty years from now all energy will be monitored and controlled in far more scrutiny than cash ever was, all your movements will be known, every single thing you do, attached to the energy grid, every where your electric car goes, it's all known to the same people that ruined money, idiots who crave power, and the greens just hand it over. dummies!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

complexity, that's the situation we are in, a knot of tangled sting we should attempt to unravel, everything is polarised, politics, religion, communities, countries as we spiral towards some thing like a dead end. the way out is simple, untangle ourselves now, remove the memes that don't serve us, remove memes that control us, remove hate for the other, it has to be done, somewhere down the human condition some one has to start, it may as well be you. i have explored all things, religion, spirituality, mysticism, magick, love, believe, history, time and space, the mind, the body, sex and death, i have investigated and reached a conclusion. 
the human mind cannot even begin to comprehend existence for it is limited biologically in function so it had a boundary. but in the universe's wisdom we are created with the ability to transcend boundaries, we can do this through various processes, shamanic, spiritual discipline or trauma but the fact is what we do when we get there. 
i say create!
just make art, make love, create in what is known as devotion, devotion to whatever you wish, animals, your man or woman, children, life itself, the planet, the universe as an intelligent thing sustaining us, the stars, the elves and pixies, whatever!
the rest is easy, jesus nailed it in one simple statement that is the most powerful meme ever, because it is the statement that personifies all known truths 'love your enemy.'
there within those three words lay everything.
imagine that, imagine the strength and discipline in that, imagine the liberation, how free you must be to embrace that concept, it's the ultimate. 
i can't quite do this, although i'm close, it's something i attempt to work at along with krishna's, 'they are already dead' concept, application of these ideas is much harder than intellectual appreciation. 
that's why the only war worth fighting is the one within, the one that we wage with our base nature, the one we must apply energy and will to win. for humanity, each individual must defeat their hate, their fear, which is nothing more than their ego, it's a wonderfully simple and elegant dance. it's all we have to do to make the world better for life. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

the weekend is almost gone, i've been everywhere this weekend, from a short drive into newtown to see a friend who needed a friend and then i hang out with pansy for a while, then i go to the markets, (tim i thought of you my friend, our sojourns through the markets as you spoke to everyone about their products, digging that reality, especially the meat people who came across to me as being far to happy, one being a girl who smiled at me and threw her arms up in joy and i tell you old friend just for a moment i was conflicted, anyway's i miss you tim), there was a train journey to the mountains for a special xmas in july feast extravagance with my friend lilly the mermaid, i told a group of girls i'd never met before my internet horror dating story and heard a better one, and i must say, i enjoyed everyone at that event, our hosts neil and janet need a special mention here as they are magnificent. neil a brilliant painter and janet a magickian amongst the kitchens.
i wandered into neils studio looking for some one smoking a spliff but it looked as though i'd just missed the bongs when i wandered in and saw neil and his buddy sitting in front of a magnificent landscape neil had painted, he's getting energy of places, he's very good. and janet who is unfreaking believeable, i've known janet since our children were born, i met her in pre natal classes, can ya believe it, she and lilly and i are all connected up, it's kinda like a tribe. the space is good, it's nurturing and free and fucking funny, filled with good people, i met a chap with no teeth whom was a plant man, he was a genius and is running for the council, he will win, the guy grows things and knows his stuff, he's was like a wild man, big wild man beard, eyes all excitable and filled with fire and water, i liked that way he just always seemed to watch nature, learn from nature, yeah that's a really good way to spend your life, i reckon, although i am the first to admit i'd be terrible, it may actually be the best thing a man can do. imagine growing plants and trees, my friend evan does that, he's just got everything now, perfect, i am really happy for him, he has a future as a dad, what a great journey that is. it's filled with hope and evan said to me, hope is what i need. 
he's probably right, i'm lacking in hope but with my time machine mind i can regain it, and i did, because the weekend was spent with my friends, one of whom explained to me, hope is a christian term, the greeks never had it, they saw it as a weakness, which is interesting as greece succumbed to christ's message.
evan and i skim the usual topics, we enjoy a chat with a beautiful english waitress whom has a autistic streak and sees numbers as colours, she's a kate moss double only much more sexier, and she reads me like a book as she glimpses my lsd mind.
i head home for some book time, reading a large chunk of iain banks, 'the hydrogen sonata' and then watch a dvd called stargate universe which although reluctant to watch actually captivated me by getting better and better and more complex and clever, i noticed one of the consultants was john scalzi who writes a damm fine novel himself. the themes stargate universe explores are brilliant especially the episode on the alien bug that attaches itself to the crew and causes hallucinations based around emotional responses, but also the clever characterisations, the concept of the communication stones, the stargate drive itself and the idea of their space craft built by ancients who created the star gates, the destiny has, a destiny.
this was a whole lot better than the other star gate spin offs, written for adults, and with a class actor like robert carlyle, you can't really fail.
finally i speak to my dad, i miss him heaps, i wanna see him soon, maybe go visit london, see jake, a trip to my friends tez and jean in brighton, i'd like to see everyone, somethings changed in me, i feel more positive about the negative. it's not hope, but it's close, at least it's not despair, that's something i rather not have to deal with.
the weather has been perfect, very warm, sunshine, like a spring, that would have played a huge role in my emotional state, being a seasonal affected disorder sufferer, i'm relatively quite positive at the moment. i would have liked to go and see sk dj down at kx but i just found myself feeling slightly exhausted and in need of a long sleep.

