Friday, May 10, 2019

martin von donaldson, a great and mighty man who lost touch with me back in the day. he like me was an oddity, a highly talented intelligent man who just couldn't find his place in the world. we thought we found it in west berlin but the winters and a strange love affair cast me adrift again and i ended up in australia 31 years ago, sans love affair and still an oddity. 
we briefly spoke once when i rang a studio randomly in berlin after the fall of the wall and asked if they knew martin. 
a thick german accent replied, 'jar jar, marty, he iz standing right here,'
we chatted briefly promised to catch up but never did.
he disappeared and i moved onwards.
martin and i kinda grew up together, he was my first friend and we connected over our mutual love of bowie. he was looking for a singer who liked bowie and lou reed, well i was the man for that job. we knocked out covers of waiting for the man, white light, cracked actor and what in the world as well as a few others. later we  both left london and lived together in germany but my tropical soul needed a warmer environment. kruezberg was a brilliant place to live and i did have a lot of amazing adventures but my soul needed something nourishing so i sought the sunshine and followed love.
now we are back in contact. it's lovely to see him and his wife together, living in spain, he's still the same kind of guy, a bit less hair but nothing much else seems to have changed. i'm really happy to hear from him, and i hope i can see him soon. we have some unfinished business.

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