Friday, December 16, 2005

Beautiful morning, four hours in perfect waves, riding the quantum foam, playing with the possibilities, way past Zen, into potentials.
Okay well I finished Pink Floyd book, slightly disappointed, expected much more, should have bought a cd instead, i feel like getting hold of 'more' or 'obscured by clouds', (i have these on vinyl but have no player) anyways now i have to read something else, mmm, maybe my Techno gnosis book.
Well I finally got some stuff in the post to Trina for round three of the printing process, it's always so hard when you gotta choose the final piece, but i go for the most striking, dramatic ones, The original image of Jake is kind of bleached out, so the version i 'm going with has that eye catching quality.
Lots of stuff to do, post offices, bills, $$$$'s to fork out, plans to make and there’s always the surf to ride. I can't for the life of me work out why my pictures can't be loaded, i have followed instructions and said various blessings, sacrificed a virgin and fasted for two days. Must have muddled my spells.
Well its evening now and theres a nice storm on the horizon, lots of loud noises and lightning, I always think of old Thor, flying through the sky with his hammer. The universe is Marvelous.
Talking about which, my fave superhero is the Silver Surfer. Sometimes i feel very similar to him. Its about time they mnade a movie about him, i hope they keep it adult and not dumb it down, its a fantastic story, and brings up the great philosophical questions that surround humanity and existance.
Well I have been waiting on some recording equipment for the last three weeks and it still has not arrived. Australia Post is a cover for the MIB, i know it is, they are all freaking aliens. Unless I am the alien, oh dear thats a bit PKD.

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