Monday, August 20, 2012

this one's dedicated to tez and the jean jeanie..

i picked up the distress call while i was in a cryogenic sleep, dreaming of erotic nebulas and sexy galaxies where i would retire. it was a reoccurring dream play, i had programmed the ships computer to include lot's of sex, drugs, rock and roll and a happy ending, which i was looking forwards to but unfortunately the distress beacon interrupted my adventure before the happy ending.

i downloaded the information into my wetware, it happened in a micro second, between blinks, this new wetware was very efficient, i think it was venusian technology, those folks out there had cornered the market in human a.i. interfacing, although i'd only been hooked up for two years, it was still early days. 
there had been a number of horror stories with the first versions, space mythology i guess, tales of wetware over-riding the organic functionality, minds at war, conflict meltdown where the human just froze in inaction. tales where wetware had caused the mind to self implode due to a battle against the ego's, stories of people who started to change their personalities as the a.i. persona took hold, but i guess like any transplant there were difficulties on the frontier. 
incidentally a few months after the technology became available they found a piece of code that a spiritual terrorist had planted within the wetware program, it was a time bomb of self consciousness that lay dormant until the organic mind was in a state of confusion and doubt, then it would activate along the central nervous system and the really battle of the self would begin. a group called the krishna avatars claimed responsibility, but there were rumours and conspiracies that it was a secret cabal of kabbalists. fortunately i had the anti virus software patch the veniusians offered as compensation, plus an all expenses trip to the pleasure domes of anteries 7.
pretty cool, i was actually on my way there as the offer expired at the end of the year, looking forwards to a few months of r and r in dome 8 aka the palace of eros.

the distress was coming from a human outpost on a small desert planet the boffins on earth had named ZET9. it had a breathable atmosphere and hosted a group of inter galactic researchers who were attempting to save the indigenous species from the perils of global warming by fitting methane inhibitors into their stomachs, it looked as if things had gone pear shaped. 

i kitted myself up, grabbed a couple of bananas, my zap gun and smoked a joint. 
i didn't have to smoke it of course but i am a traditionalist. 
the pod made a complex landing on the surface, i'd used the orbital approach method, swinging down skimming across the gravitational pull, kinda like gliding and then piercing the atmosphere at a weak point, my pod had capacity to do this automatically since i was bad at mathematics but i'd forgotten to switch the auto land signal active, so i did the best i could, trigonometry and logarithmic values bounced of the insides of my brain like a ping pong ball in frictionless space cube, in the end i just entered some random numbers, birthdays that sprang to mind, it was not a perfect landing.
i watched from the pod as 3 clouds of dust rose from the landers, a lovely plume of red rose up and obscured my view. after it settled i stepped out onto the crunchy surface and followed the beacon towards the source. it's always good practice to land a few meters away from the beacon, no telling what kind of carnage will meet you and the disguise danger may take. i seemed to have brought the craft down upon the tops of a mountain range, slightly further than necessary but gazing down i could see a mass of black blob shapes moving rapidly towards a lone figure, who was running away. i gave chase immediately, clambering down the side of the rock. 
i checked the charge on my zap gun, it was the middle of the day, the lunar charge was full thankfully. i slid the function across from kill to stun, no point in unnecessary death, it's against my principles and the universal code. 
i ran as fast as i could, the suit automatically activated it's cooling functions, inevitably by the time i reached the ground the distance between the strange hunters and the hunted was small. she was no longer running, in fact she just stood there screaming. i could tell it was a she by her figure and the pitch of her voice, it pierced the silence and made the strange black blobs emit a grunting and groaning noise that sounded like an elephant being squeezed through a key hole, i started zapping them as they approached her. they looked at me stunned, quite literally, those bright eyes lighting up in surprise.

