Monday, May 05, 2008

telektonon - the perfection of time.

my galactic signature using the mayan calander is...

kin 131 - magnetic monkey

i unify in order to play
attracting illusion
i seal the process of magic
with the magnetic tone of purpose
i am guided by my own power - doubled

support - magnetic star - serves to nurture, encourage & be in harmony with magnetic monkeys path.
influence : midnight to sunrise
guide - magnetic monkey - serves to give direction, it is always the same colour as magnetic monkey.
influence : sunrise to midday
challenge - magnetic dragon - is the shadow and polarity of magnetic monkey which challenges in order to strengthen.
influence : midday to sunset
hidden - cosmic dog - is the unseen energy that keys into the spiritual path of magnetic monkey.
influence : sunset to midnight

1 comment:

Lian said...

Thanks captain misson.

I like the whole introduction of youself, "... i'm a conduit for beauty i'm rich but not in material."