Wednesday, February 13, 2019

this mornings surf was one wave, one solitary beautiful wave for me. despite all connotations of control and power i know deep inside my dna and all the love i have from the universe, that wave was for me. it was mine.

the saviour machine code kicks in, it's slower than last time, it feels like it's slipped down a gear, but it's working. 
the spacial dimensions of this new reality are infinite, i am alone in it except for the voice of god. the male energy behind ayahuscia.  
and this is my god. the one whom created me and gives me meaning.
he says, 'when i created humans i love them very much. so much i gave them free will to choose if they loved me. that includes freedom from angels and my hosts, although occasionally they are naughty and intervine on my behalf to help you and steer you towards the divine.'
but how can people know free will to make a choice if they are not free? i enquired.

'exactly mission,'
'i am the ghost in your machine. my mission is to liberate.'
'but they mostly chose to make their own entrapments don't they.' 
'yes, that's the story of mankind. and the story of love.'
'people think they are making a choice based upon free will but often it's made for them by influences they can't possibly be aware about.'
'it was always about being free of will to choose.'
'even you put yourself in an entrapment with full knowledge, just like all emissaries i send there have had to do. acts of love. 
'blah, let's not go there.'
'fancy a spliff then?'
'thanks god. what's this place anyway?'
'its home for you for a while, so anything you want it to be?'
'that's very nice thanks but it's a bit fucking white. can we get a cup of tea somewhere. i have stopped drinking coffee for some reason, along with eating.'
'you look like you have lost a few earthly k's.'
'why thank you, you don't look so bad yourself.' 
we laugh and wander into the new dimensional space i am in.

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