she was dressed in a short skirt and not much else, she was screaming so loudly i wanted to zap her as well but i figured i would just play the heroic space adventurer and whisk her away to safety. 
i passed a few of the beasts, they were slithering along the ground on flippers, just like seals, well more like walruses, just like walrus only with teeth that belonged in a shark or a fanger. 
(i'd seen fangers up close on their home world and believe me, they are one of gods creations you don't want to ever encounter.)
those teeth could rip flesh apart without even trying, they were razor sharp and preposterously long, like swords or sabres. 
the woman was quite beautiful, but far to loud, for a moment it sounded like she was saying, 'quicksand' but i couldn't really hear her clearly, it could have been 'quiet lamb'. 
the beasts were spreading out now, encircling her. i zapped a few to teach the others who was in charge, these dumb brutes were pack animals, i know the score and at the same moment wrapped my arm around the girl, she felt good, warm and soft and smelt really nice, however she was indeed shrieking, 'quicksand.'
it wasn't quicksand, it was very freaking fastsand and alivesand, it travelled up our legs and it took a long blast from the zap gun before it retreated. 
the vampire seal blobs kept their distance as we walked back to the ship.
her name was esmerelda, she was a research scientist working on the methane project, she had been attacked by the 'jawers' that was her name for them, her team dead and she the sole survivor, she thanked me for the rescue and requested i drop her off at 91011, a moon off minxsuperior the smaller planet of a dyson twin in quadrant 12. it was ridiculously out of my way, 
'how about i drop you off at the nearest federation station, there's one a few light years away?'
we were cleaning ourselves up inside the pod, i was staring at her legs,man, those legs were really fine legs, the best i'd seen in a long long time. 
i'd put the zap gun down upon the bench and as i swung around to pass her a cool coconut drink she had it, pointed at my head, 'how about i just kill you, take your ship and leave your corpse for the dumb jawers.'
my jaw dropped, this wasn't part of the plan. then things began to chunk into place, i cross referenced with the a.i. who had reached the same conclusion.
it wasn't her that had set of the distress beacon, it was the jawers, she was the danger, i'd just rescued the wrong entity, damm her perfect breasts and shapely body, damm my ignorance and base charkra.
i gritted my teeth in a twisted angry way, my head nodding as it dawned upon me.
'you killed them didn't you?'
'oh yeah and quite creatively as well i may add.'
'why? they were good peaceful scientists, just trying to save the planet.'
'i'm a green skirt revolutionary, you may have heard about us.'
the green skirts were radical, feminist environmentalists who believed that humans should not alter or interfere with nature. they were a terrorist organisation under the cover of a respectable political force, like the ira or the anonymous rabbit group, they had a political branch and a military branch, which like all military branches caused havoc where ever they went. 
the zap gun was pointed at my chest, she didn't know that it was configured to my dna, she couldn't use it.
my thoughts went to the poor jawers, they must be in a state of shock after my botched rescue.
i felt slightly embarrassed. 
'well what now, esmerelda?'
'you will fly me to minxsuperior now, and then i may let you live.'
'what if i say no?'
she held the zap gun closer, to me. 'i shoot you or perhaps i'll leave you down there with the jawers, you saw their fangs?'
'yeah, yeah i did.'
'well captain, let's go, minxsuperior, i don't want to waste time.'
i grabbed the zap gun from her, it was easy, one swift movement, the kung fu arc of a black belt 21st dan, she would not have even seen the movement, unless she had augmented vision it would have appeared as though she held the gun and then i did. that's how the procedure ran in my mind however i was quite surprised that she did have however she had augmented vision, saw it coming and leapt back, she fired the trigger but instead of the zapping me the gun sent an moon powered current into her body, she was stunned. fortunatley it was not set to kill.
with her hands tied and a gag in her mouth i walked her back to the jawers, they encircled me, a little frightened.
'i am sorry jawers, i truly am, i made a mistake for which i can only ask your forgiveness. in return i offer you your enemy, do what you will with her.'
the jawers all exchanged grunts and made gaseous noises, the smell was awful, they let me pass.
from the lander i watched them tear her to shreds, eaten by the nature she tried to protect, it seemed natural and fitting. 
i turned away when it became to messy and lit up the rest of my joint, 'anteries 7, pleasure dome 8, here we come.'

