Sunday, May 26, 2019

productive mission, yes yes yes, it's all coming together, my novels and stories are moving fast. mr. mission is very happy, he's found his groove. all i needed was the waterboys doing that ladbrooke groove song, belly dance doing pope of pop and some random funky jazz tunes with cool piano. oh and some of that.
so here i am a tuned in space tripping elegant alien seeking some truth and a little action. look to the stars, the moon. i seek escape from the salvation blues i need a happy ending with some good news, i'm a big bag of tricks and one of them is me. popping crazy saxophones with those colbalt blue and hot pink notes. some one said i shouldn't wear my boots but i say, 'fuck you.'
so keep on going, high speed train, making that deadline with some high velocity . i have enjoyed these last few days, big energy surging through me now, back to being someone i love.
i'm on the right side of love. and the wrong side of heartbreak.
ah, i dig that song most of all. listen to that hammond in the mix.


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