Saturday, April 06, 2019

signal to noise
captain mission

i started picking up the signal early, a lifetime of attunement and sensitive disposition had forged me into a conduit for the cosmos, i was it's agent in this space time and took my role very seriously. it began when i was very young, continued through adolescence and into adulthood but when i hit my 40's i began to work out the map. a transpersonal one, within a transpersonal one.  
i'd had a string of relationships with various witches, most were fuax witches but occasionally one would stand out as being exceptional. all of them wanted something from me. power, sex, assistance, guidance, knowledge, it became demanding as i attempted to keep something of myself to myself but each one took something from me and left me depleted, until i met wendy whom actually healed me. 
she hung out in kings cross operating from a small office, did her work upon me without the bullshit and left me feeling amazing. i realised there were decent witches in the world, ones that were egoless and operating on the same side as myself. agents.
years later i messed around with the plant medicines and discovered ayahuscia was the one medicine i was drawn towards more than any other. my first experience was mind blowing and confirmed everything i knew but needed verification. 
after many many ayahuscia experiences i married the plant spirit in a private ceremony, she was my mistress and i completely respected her will. she gave me my mission, it was true and clearly i was the man for the job.
later i was further forged and perfected my ability to resonate with creation. i could see it all, every possible moment and it's potential. i fucked around a little, got back into magick and hacked my way through until i found something i was looking for. the signal.
the signal is a difficult thing to describe, it's a transmission to me that is intelligent and nurturing, it moves through me, assisting and healing, it has divinity and a sacred element and it is a union of magick, ayahuscia and the universe, along with my free will. it is everything true.
it is anti glamour which is really just a noise. it does not accept the glamour as part of nature and knows it is the deception in the world. 
man has constructed a cultural barrier (the matrix) around all things  true, love and freedom are outlawed by demands made by society, money, fame, success, peer group pressure, constructs that have been removed from myself. i have no singular ambition to conquer or control only liberate those i love.
the matrix are constructs that inherently protects the glamour, agent smith if you like. banking, money, systems, pharma, war, most industry that exploits humanity, especially women and children. even art has become part of the matrix's weapon. most people in their ego states unconsciously feed the glamour but little do they realise they are food for the glam. it eats love, truth, freedom and magick.
it's not a conspiracy, there are no single group behind this, no evil organisation  it's not a duality, it's a choice. people love the glam, even i like bits of it and can operate successfully within it. however i serve a different mistress.
the universe has intelligence, it requires certain individuals to act for it and it assists them as much as it can. that's my signal. 
she was brought to me by the universe, a beautiful arrangement or forces all working in unison, except i was not part of it. i had no idea it would be her, i had no agenda at all, no idea this would happen. 
we both heard the signal but your life is complex and you can't choose. you hear noise. i hear the signal.
you ask me what does love look like.
i say it's a blank canvass, an uncarved block. it's not looking like anything either of us can fully understand but why try to define what it can look like. we sometimes both hear the signal, especially when we are together. why not just listen to it, why not just trust that and stop testing it.
what's real you ask. nothing is real. it's all made up in your mind. but step out from it and you will know. 
the spiritual war is very overt to me, it's been a lifetimes battle and i am just a solider in the army of love, i cry sometimes as i go and sometimes i laugh. my responsibility is to the signal and it's requirements. that signal is the music of the spheres, the orchestra we can only hear with our hearts and intuition, it's nothing to do with the brain or intellectual processes, these are finite pathways that bind people whereas the signal is infinite and goes beyond. it liberates.

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