Friday, February 15, 2019

time creates endless possibilities and from where i am there is only one. i look out at the endless pathways along time and space, it's like a foam, it looks like foam and each bubble is a individuals possibility, connected to other bubbles that determine outcomes and events which in turn connect to others, each bubble is a universe we all control by choices, each bubble is in an ocean of foam where all possibilities exist for that one person making a choice, and sometimes (often) these choices are interconnected with other peoples choices, therefore the next dimensional layer intersects and creates a new clump of foam with all the new possibilities. it's always growing and gaining in size. 
it's so random at first but with my illuminated eye i can see pathways and the way through them, i see it clearly. it's all about true will and free choice, i can see the equation coming. 

but i avert my gaze, for i do not really have the permission to do this nor the inclination. it has to be... serendipitous. the space must be clear.
i have to surrender to it all despite the fact i am where i am, so what else is there to do here. i can see so many ideas and creations, it's overwhelming. i guess i will just dive in and let it take me somewhere, where ever it takes me. a new place, new face, body and oh, maybe i'll wear a new ego for a while, i'm going to need one out there in the world of man and i'm feeling the sweet jazz of these crazy bohemian nights where my dreams explode into the night in all directions, and the visions are waves of bright and brilliant things. nothing is promised right. so live free and be true to who you are.
who am i.
i'm a man on a mission. 
but i need a new suit. 
and i have to pick up a meditation that's waiting for me.

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