the curse of the yoga of the west is it is caught up in it's own splendid ego and power trip, yoga is of the mind, the body is a small fraction of it, but of course in the superficial west the mind is attached to ego, it's a banal thing really but a point i wish to make due to my interactions with the so called 'spiritual yoga teachers' i encounter along the path. while they have beautiful bodies, compared to my own declining vessel, they are poisoned with the fifth circuit trap that ac, wilson and leary speak about.
it's well known in the eastern disciplines but now people can more or less buy diplomas or do a short course over the net at the down town yoga factory they can assert their spiritual supremacy like a badly wielded sword. because i don't overtly give much about myself away (except in here) i'm prone to come across this type quite a lot, avalon is filled with them, that's why the beautiful little village turned into babylon, unfortunately sydney has gone this way, but it is ultimately of little consequence. i'm just writing about it, having a bitch.
in destructing the ego one is left in shock, it usually happens by accident, in spiritual tradition it's dismantled by process which is why it takes many years maybe a lifetime or seven, either way the ego becomes a costume. a construct, you can undress it or dismantle it at will, and that is real deal.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

yesterday i hung with my crew, it kinda just happened to pan out like that, evan and gravy, and when i got back to mission control i skype with two other very special friends in the uk, tez and jean, fuck i can't wait to see you both. it was great talking with you, tez has done something really lovely, he's trawled the blog and compiled some strange science fiction pulp stuff i've written and is going to edit and put it together in some sort of book. he designed a cover which is perfect, i love you guys. seeing that cover sent me out of a low into a huge high, my mental state is perfect now, i'm back, ready for my mission. 
let there be light.
i also received an e mail from my very good friend in the japanese kingdoms which was very heartfelt, ed i love you man, i'm so happy you are living your dream. everything feels good, conditions are perfecto, cosmic cause and effect with applied intelligence, our aim is true, comrades, let it go, all of it, surrender and set the controls for the heart of the sun.

Friday, August 17, 2012

it's been a long time between visits but i cram two very good friends into a lovely day, evan and gravy. evan whom i have not seen for a long while, he's now a dad and spends a lot of time working sleeping and being a dad, i know what its like so i lay low, give him space to get into the rhythm which i think he's done.
visiting evan is wonderful, we sit in his lovely arm chairs and i feel like holmes or watson,discussing a case. the case is always the same, the terminal autopsy of the human species. i understand how it must be for evan, we both see mans folly clearly but when you have a baby you gotta believe. 
believe me, that never changes, i have a son who's a man, i still want him to be safe and sound, but the reality of things creeps in like the mists of avalon, the glamour encroaches and you can run hide or change it, and t change it you have to acknowledge it's there. 
i spill my guts on my 'gita' paradox, how the last three months i spent wrestling with krishna's comment about arjuna's enemies, who are his own family. 
'but i can't kill them, they are my family.'
'they are already dead.' 
krishna nails it, the awful truth, i mean how do you reconcile your buddha nature with that?
i tell evan about how i been pondering this, explaining how i come to understand it, via gravy who explained it to me in terms of consciousness.'
it's a cosmic approach, i mean do your duty keeps you earth bound but killing, can that ever be a duty?
i don't feel right about that, i love jesus who said, 'forgive em father for they know not what they do.'
i mean love your enemies, how powerful is that!
but compassion must have limits, mine does. eventually people repeat their mistakes or they stop, you can still have compassion for your enemy and maybe that's just me getting caught in semantics.
so watson and i discuss these philosophical dimensions but off course and i forget to leave the gift i brought his son, jesus, i just ramble on drinking our herbal teas. 
we talk a little about the book review in the paper, my first i think. i wish it could have been longer, the review looks at existence by david brin, i'm the dude for dymocks who reviews some of the science fiction although i read anything. anyway, evan and i are talking about russian brides dot com, a site that seems to have stolen a few men we know, all lured by the exotic eastern europian beauty of the single temptress. my name is captain mission and ukraine girls was tougher than smack, but i quit eventually thanks to my good friend err...(insert a good friends name.)
i go onwards to gravy whom i have not seen in a long long time, 'years,' i say. 
gravy and i are like comfortable shoes today, we just bounce of one another, i'm in the zone today, things are very fluid, if only everyday was like this. but there is something different about today, it's warm.
the temperature is wonderful, it must be the warmest day we have had for...years, well a while.
so the warmth has a strange effect over me, an influence like the moon upon people, it makes me feel relaxed. i an feel the tension leave me through the day, it's lovely. garvy and i have a sneaky spilff, his brother is visiting and we go down the road for a cup of tea and a muffin. 
the weather has changed, southernly blows in, i decide to get back to mission control, a storm is coming.
we depart, i jump into my car when i notice evan's son's present sitting there, what an idiot!
home i go, get stuck into the hydrogen sonata, until lights fade and i'm wondering where the day went.
time for grace jones chill out vibe.

vibrations are becoming higher, frequency changing, can you feel it? 
i can.

jah is great.

see how it flows, come together, there is no separation, no left or right, these things are but wisps of smoke we attempt to hold.

