Sunday, February 24, 2019

oh hi, mmm, i slept long and deep, from the time you slipped into those sexy shoes and pink number to now, woke up once with frank sinatra singing 'fly me to the moon' just before midnight. back into sleep the dream wrapped itself around me. sometimes i was with you, i felt it deeply but fleetingly, mostly, i think you must have been in your own lovely space. 
wind and rain bash the roof, the windows rattle a bit and it's still dark with nowhere to go yet. i flick through the messages, speak with jake in paris, speak with my cousin in canada, speak with my dad in london, speak with the spirits of my ancestors floating around me, do my morning meditations, and then work on manifesto a little before the drive ahead to work. 
it's very good to know i'm working with my friend from nepal today not the other one whom is some sort of legal person, the difference in energy is so tangible, one depletes  the other nourishes although i'm an adaptor and mutate myself to fit the legal element, i also occasionally act as agent provocateur and do mischief in his construct. however it's a high risk atmosphere as he's so litigious and as a character, 'nasty' but also dim witted and clumsy. plus he has asked me as a referee in his application to the bar association. now that's an irony. 


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