Monday, April 15, 2019

last night my processes kicked in, interesting stuff, i'm now certain the answer for us lies in atlantis.
there we lived according to a different principle, experienced a different way to be alive and now we are remembering. well i am at least, you seem to be there already. our vibration was different back then and our biochemistry reflected that. we were super coherent, integrated beings you and i. that's what i know, that's why there is certainty in my dna, we were nourished by an octave of  spiritual intelligence way beyond what's known by our contemporaries, there are exceptions obviously but few. 
i see now to reattain this requires shadow work on my part, through the debris of childhood, trauma, and the ego state that has presented itself to me in love. i will go there and bring back the information necessary to evolve. 
you were right about everything, i'm a slow learner but i have trust in your wisdom. 

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