allipa manchari came to me, he got some wise voodoo mojo, he dance and sing and do obscure south american things with his magick mambo, no time for fear, jump right down that rabbit whole, it's all good, 'allipa, my amigo, been long time.'
'but i always been there wit you papa mission.'
'yeah i know man' i say, as i fall down the psychedelic infinity, a billion hot tongues sticking out the face of the jungle, the hues of some fever tropical vision, the shaman in me knows it's just a welcoming committee. some sort of flying saucer spins by and a three headed blue beast akin to a sea horse serpent floats past my feet, it's beautiful and i can see a supreme intelligence with all six eyes.
meanwhile allipa laughing, moving in and out of the strange bright vivid dream. serpents hide in trees, everything is alive. 
i remember something, that's why earth is special, that's why i love this place, life is sacred, all life. that's the code we lost, value we obliterated in the mess, it's buried under the blood of species and whales bones. i transgressed but i have learnt. 'forgive me allipa,' i whisper in a tremor that escapes my lips, i know so little, i just think i know a lot. 
'allipa loves you captain mission, now dance to the rhythm and warm dem bones.'
chii-ka 'pop' hannam, born in the ruins of nuclear fallout zone four on the japanese coastal dead zone, far outside the ruined city and old power plant of fukashima. at the very same time the earth shook from a massive quake a few thousand miles away in the russian wastelands sending ripples through the economy of the world markets. 
three wise witches started their journey following neptune, they brought chii-ka 'pop' hannam gifts, the holy mantra of liberation from illusion, the rainbow whip of enslavement over males and the wings of desirability, she would grow into a cruel leader of men, her super powers notorious, nations would go to war over her and empires crumble and fall and she will reign with iron will and ruthless justice but peace and growth will occur at an unprecedented state, japan will rise from the ashes, and give birth to the new earth network in the golden age.
chii ka pop hannam your captain welcomes you.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


5 Herbs that Can Strengthen Your Immune System

It‘s helpful to know more about simple herbs that can boost the immune system and protect against infections and disease. These five herbs can strengthen the immune system and relieve simple ailments.
1.     Garlic is an easy to use herb because it can be bought easily and can be consumed raw, either chewed or crushed. Garlic has been found to boost the activity of all other antioxidants in the body and has been used for years as an antibiotic.
2.     Cat’s claw comes from a plant in Central and South America that contains alkaloids that increase the ability of white blood cells to fight off pathogens.  It is also an adaptogenic immune regulator and can either strengthen or dampen the immune system, based on its current needs.   Cat’s claw has been known to flush irritants out of the digestive system and relive pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis.
3.     Clove is typically used as a topical analgesic on gums for pain caused by toothaches.  It can also act as an antifungal, antibiotic and antiviral.  Clove oils protect the blood and tissues by boosting the immune system
4.     Oregano is the most potent essential oil and can combat a wide variety of pathogens that attack the immune system.  It is especially strong at fighting off yeast infections, including Candida.
5.     Elderberry is an important herb to have available for colds and flus and is known to be more effective and less expensive than regular pharmaceuticals.  It contains certain antioxidants, called flavonoids, that stimulate the immune system. Elderberry has also been found to have an anti-inflammatory effect.
dawn finds me driving down the highway into the rising sun, my god, the sky is electric, clouds burst with a red violent blood saturation, it's amazing, it won't last, the sun will rise and the colour bleed out, vast blue will flood the horizons. i can see home, the beach sprawl out before me, the colour of a rich cobalt. i'm listening to something new, a cd called the garage sutra from steve kilbey, its home made but maintains a high quality. it's a treasure trove really with all those imperfections the man can just pull these songs out of a hat. i guess when you reach this level of artistic genius you can produce magnificence because it's just inherent, it's a side effect, garage sutra is a bunch of songs that may not technically sound perfect but in essence are really perfect, if that makes sense. i guess it's like picasso's sketchpad, i mean that's where the seeds of genius lay right?
anyway imagine, me driving with this amazing scene passing before me listening to steve singing about the garden of eden, fuck, what more can you ask for. i've always said life is imperfect but we are blessed with perfect moments, tiny little windows where we get to feel some sort of bliss. for me these usually occur in some sort of natural splendour, a sunrise, sunset, some sort of ocean scene, a set of waves or a array of stars on a clear night. but there's usually always a soundtrack, and it's always the sound of the church or steve, although when i was younger it was bowie or simple minds. anyway's this morning it's a perfect drive, what a great cd this is, garage sutra, get a copy if you can, enjoy the words, recline into the music, it's all home made, hundred percent natural and it's a good antidote for the sorrow.
an alien race, from another galaxy would probably observe us first, it would keep contact down to a minimum, maybe a handful of earth people would sight something,abductions, i don't know, it's possible, however the alien race would observe us.
they will eventually make some sort of contact, i imagine the best way to engage with us is through the internet, blogging. think about it, perfect way to begin an expression of it's thoughts, perfect way to have a small percentage of humans read it, follow it perhaps. maybe it would give itself an identity, captain mission, a time being, approaching parvonis mons by balloon, the list is endless, the alien blogger would write a few posts and gradually gain a handful of followers, this would grow and eventually there would be a community. the community would generally accept the alien nature of the blogger, some may question it, but there are plenty of people who would accept on faith the writer is alien. now the alien can engage with humans, get a human perspective, learn about us and ask direct questions about us, observation is the first stage, engagement the second and then contact.
imagine how it would play out, imagine the conversations, the types of people who would follow the blog, a diverse collection from around the world. perhaps you are part of that group. 
perhaps the alien will pretend to be human, the first few years would be spent just fishing for people, a diverse group, the writing would be different, strange experiences, creative, bizarre, perhaps silly, but within it there may be clues, and gradually as the years pass, some other kind of messages, maybe eventually full disclosure, and then after the revelation some kind of event outside the net. first contact. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

