Monday, April 22, 2019

grounding myself- the process requires grounding myself, which is ironic as in my professional realm i am grounded by the personal care of people in the most basic way possible, i write reports based on observable behaviour and facts, i deal with a very mundane level of reality. how grounded do i have to be? 
i am home, i am elevated to be who i am. i'm able to shift gears when necessary but as a creative being, i must be free to journey these levels, explore and refine. i think what you mean is see the idea in a tangible form, a path i was walking upon before we happened. 
i am working towards this goal. i did it with music, a collection of stories and now there is three novels. i am a writer, looking for an editor.

in the abyss i understand i must go beyond symbolic representation. love is all. i am all. i will be all. a universe waiting to be known. to be loved.

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