Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i was watching a documentary on tv about the chinese control of the internet, they were explaining how a lot of internet sites, google and yahoo are in league with the chinese authorities and censoring content, but worse also dobbing in anyone that posts any thing controversial on their sites. a young journalist was sent to jail for 10 years after being tracked down because yahoo gave the govt his details.
The not so great Fire Wall of China.

I'm reading some magazines my friend Larrisa gave me, they are called, WHAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT and despite the cheesy title are fantastic, plenty of grunge to actually make them very interesting. I really enjoyed some of the topics and the mature and realistic way they were discussed.

I'm also halfway through 2012 which is heading into an interesting direction, it's much more complex than 'Head' but not as intersesting as i think Pinchbeck is grabbing all the 'weird fringe stuff' he can find and throwing it into the mix. But there's also a very personal element to the book, and i'm enjoying some of the more scientific elements. Particularly the crop circle bit. On closer inspection these blades of grass have been fused from the inside out. There is no technology that exists that can do this.

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Anonymous said...

captain, you forget to mention that this very blogspot is censored in mainland china.

those who restrict your access to information are not your friends.