started reading the new culture novel from iain banks, he's been writing science fiction for 25 years now, and i still remember reading the first culture novel 'consider pleabeas' all those years ago. i've always enjoyed bank's work starting with 'the wasp factory' and was quite impressed when he dived into science fiction and created the world of the culture.
it's a well thought out, impressive universe, and the special circumstances stories are brilliant. i like his invention and humour, 'the hydrogen sonata' starts with banks, trademark conversations between two ships, both different races, it's brilliant, dark and hilarious and i've turning the pages with gusto. the novels in the series are all stand alone and i think if your new this may be the good place to start, or maybe alternatively read them all chronologically.
his non culture science fiction is hard going and slightly dry, if you're up for a challenge 'the algerbraist' or 'feersum endjinn' are stand alone books outside the culture series that are seriously demanding but the culture novels are a fantastic introduction into a classic science fiction universe that combines imagination with plot. 
banks is a very good writer, he alternates between one science fiction novel and then will publish a conventional novel, i'd really recommend some of those as well particularly, 'complicity' and 'dead air'.


come to the conclusion
living a delusion
can't fight the evolution
here is my solution
you have to let it go
between a hard place and a rock
you have to push past
to defeat the block

instant entropy
a soft catastrophe 
loosing my belief
drowning in pity and grief
you have to break on through
and don't ever stop
inertia is an enemy
you must defeat the block

the observer and observed
particle and wave form
the block is a door 
that lays between 
the elemental state of being
to hold and let it go
the block is a window
that lays between
the artist's gestation
and the final creation

don't let the block 
don't let it 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

really enjoying the sounds and words from this cd at the moment, it seems to be great driving music for my late night journey's with such beautiful haunting music and steve's words luring you under his spell, almost poetic lyrics, stories that are translucent and ambiguous, i think they appeal to my neptune like influence at the  moment. there's some lush piano sounds sporadically through the cd and some mighty bass which i think is an upright double bass, plus the atmospherics which make it more than just a regular cd, it's almost like a seance, messages from another realm, information leaking through some strange conduit. uneasy in parts, but always beautiful.

Friday, August 10, 2012

at the hotel incognito you can't really check in, there are no rooms available, there are plenty of doors but no mirrors. the guests occupy the same space but never actually see one another, perception filters secretly hidden into the architecture. 
you find yourself sitting on a bed smoking a joint and waiting for something to happen, content that nothing is, it's an old hardwired anxiety, some reptilian reflex.
next to the bedroom is a small paperback, it looks worn and well read and you wipe away the dust the title is revealed, it's the 'apocalypse codex' written by the mysterious time traveller captain mission. 
you flick through the pages, it's a very random book so you find yourself opening it at a random point and are confronted with the following.

'all quantum realities fold in upon themselves in the singularity, the end and the beginning are the same point, the duality that we use to navigate this level of reality will no longer apply, instead we will use out hearts, aligned with intuition only.'

i threw the book across the room, i'd heard all that mumbo jumbo before, in another life, fucking mission, what does he know. a black cat appears, it's trapped in the room with you, it's actually not there but you have seen it so now it exists, sits down next to you and you run your fingers along it's soft luxurious fur. it purrs until it falls asleep. or is it dead?
nervously some sort of anxiety flickers within, you nudge it and it jumps away only to return back to sleep. you lay there watching the cat. like time lapse photography it decomposes, it starts real slow but speeds up, fur just falls away, bits of flesh start peeling away and you get glimpses of it's skeleton, the cat begins to rot until it's a tiny skeleton. you've leapt up in horror, the taste of bile in your mouth, what the fuck you think. 
look for a way out, an escape, how did you get here, why here, in this place, you can't remember, everything comes out of nowhere, things that fall apart form again, the cat begins to recompose, layers of muscle grow over exposed organs, and fur, white fur, it's white, a white cat. 
who is doing this, something has to be responsible, some kind of intelligence, there must be some one watching, a wave of paranoia, or is that some spiritual awakening, you look up but only see the ceiling and a lightbulb, a thing like this can drive you crazy, it can drive you mad.
terror recedes, the cat licks its paws, it stretches and jumps away disappearing. 
you scramble over, pick up that book and start reading. 

