Wednesday, May 29, 2019

it was on sunday, was it not? my mind is so discombobulated now, the days all blended into one. 
did we not wander through chinese space and collect burning sticks where intention dissipates into smoke, did we not ask for basil seed drink and find it sweet and sensational, did we not play a space bubble drum machine with big deep dish bass notes, wander through japanese bookshops and eventually turn right to the opera house wing of the quay to catch the 'hold on' mantra.
sundays lazy sunday afternoon seemed quite apt as we spiraled around in song and dance, spiral around yin and yang, you and i in the cosmic dance of vishnu. one day your eyes will open up and you will see clearly now the fear is gone, obstacles were in your head all the time, it's going to be a bright future so get your sunglasses out.
i found my place where i rest my face, in twilights last gleaming and music revealing all the things you need to know, all the answers in our flow, other people see it clearly within us, they always have. it was a good day reflected in your inner eye but that brain is a resistor to all matters of the heart, whereas mine is true. 
the harbour alive with our vitality and joyous dance, music blasting out in droplets of light, it's nice that you finally see me in the world i guess, it's good you experience what that effect is as opposed to constantly perceive me as something i am not. 
i got a bit lost in your judgments of me, they confused me and made me think i was inadequate or failing in some way, it was never me failing though. it was you. i was not the beast after all. i am what i have always been and will always be.

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