Saturday, May 25, 2019

man that 11:11 pops up everywhere at the moment, what the hell is that all about. i normally see it all the time but the last few weeks nothing and suddenly it has reappeared. maybe it's because i finally feel happy and relaxed, it's weird how calm i am and somewhat blissful. inner peace finally returns to old captain mission.
i keep feeling that beautiful twin flame close-by even though she pissed off somewhere, it's very strange, it actually feels good for a change rather than all that angst and uncertainty. 
i slept a bit and had a dream we were dancing together to some funky music wrapped around one another like dna strands, ohh it did get a bit frisky. all my energy feels very cool at the moment. it's groovy again. yay, i think i'm back to fucking normal. and it appears my past has returned to show me a few things i had forgotten about.
this is very strange indeed, all things aligning like this out of the blue. i wonder what the fuck is going on.

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