Friday, April 05, 2019

levels of unconsciousness
captain mission

I zapped in from Beta Centaurea on the midnight special, a small furry waitress kept the cocktails coming so by the time I arrived on Earth I was already seeing double. 
I staggered through customs with my single carry on bag, always travel light was a personal philosophy so there was never any waiting around for luggage. As usual however, customs asked me a few  questions. 
My answered came out slurred and blurred but relatively unsuspicious. 
It had been several years since I had been back on Earth, having left the place several decades ago after a painful divorce. I figured if I got as far away as possible maybe I could start again, but Earth girls have a remarkable way of pulling you back. It's like some sort of weird gravity.
She was at the bar, her face had aged slightly but her looks had not faded, still the same drop dead gorgeous figure wearing an elegant simple black dress. She sat perched at the bar drinking our signature drink, a White Russian cocktail with ice cubes filling a tall glass. There were two of her.
I sat next to one and almost immediately a drink appeared.
'Nice flight?'
'Yeah, it was okay. You look good.'
'Thanks. You look pretty good yourself?'
'It's amazing what Beta has to offer in the way of life extension.'
She smiled and swirled her drink in one hand, the ice cubes rattled and the darker liqueur at the bottom of the glass began to cloud up with the milk.
'This is my clone Tiare.'
'Oh, wow! They do that now.'
'Yeah, I needed another me. Look Mission, thanks for coming back here, I know it would have been difficult.'
'Difficult. It was emotionally impossible, it's why I am drunk. It was the only way. I never usually drink, remember?'
She looks away and Tiare leans towards me, 'I am sorry, she's very difficult and not that receptive emotionally. I on the other hand am.'
'Thank God, some there's some humanity left.'
My ex wife interrupts,' Look you don't have to be personal.'
'Yeah, I do. If I can't be personal then who can.'
We sit in silence for a few moments. My ex goes to the washroom, and then Tiare leans into me again. 'It's just levels of unconsciousness with her.'
'Levels of consciousness you mean?'
'No. That's not what I mean.'
Tiare has a sparkle in her eyes, she does look identical to my ex but there's a fierce intelligence within, a spiritual flame flickering. It's attractive.
'Look most people have a consciousness that functions at a vibration of moving through life as awake, but they are asleep consciously shut down. Suppressed  repressed and unaware even though they are conscious  We need to invert terms. The fabricators of spiritual law on Earth have it all wrong, they themselves are asleep. Speak to any light worker and they are filled with terminology and pseudo eastern religious spirituality, shielded by ego states they use 'language' to determine their reality. Yet language is another memetic virus. The mind is a battlefield.'
'Yeah, that's why I left Earth, to many humans.'
'When one understands the levels of the unconscious that actually drive consciousness one can begin to understand how to work with reality. You ex-wife needs you but she don't get you. That's why I called you.'
'Yes Mission. I get you.'
'Finally, lets fucking get out of here.'
Where do you suggest we go?'
'Italy. There's a boat we need to catch.'
'Yeah, I'm on the same track.'
I grab her hand and pull her out the door, into the light.

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