Sunday, November 25, 2018

slow train coming, station to station, somebody might wave back, downtown train, train in vain, man so many train songs i like. anyway i'm on the train, in newtown, in the city on a mission. there's a redfern moment and a strathfield opportunity as all lines converge. it's a short mission, a simple one and i must be back at base quickly and without anyone noticing. 

morning surf is magnificent, crystal waves structures healing architecture, my body vibrates with the energy, my fin somewhat battered these days, worn and frayed, but still very effective. it's a colder current, it's vital, i can pick up deep aquatic vibrations and depths own dark  and ancient intelligence.

afternoon sun is perfect, sinking into the horizon, the ground gives way to tomorrow. i catch the last rays of ancient sunlight, the promise of the future revealed. my blood is processed, white and red corpuscles, plasma tide, energetic pulse a micro lightening as energy comes under strict control and alters, i guide it, shape it, move through turbulence and bring it down to perfect sets and beautiful patterns.

night brings clarity, her nocturnal army marches my way, it's wonderful to surrender sometimes to something more powerful than myself, more determined and when we meet in an erotic explosion i wonder if light really travels fast, how did darkness get there first? 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

i got burned, taken for a ride by someone i trusted. it really cuts but i have to let it go, there are so many actions i could take and i think about but i don't need the karmic complications so i just hope somewhere in the girls head she understands the disappointment i feel. it's just more deception than i like around me. i like people who are true or at least fake it well. 
anyways head down, work harder, let go, move forwards. i'm good at it.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

bright future looms, the karma police have arrived and one by one my enemies are being dealt their justice. don't look in the eye of the gorgon, it's stare will freeze you where you stand. the beast has many eyes, snake head blues stone cold killer. it's a beast with a proven history, it's only slain by those with eyes wide open and shut, look away, avert thy gaze, for the blind will see the truth will set you free. my tip to gorgon killers is wear dark shades and use the third eye.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

i start a new chapter at work, a new boss, finally someone i respect. i'm burnt out, thinking about leaving, offers rolling in, but i'm hanging in there, not really sure why and now the tide is shifting. 
i finished reading a novel yesterday, the main character is a young teenager, he witnesses something terrible and it effects him for the rest of his life. later he is haunted by pictures of stick figures drawn in chalk. it's a mystery and as we read each chapter reveals something. but the ending is far to dramatic for me, the twist is intense but just not english enough to match the plot, it's more american. however, in the final chapter we discover something about the main character that even he does not know. i liked that. that was the english bit. 
usually i prefer american writers.
they build a house next door to me, that means lots of machinery diggers, sawing and noise. no privacy. i wake early and return at dusk, there are tree trunks everywhere. it looks obscene, a crime against nature. i hate the slow destruction, incrementally humans eat nature. one day it will turn upon them. 
i sigh and watch with heavy heart and great sadness the death of the trees i have grown to love. 
doors are opening and closing, it's life's little moments, sliding doors, choices, alternative universes. i slid into one and it's opposite appears. i think the glass is half full but discover it empty. 
a call from out of the blue, bad news travels fast, head seems to throb like vast energies about to explode. i listen for a while to the voice at the end, a girl i know. she's droning on and i loose my temper. i wake up in the shopping market, a bottle of coconut water in my hands. i'm dealing with intrusion. it's spilling into my illusions. she's squawking about a psychopath we know. many years ago he hunted me down but i escaped, only to find he had joined forces with other psychopaths. 
they had the power and they sucked up into their dark energies all my powers, left me weak and vulnerable  one thing i have learnt is when you come across a psychopath in life, leave them alone. so i did. i left them all and now she's come back to remind me.
'but he's a psychopath' she wails.
'yeah i know. you had your chance but you were all cowards.'
'we are all scared of him,'
'that's what psychopaths do.' 
i end the conversation, i'm upset and need a drink. that glass was half full i think, now it's fucking empty. 

Friday, November 02, 2018

awake early and head down to the ocean where i see the surf conditions are excellent and take advantage, straight in. big waves to, but these are sexy and treat me kindly, oh my god, this is amazing, i'm almost a dolphin. sometimes i ride the fall of the wave, sometimes the crest, i'm all over it, in tune with neptune and back where i belong. my fin is looking beaten and worn, i notice the strap is frayed and there are some chips on the edge, maybe it's time to pick up a new one.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

those floating islands, sometimes zones of thoughts, 
private climates, instinctive homes 
to the creatures in exotic forests 
and all the peoples who are alone
you penetrate further deeper, you move down that line like a cool river
weaving it's way through jungle heat. 
all the creatures look your way, all eyes gaze, 
jungle cacophony tears itself silent and a satellite looks down at this exotic moment. frozen now.
frozen time, you walk through the crowds, shopping malls, schools, high streets and traffic, you see it all in-between the blink, freeze frame.
you could steal an ice cream, money, a car. you could walk into a bank and fill your case with cash no one would ever know. even nature has stopped, if you look carefully you can see a raindrop exploding but that's details and you are not here for the details. 
in through the glass eyes of strangers, travelling around corners and curves, you don't hesitate. locked on, to what you want, what you need what your going for. 
uncertain smile, unguarded moment.