Monday, May 20, 2019

i'm moving through landscapes, for some reason cold barren mountains figure largely as setting. snow capped ice peaks, sherpa blues, lonely figures in the snow clambering through a terrible blizzard to reach...
the temple.
it sits upon the bleakest areas of the earth yet it radiates some kind of sanctuary, that deep spirit far away from distraction and maya.
i have a friend who is encouraging me to travel with him to nepal, i like this cat, he's excited by krisha and knows the myths. he has been working out a tour for me, cheap and off the map, something wild and dangerous i ask, something that will change everything, and he has the place in mind. 
indeed it is an ancient monastery, it survived being under ice for 400 years, it survived flood that killed thousands and a recent earthquake. it is known as kedarnath. 
my friend also says i can stay at his families home which would be excellent, i looked at some of the photographs from his phone, it's beautiful. simple but well suited to me.
'what's this stuff?' i ask him pointing to all the foliage that's growing around the house.
'marijuana, it grows wild.'
'but it's everywhere.'
'yes, it grows like a weed everywhere.'
interesting. a few months in the mountains with fresh supply of local weed and a monastery in the mountains sounds perfect.

then there's my cousin who calls me wanting me to go to colombo with him, south american girls, cocaine, cheap living, sunshine, beaches...
...temptation man, it's like an angel and devil on my shoulder. one seeking truth and liberation and weed, the other seeking pleasure. 

another fork in the road mission.
isn't it time for a spoon in the road. fuck man, i'd love a spoon one day. i'm tired of forks and knives.
 oh well back to reality, chop wood carry water. that's the way mission, follow the way for the moment. 

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