Sunday, April 07, 2019

she's a piece of work, you're a piece of art. i'm stuck between two alternative realities as they squish together, me... stuck in the middle the shape begins to make sense thanks to some kind of 'us' philosophy and your applied opportunity principles where i can merge you into my strange world. i think it would be good for all concerned in some ways, i mean i could never have predicted this as it fell out of the blue skies just like everything else we have experienced. however all this time we assumed i would enter your world but now you are merging into mine and that equasion makes it ours more than yours. all three of us. however you should be aware i do not like weird squares or bizarre triangles, i like straight lines, from my heart straight to yours. so get that into your beautiful beatbox before you get any ideas.
the day was used up in the city doing my fave things with my people,  yes we checked out a few choice spots and i made friends with some interesting people, lots happened but the 'squishing' was by far the most illuminating and satisfying. i think we should 'squish' more. 


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