Wednesday, February 27, 2019

i must be precise now. at dawn the ocean came for me, it called me into it's fold. 
it took me out there, passed the zones i normally swim in, towards it's bosom.
does an ocean have a bosom? 
yeah it does, close to it's heart. neptune has gifted me waves, beautiful consistent waves, i ride my blue fin back to the shore, it's a long wave broadcast. stronger than gravity, my mind adapts quickly to the new conditions i am in, a strange rearrangement in all my dimensions. even the glamour has accepted i am stronger than it when applied. 
i know there are prisons within prisons, man creates prisons but who is the prisoner?
i like that question.
it's the key to my mission. 
i can't do it without you. 
i acknowledge this and understand it and in many ways i love it. but there are facts i need to face. i may not be the other 10% you need, it may not be what you seek and i need to be very careful i can re establish my world after that knowledge. 
it's an inconceivable idea to me, resistance is futile in our case. i surrendered as soon as i knew. i place trust where i never have before, outside myself. that's dangerous voodoo really but it is what it is. i am what ever i am. you are whatever you are and that's enough.
the ocean whispers, all the waves we send are one wave, it's her.
neptune daughter, is you. piscean queen. 
all plant medicines say, it's her captain mission, we deliver her.
all intelligence within this whole cosmos ordain it is you. 
am i that out of touch with reality?
have i drifted away from all known shores?
is it possible, i am quite deluded?
there is no doubt in my mind i am out of touch with the reality of the glamour. 
i have drifted beyond all known shores, but i was born to drift away from them, that's my destiny.
my free will cannot delude, only conclude. 
thus so, certainty is an uncertainty principle. 
heisenberg nailed it but we have to move beyond quantum realms, we are in 'mission certainty' principles.
here the observer does not influence the event, here the observer is not even part of the experiment because it won't be observed only experienced, there is no unstable state, only the stability we create and the signal we send, i understand the physics we just need to apply them. in 'mission certainty' the particle and the wave are the same thing. a mission particle is a mission wave. measure one and you have the location of the other. it is union, my yoga, magick and science working with the universe, in love, the formula for the new age.

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