Saturday, February 23, 2019

out in the glamour all is reflective, a strange shimmering new reality where you and i are played out in symbolic theatre and absurd conditions where the actors do not know their roles and yet speak their lines. 

in newtown 25 years ago i had some sunglasses made by a small boutique optometrist  my special rose clouded ones which i still have to this day. they are round lenses with a wonderful rose coloured tint that became like a drug whenever i wore them. the very same place still exists.
feeling somewhat optimistic and with a few hours to kill i retraced my steps in time and walked in.
a very elegant lady, slim, about 55 years old stood facing me, she looked a lot like you may be in decade or so and i thought she looked quite beautiful, elegant, stature, dignity and powerful and i stood in front of her as she smiled and then hugged me so tightly i could only hug her back. out of the blue!
the whole glamour loved me and all i saw was you in it, every action was some sort of weird refraction of us played out in conformation and synchronistic messages, some so blatant that i was overcome with the need to return home and write it out.
my instincts inform me as does my research this is an aetheric effect we have created, a current exists within the glamour. it the universe, it is intelligent and it is real. it's our potential playing out for us, and indicating the need to be considered in our omnipotence. 
so consider this. 
it's all my responsibility, i created it all and you knew nothing about any of this. you were happy, in your relationship with the man you love, as it should be. me, i just was to fast to soon, i just saw the whole of the moon.
i don't need to do anything, i don't need to liberate anyone outside of my heart, my mission is my mission, yours is to build an empire and be happy, free and independant. 
i was never really 'happy' anyway so it's much easier for me to withdraw, let you do your thing, hold back the influence and stop our current in the glamour until you are really free of whatever keeps you tethered to it. 
but you say 'no.'
there's a conflicting purpose, a conflicting will. 
is fighting for you the same as fighting for you? 
is letting go a form of fighting? 
i always let it go, why fight anything, it's just more tension and suffering, more friction in a world filled with corrupted energies and thermodynamics. my influences have always shown me this is a superior method of strategy in all things including love, sadly especially love. i never wanted to cage you, that was exactly what i 'never' wanted, only freedom was the goal, liberation is everything to me, and all i have really done is begin a process that complicates your status quo, puts the other man in a state of anxiety, jeopardises your family, business and status within the glamour. i think. 
i don't inhabit that world, for me it holds little influence. i don't need to walk in it much, it pays my mortgage but has no other real significance. when i enter it, mostly i am aware, in control of it, understand it to be false and filled with lies, it does not cause me fear and it knows this. i can't be a man of true will, true love and feed the glamour. i used magick outside of it, that penetrated deep, bringing us together through the cosmos but it was not me, it was directed by forces beyond me. i am made of stars not sawdust, for me there is only this path not the alternative, for me there is only you. you want information from me, i'm an open source book. it's all here.
i'm beyond information, i have been beyond love. i have been way beyond truth, i am the equation for the new aeon, and all i want is union to create beauty with you.
but nothing is promised, only the unknown. but what happens when you actually know the unknown. is that knowledge an entrapment or does it set you free?
the glamour is a clever illusion, mmm yum yum, that tastes so good, it feeds my body, it nourishes my desires, it consolidates my truth and i walk in it with integrity, yet it's all a lie. 
there is your truth, this is my truth and then there's THE TRUTH which we experience as we navigate our lives played out in one anothers lives these last few days.
polarities exist because duality reality requires them, spirit don't it's no longer a place that is of interest to me, yin yang, up down, in out, to me they are all the same, they require one another to make them defined. i like the undefined possibility and probability waves they make as potential. in you i see not only my twin, my mirror my love, i see completion. when i wander the matrix and see you, it's not a duality i see, it's totality. i see you in everything, it's not duality speaking. we hacked the glamour, not through anything else but the forces of union, destiny and a fate that was mapped out by the stars. that's not your faith. it's not my fate. it's ours.
i have no choice but to honour these energies for this is what i am. 
this is true.
this is it.
it's to good to be real right? so why settle for less. i am not and never will.
leap of faith or get to know me, one way or the other, all that's passes is time itself. tock tick. 
circumstances and their consequences have us pretty much in check, mate. it's your move - as my queen. just let me know where i am heading and when you need a high priest, a knight, a temple or a king but i am not a pawn.


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