Sunday, April 07, 2019

down on the beach in the afternoon sun she threw a few punches at me, violently bruised my chest and drew first blood. she's a lethal killing machine in a circle of sand, she's a femme fatale in high heels powered by a few months rage against the magickian, she moved like lightning and hit well below the belt, poked me right in the eye with her beauty and grace, i was already a dead man walking but when her knee met my groin i was not walking anywhere. 
actually, that's not true, my sparring partner was fantastic, a combo of martial arts and witchy woman moves, she did have a gleam in her eye as her fists hit my body but try as i could she was not unleashing any anger today, just that fabulous face and remarkable grace. wow, what a smile, what a sparkle, what a magnificent woman.
we wandered around, went for the best stout drink on the planet, met with another bowie nut who showed us pictures of bowie and him on his phone and we heard the beatles play their song, although she thinks that was just a coincidence. we had groovy conversations and deep thoughts, laughed a bit and relaxed. we didn't cook or eat the meal we both simultaneously had decided to make one another but we did raid mission controls fantastic fridge and pull out all the cheese we could find. i watched her demolish several pounds of lesser known red lanchishire, two barrels of south australian goats cheese, a tub of freshly imported himalayan yaks cheese, some honey blended south american cheese and a whole round of spanish moorish preserved fruit cheese. i did manage to get a raspberry on a cracker but ms mission is quite adept  when it comes to cheese platters. oh yeah she also left this morning with a family size bag of lindt chocolates that somehow found their way into her car. interesting lady. i love her.   

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