Thursday, May 09, 2019

who is she?
the deep fix

she's like the naked and now,
she's part symbol and sign
she has the look of it all
but she can't escape time
it's like the dimensional shift
an ocean current or drift
it's the space within space
with such a beautiful face
and if the sun rises again
i'd like to be there to see
when she looks at her self
i hope she sees me

who is she?

she's like the queen of the faie
and she's coming your way
like the phoenix rising
straight out from the flame
it's not smoke or mirror
but a new kind of wave
an intelligent groove
we are hoping to save
and the numbers all add
to zero and nine
and then she will see
how to escape time

who is she

she's a beacon of light
on the head of a pin
she's the ancient codes of the new
and so we let it begin
it's like the wonders of love
wrapped up in a glove
and uber glamorous girl
beauty out in the world
and she's able to move 
when ever she's free
but if she ever finds home
i hope it's with me

who is she

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