Monday, February 25, 2019

i am the universe now. information flows, it shifts and dances around me like a beautiful orchestration of dynamic energy. i see it all spilling it out, pouring in...
...i'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in to stop my mind from wandering. it's getting better all the time, i took a ride i didn't know what i would find there, got to get you into my life, all you need is love but i need more, come together right now she loves you, yeah yeah yeah, here comes the sun on this magickal mystery tour, all my loving because there's something in the way she moves across the universe and you can't buy this type of love so you have to carry that weight until it's getting better all the time. it's all to much, it won't be long now now nowhere man. your not a fool on a hill because tomorrow knows now. oh darling please believe me...

i have visions of you. 

we are strange furry animals, maybe cats or creatures of great agility in the sleep realm, we ran through the grass rolling over one another, entwined and playful, tails wrapped around each other, eyes gleaming brightly, mouths smiling and noses rubbing. i was speaking in a thought form, did you hear what was said, do you listen, do you know, one day you will understand it all, see the picture, put that brain down, stop unlocking, decoding and living in the great lie. 
the truth is 'liberation' that's why it sets free. maya is an obscene thing perpetuating confusion and illusion, nothing is real in there, even love itself becomes distorted. if we walk in, it really should be together, we walk out it really should be together. there is no threes for me, i am not interested in power of numbers, personal power or power over anything, my power is what it is, i need to regulate it so that it don't kill me in there, i don't wish to be disintegrated by a feedback loop i generated into the glam. the glamour will just fight us apart, it will destroy high magick and turn it low, it will kill all endeavors for the spirit to be free. it's a massive weapon of bad vibrations corrupted intention designed to feel and be experienced as good ones. ask a policeman, they will tell you more lies. ask a sage they will show you where truth lays. one is a lie the other the truth. ask a dr. strange-loop and he will show you the spoon in the road. 
so in maya i get my stuff done, i waste no time, i don't fritter resources pretending it's okay, i resent it, i don't have fun in the glam, i play with it and suck out it's intelligence by looking for grace in between the eyes of it's angels and demons, the lenses of perception, the burning eyes of lost souls and damaged goods. i get my love from the broken, the lonely, the sad and the weird, the abandoned, they all eventually love me, even when they come to kill me. i don't do well with love, i react when 'zombies' say they love me, it's awkward. i don't need that love, especially as it's from the glamour. my people are way outside the glamour, magickal people always are, truth always is. my love comes from her, the vine, from magick as it radiates as light from me into things and the universe itself loves me in totality as it is me now and i am it. the universe is made up of real intelligence, the glamour is made up of false lies. it is the deceiver and generator of great distortions, it is the idol factory, it the place that kills the spirit, drains the mind and enslaves women and men to false beauty. think i am wrong? 
tiny children are born into the glam and the longer they spend inside it the more the magick is sucked out from them, adulthood becomes enslavement. the zombie apocalypse is here upon us, don't even waste time attempting to stop the tide, aim for the head, they are already dead! 
my buddha nature tells me, life is suffering because consciousness is dead or at such a low level it's on life support. all around me i see emergency, the bleep bleep bleep of survival. fear vibration is manifest from the glam. the world is a stage, all are actors, playing roles, we know our lines and parts, we know where we exit and how to get that dramatic moment but you and i are the creators, we write them. 
the only way to change anything is through union as a creative force in unity, art will do the rest. the plan is small. it's very small, not grand, not in yer face, it flies under the radar, it requires very little, it's a perfect plan, in intent and action. 
all we need to do is do. 
and i know you do. 
i know it's confusing as you oscillate between these polarities. sometimes painful, sometimes to good to be true. i understand all of it, all sides, all perceptions but only truth will deliver us and there is only one truth when it comes to the glam. 
why am i writing this, because i know the truth, i not only know it i have to live with it. it's not the easy path, it's not the good life, it's the real one.   

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