Saturday, May 25, 2019

hey ho, off we go, a massive day / night writing and reading various works, my eyes have gone square shaped and although i managed two hours of uninterrupted sleep i worked through the night like a naughty possum, inspiration, spliff and mineral water fuelling me. mission impossible as i attempt some completion and rewrites but my mojo's fading fast as the sun came up. 
it was good to get some contact with my old friend iggy starseed who seems to be in town, i was looking forwards to hearing from that cat. man i miss him and his brain, he will give me sound and sage advice. 
i'm convinced we have some project to do together, not sure what it could be, the last one was way ahead of it's time. i'm always going to remember his challenge to the love guy who thought he was so clever when he said in protest, 'i am love, that's all i need.'
without missing a beat iggy replies, 'great, now take that into down town mogadishu and see where it gets you.'
i love that moment.
beyond love. it's why i like commitment and loyalty, the cosmic truth counts for something, it's why i can leap and now i can fly once more.
it's reassuring to know and have this certainty there are people in my past whom will support me, believe in me and know me in a way i  know myself. they seem to have arrived right on time, despite my strange resistance they are all here, now!

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