Tuesday, February 12, 2019

attuned to dawn i take take the pod down and watch the sunrise over terrible beach, the sunlight sparkles off the waters, the waters illuminated and clean and there are perfect waves. 
the waters inviting temperate welcomes me, it always does and i am grateful to all elements but two hydrogen and one oxygen are my fave. i think about my beautiful hydrogen elements, each one utterly magnificent and inside my soul. yes i have a soul. it's something i never speak about but i know it because i have two hydrogen elements  that have made it what it is. now i am the sea. 
and there in-between each moment is my new state of existence. i can maintain it. i am free if i stay in those zones. 

dr. strange loop.
in between each moment there is a space for me, it's where i now inhabit and i have support from the cube itself now i understand and love it.

the waves pass through me like light, i play with them creating joy for those of us inhabiting the cube, all three of us, my mind finds it's place, thoughts slow down and he comes along. 
she is always with me but he is elusive, i only met him once when i first took the vine and he stayed concealed but i felt him as a tree trunk type energy as he answered all my questions and we laughed together at my folly. and now he reveals himself as light.
just when i thought it is over the universe speaks to me.
so basking in light there i am in glory.
in the next in between moment sacred geometry has come in the light as a very fast transmission. i always avoided it due to the mathematics but maybe that's the solution to understanding it, not using the math but just getting the energy of it's intelligence, being a pattern man and pattern juggler i get the whole thing without even meaning to. it all makes sense to me as i have no logic or reason to mutate it. 
i'm shifting, the space between the moments. it's like the way i watched you work out your plan about community building, but for me there is no screen only light, it's pouring out from me and into me, and i understand it all, i know it's very strange, feels strange even writing it but it's not something i can control, i am light now, is this a divine revelation but also i'm an invoking machine, there's parts of me that do it without my mind even knowing what it's doing, i'm a free citizen of intuition land, 100% trust and it's overwhelmingly real but impossible to believe. 
i am the cube now. i've engulfed it, eclipsed it, it is me. i'm in a new dimensional space. the cube is still with me but so is it's angel. and suddenly.
i'm not only the cube i am... 

...well that's fucking surprising! even i didn't see that as a possibility. 

how did a crazy old jazz cat like me end up with such a beautiful  ending? 

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