Wednesday, February 20, 2019

the space clears itself now, things shift around like that bit in fantasia where mickey does the housework, cleaning up, clearing, objects find their way to where they need to be i just direct when i need to, my bins are over flowing with the past. i can't predict catastrophic failure but it's unlikely and banished as a possibility, the god i travel with is favourable towards us so double blessings!
the birds all come one after another, i feed them treats and they are happy, i see two big brown ones dancing like lovers, hopping around, singing to one another and i just see freedom and beauty everywhere. the dragon and i play a game of 'rolling the grape' i roll it towards him and he has to catch it before it stops or it runs passed him, he's very good, eye on the prize. he loves those grapes, takes them whole in his mouth, chews em down fast.
i book my leave with work, march is free. i'll spend a few weeks from the 4th overseas seeking out my suit and meditation, then on return have some time out and then return to work at the end of march.
i have to rearrange my appointments with people during that period, there's a few things coming up in the calendar people have arranged for me, and i need to work out how i can format it all into some sequence i can manage. 
my birthday approaches, i'll be deep in monastic life during that period if all things go to plan, the stars align and allow me to gain my meditation.  galactosiesmology is in my favour and my wave is approaching.
my novel 'manifesto' is pumping along, had a few new insights into the whole underlying narrative, which is fabulous. 'book of he dead' needs an editor now, and 'rites of passage' is waiting for revisions. i suddenly realised i am working on them in reverse sequence but i guess that's not surprising. i have even developed a new idea, from an old one, i hope we can write this for theatre.

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