Sunday, May 19, 2019

up early, ready to roll, i'm driving down the highway listening to some tune, thinking about some girl and some clown comes on the radio tells me how white my shirt should be. i can't get no satisfaction, but i try.
head in the clouds feet on the ground my impulse engine throbs with some new energy, the message is mortality, i have to leave all that death stuff behind now i no longer inhabit osiris, king of the underworld. his age came and went, now it's the child of union, my creativity spurts out in waves, staining sheets and the recent past, fuck my heart is busted into fragments but it still beats at least, it still pounds like a big bass drum and pumps that red stuff around like an ocean current of nutrients and plasma. i wonder if i will ever get over this and then i think sure, i will. i'm the only man alive who just moves in a straight line, way past my target, way past everything, why that line stretches out to infinity, and beyond.
I like the thoth deck a lot, her paintings capture the energy and forces at work within the universe. you can see the waves, the undulating processes the intelligence at work, it's beauty. i understand what i am now, the full deck. i forgot but it all came back to me   

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