Sunday, February 24, 2019

the fool. 
some say the life you have before your last one is that of a dog, a dog is a profoundly wise animal and master of unconditional love. i miss my dog pan so much. i feel like a massive part of my being has been missing now for over a year. pan was always at my foot, his happy smiling loving friendship was the best. a mans best friend. loyal, honest, simple and true. i think part of me died when he did, i remember wrapped around him at the vets bawling my eyes out with the most intense emotional conflicting i have ever had, i looked so deeply into his eyes as he died, i'm not sure if he took a part of me with him. pan saved me from myself. he was my soul.
a fool needs a dog, i need to change everything. move from the fool to a new energy, plug myself in to whatever is next. possibilities. i can't stay stuck in a moment, have to generate some velocity now. everything really is speeding up. i was not fast tracked but i am woken up again after 8 months of dormancy. i have to leave behind the fool now. take on the new dynamic energy, reclaim the old one and ride it again. not the magickian, not the tower, not the hanged man or even death, this is cosmic evolution, it has to be....  

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