Thursday, February 14, 2019

this is place i am in, i understand it now. it's the clear space. the clear space. we all strive for i guess. it's so clear it's boring, it's so clear it's illuminating.  

so abstract is the path it's clearly a conversation with the heart of the universe, only i can understand it because to anyone else it's pure madness. i get that bit, i've always been a bit mad, i just get saner the further i go in, that's the risk you take, i'm blessed and loved by all energies i encounter, even the darkest have set me free because i have the voodoo love vibe. 
dumbfounded by truth sometimes. truth is a coconut landing on my head. 
cut through lies.
saw through maya.
lifted the veil.
took a bullet for love until it just becomes another way to set me free.
made a beautiful creation.
ate mushrooms and cactus
married a sexy south american vine 
ran away from the circus to join a magic theater
transmission, intermission, transmission
hacked the cosmos
from the sub atomic structures to the grand bodies in heaven. and then i just wrote my reports in my self imposed exile.
asked for a blessing from the universe and then i saw you.
and i saw me
and it was god
now i'm even further out of it all. 
new dimensions in, love = imagination over will.
and most people choose the taste of the meat on the end of their fork! 
i'm not that cat.
i'm the guy that may not be the 'one, two or three.' i'm the guy that is not even a number.

so here i am in a clear space, clear clear i'm going clear, it's very clear to me this is the 9th dimension. no wonder it's all white. and this god dude is with me so that's interesting, although he could manifest us up a good night out so i can let my hair down a bit. i don't wanna ask, you gotta be careful what you ask for round this place apparently. 

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