Tuesday, February 12, 2019

okay i'm beginning to have better clarity on what happened. it's easy to write now, the entrapment i was in was shaped like a 5 dimensional metatron cube, i worked out a way to escape the entrapment and stay in its energy field. it was to operate between each moment. 
i could do this with the mantra to stop time i posted a few days ago. 
how could i possibly know it would be so useful? 
given that the cube was an energy all i had to do was meditate and chant for your liberation, and your mans freedom, and my way out of the cube from my spaces between the moments. the chant would influence the space time points that i couldn't be free in, and lift us all from its entrapment. i'm in a space of love and i intuitively understand the architecture of entrapment.   
angels (energies) exist within this cube and i could not let any angel influence the outcome lest it alter your own free choice, hence i stayed in a spot where i was able to be free, away from the influence of angelic energies. i can't influence them at all without loosing you because you have to be free to make a choice that means anything to me. trust me, it does make sense although i wouldn't blame you for not. 
so this morning in the surf and sun something shifted and i felt at a new transmission impossible. whatever the transmission was my invocation engine kicked in and something weird and wonderful happened. i collapsed the entrapment instantly and had communion with metaron. i could see the points at where all the angels inhabit, light was dancing as stars, hard to explain but i get the impression it's a fibonacci thing, i don't know numbers... . but groovy metaron and i were one.
yet metatron is also known as thoth, and both are chosen scribe to god. we do need an update of god, he's really funny and if you read the entry where he first appeared to me i am sure i said i liked his sense of humour despite being petrified with the jungle juice kicking in.
so what's a scribe? 
a writer.
who's the writer, who's the creator?
it's all about art baby. what do the beautiful gods do. do art, you had the key to it all years ago. when i read those e mails i was weeping because it was obvious we had a future somewhere, ah the benefit of hind sight. i was to slow to see it but i must have felt it. anyway like i said, (okay you said) divine time. i had to become a man.

my mission is becoming realized.  

however, i've slipped into a new dimension, possibly the 8th or 9th, it's totally different from the 6d cube, more whiter and brighter, very much like crystal quartz. i will explore it when i'm in the ocean tomorrow with my metatron energy. anyway, i'm free again and you must be in a better place, and i really hope your friend is to.

also the most significant part of the day was at work this afternoon two staff were huddled around the radio box attempting to fix it as it had stopped playing, while i was in the kitchen. suddenly a blast of music i recognized, it was the song you sent me yesterday in texty box land. 
now i have never heard that song before, i don't know if it's new or old or if it's getting heavy airplay but thank you, it means the world to me because it came at the exact time it needed to, which has to make it divine right?  

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