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

pineal gland envokes, it shoots through the skin, protruding out like an insect antenna. it begins to sense another dimension, the spectrum of forever.
here infinity awaits unclustered and expansive, tomorrow the edge of time halts. here the beings are spectral light wave born, transcendence and illumination.
i wandered the plains of wave form, a fractal pattern within a fractal universe. there infinity was always within reach, my pineal gland stretched into it and all reductionist illusion receded. 
the math was complex, my brain still found difficulty with the basic equations but i understood the process.
i avoided other life forms although the were part of me, such separation kept me alert and focused upon the darkness of the light. 
other sensational realms existed, my flesh transmitted erotic impulses my tactile features read deep within the inherent structures, complex algorithmic pulse.
all the internal organs bleed light, i was filled with holes, pouring some wavelength i never saw but only felt. dreams evaded sleep, they escaped into portals that caused reality.

Monday, August 06, 2012

it's true a certain peace has arrived, i'm so glad to have this moment, a contemplative stillness. 
brilliant blue skies and a warmth like spring flows through the day, even the ocean waves look perfect and inviting, if it was not for the current high shark sightings i'd be down there. but here i am, just contently sliding into obscurity, it's better this way.
i feel happy and relatively content, my son is travelling through turkey, i gave him the code word to become highly respected amongst the turkish people, it's something i learnt in west berlin, i lived in the turkish section, which now apparently is very trendy, and in the nefarious opium dens i met a few turkish people who confided the word to me. it's come in handy when i've used it, it's got me out of a few tight spots and it seems fitting to pass it on to my son.

it came as a flash of blinding white light, and then a face, her face, laughing like a child, she was throwing snow at me, it was making her double over and giggle. i kept falling over, i was standing on ice, 'not fair' i shouted as she laughed. it was pre soft apocalypse, we were in a place called canada, on holiday, jesus it was our honeymoon, i remembered. we had gone out walking and come across the lake where everyone was skating, i was showing off and she stood there throwing snowballs at me. in the background the city stood and i watched the sunlight blaze through the towers, the glass just burnt orange and there in the foreground she stood with that light, it made her skin shine. and then in the tide of knowing i came back to the strange room with the memory man and elektra. she was smiling at me, it had worked.
'i remember your name, it was alice, you were alice.'
she laughed, 'i can't recall being alice.'

later we drank some sweet tea and ate some kind of cake the ishmael had brought for us. ishmael smoked a pipe with some strange smelling tobacco, i liked the smell and tried some, it made me light headed.
'what are you studying, all these maps and charts ishmael?'
'i have spent my life studying these charts, from the library in rome, under the ground, you probably never even heard about it but it's a legendary place amongst schoolers. i study the stars and the cycles of the universe, this universe, ancient knowledge buried deep within lost civilisations, structures, myth, religion and symbols.'
'yeah but why study this...history.'
'because we need to understand the future, we need to know what happened in the soft apocalypse and why. i have to know the answer,' his eyes pleaded with mine, 'what caused it, don't you want to know?'
'maybe i'm not supposed to know, maybe it is what it is, that's why i can't recall the old life, can you?'
'it was chaotic, lots of unrest, the west was on a knife edge, countries that were clearly defined seemed to break down, the power structures were all collapsing due to greed and the dependancy on finite resources, people put value on false things, idolatry, fame, glamour and money. we were lost, a species that needed reigning in.'
'i don't remember, was it that bad?'
elektra flicked through a book of drawings. she smiled at me listening.
the memory man nodded his head, 'yes, it was the ending of a cycle, we were at a transition, you see the universe is cyclic, it follows patterns. there have been many civilisations, some have possessed very powerful technology but never enough to understand itself. that was the realm of the native peoples who left clues for us, they build temples that show the way, structures that represent movements of the heavens, i think i understand it now, as we shift each transition phase heralds a new kind of evolution, a distinct change in consciousness. live evolves.'
'i've heard that theory, i'm familiar with it. it's part of the mayan understanding, the calendar.'
'it's beyond mayan but yes, i can show you something, do you have time?'
'they will be after us, they know i have not carried out my assignment and they probably know why. we don't have much time.'
the old man was fidgeting with some sort of head gear, it was a helmet linked up to some sort of wide ultra band cable, there were two visors that he brought down over my face, the first was a deep blue the second black, no light seemed to penetrate. 
i began to relax, my breathing felt strange, exaggerated, i couldn't hear any sounds but felt my chest rise and lower. suddenly a display lit up, a star chart, superimposed with pyramid looking statistical display, the star chart seemed to be rotating and then one by one the levels of the pyramid filled with text, starting with the creation of this universe and each level up showed a shorter block with a new level of consciousness, and each level had a title and each title had a date and when we came to the current year i could see the title was 'universal consciousness'  with each level the star map seemed to swirl around us, showing the movement of the universe, it was changing and influencing the steps, each full cycle seemed to match the levels beginning, and i could see star charts within star charts, i zoomed in on a local one, and there was our solar system, planets coming out of alignment. the soft apocalypse had been an event, part of a process. i understood, but still had heaps of questions. i could see that the period of the soft apocalypse was shorted that the previous periods apocalypse, which was the second world war according to the information. then there was a new set of information, it was called 8 division sky place. there was an arrow that intersected the other intersections, it appeared stuck as it came out from between my eyes right into the centre of the other lines, intersecting all the calenders, where they met a golden heart emblem seemed to radiate. that was eight division sky place. the scene went blank, i slipped the helm,et off my head, 'what was that?' 
'that,' the memory man whispered, 'is all this,' he waved around the room, 'it's everything, all research, it's the answer.'
'what's eight division sky place, where is it?'
the old man gave me a wry look sipped his tea and muttered something under his breath, and then a burst of blood exploded over his chest. i was sure i could smell strawberries.
elektra ran at me, dragging me down low, she had a weapon in her hand and was firing out of the window, the noise was overwhelming, every sound suddenly exaggerated itself, even visually i could make out details that would normally be lost, elektra's hair follicles, the grim look of determination, the way her lips glowed, the smell of the coffee, the strange heat that filled the room. she dragged me outside and we ran down the steps we had climbed jumping over the crumpled mass of bodies, some seemed dazed and other lay still. when we got to the courtyard we clambered over the wall and ran towards the market place where we could loose ourselves in the maze of streets and crowds. 
'it's the JIN, we're being hunted.'
'we can't keep running, sooner or later we have to make a stand.'
'we need to lay low, think out a strategy.' 
'what was that strawberry smell?'
'it's the post apocalypse shift, the bullets change, they are non lethal.'
'strawberries, some one has a sense of humour.'
a group of men gathered by a huge wall, they were making a loud noise and the flow of the people seemed to drag towards the cacophony. we walked away from the commotion, elektra looked worried, 'things are changing, the bullets are strawberries, and look at that,' she pointed at the guards who stood by the checkpoint near the american section, one by one their uniforms changed into, sergeant peppers uniforms, the guns and pistols changed to flowers, 'it's all speeding up, there's no way of knowing what will happen.'
'we should find this place, 8 division place.'
'maybe it's in the sky.'
'it's beginning to sound familiar, the more i hear it the more i recognise something about it, from the past, from before.'
'was it a place you knew.'
suddenly the mobile phones started falling from the skies, it was raining mobiles, each one ringing. i picked one up, 'music.'
setting it to the speaker option we heard the strange music, 'fear is the mind killer, love the liberator.'
around us the city began to crumble, towers seemed to change shape, angles became curved, walls started to adjust their tone and texture, the narrow cobble stone street became grass and wild flowers started popping up everywhere, some people screamed in panic, others stood around looking bemused and confused. 
elektra seemed to suddenly morph into a bird, a huge great big macaw, her feathers were a deep blue and purple but her eyes were the same pale eyes, reflecting me, my feathers a regal purple. 
we flew high above the city, we soared and glided along the thermals that took us higher and higher until the landscape below us transformed from a densely populated city into an old growth rainforest, there were some buildings left untouched, but covered with vines and creepers, teeming with life, there were no humans left, lots of insects, birds and small furry creatures, all quietly adjusting to a new life. 
soon things passed from my mind, the past passed, for both of us, all we knew was one another. peace had come, the kingdom of heaven on earth, thy will be done.
we flew north, following an instinctive pull, we knew no pain, no sorrow, we knew nothing save for our love and the need to live fully and joyfully, we were together and that was all that mattered and we were part of something grand we didn't need to understand, a creation so vast and magnificent and loving, so infinitely  complex all names and labels are wasted in attempts to capture it, so we sang and made music, and the universe listened.